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Previously"Buying a Porsche is a story above the clouds. I can't imagine Porsche coming to my houseI thought. From that time on, my husband had been saying "I will buy Porsche someday", but "That being said, it's a luxury car, and it's actually hard to buy, and even if you can buy it, it's a long way off...I thought that.

Also at that point I had never been to Porsche dira(I'm sure I didn't go even if my husband invited me),

"If I go to a Porsche store, I wonder if I'll wear dresses and jackets... But my clothes are all UNIQLO... I wonder if I'm going to be dressed like this."

I had a terrible impression. However, when I actually went there, the customers who were coming did not seem to be dressed up in particular, and the staff were all very friendly.It's a space that is easier to reach than I expected"I felt.

And when my husband finally bought the 1st Porsche (981 Boxster GTS)A car that costs 10 million yen...! Did my husband have such a big savings!I was quite surprised, but when I heard that I actually bought some of them with a loan, I learned that Porsche can buy with a loan.

Also, when I was informed that it was waiting for one year to be delivered,No, it's funny, why are you waiting for that? I don't feel like making it.I felt quite uncomfortable, but at that time, I first learned that there was a "production quota."

Moreover, in the case of her husband Boxster, the model year changed while waiting for delivery, and the amount of money at the time of delivery was higher than when ordering, but to the husband who naturally talks about that, ``That's funny! I will raise the price at your convenience. !!I remember complaining about such things as ".

So, I have touched on a little in the previous article, but today I am againHow to buy a PorscheI would like to write a little about. However,The story "it was like this in my home"So, of course, there may be cases different from that, and I would like you to read it as an example only.

1) Is the Porsche Dealer's atmosphere easy to drop in?

My husband went to a Porsche dealer for the first time,I have a little chance to buy Boxster, so I want to see the actual car soon.It was the timing.

However, I didn't set up a schedule in advance and went to the dealer on the weekday when I happened to finish work quickly, so I decided to go to the store on that day, ``I'm interested in Boxster, but do you have a real car? Can you test drive?Just to be sure, I confirmed on the phone and stopped at the dealer.

At first glance, not the owner's introduction, the clothes at that time were normal.(My husband is UNIQLO almost every day)I don't remember that I was conscious of wearing expensive watches, but he said he was willing to respond.

Well, I don't think it's good to go to the store in a chilled manner, but I don't think that I should worry too much about it. By the way, Porsche's sales person also,

Honestly, the salesman is also a human, and I've heard that when I came to a store with a light car, I wasn't taken as a partner...Depending on the dealer and sales, the response is really sickSo, there is absolutely no rule that you have to do this, so feel free to come and visit us.

I was saying.

By the way, last year,I went to a Bentley dealer for the first time, but it is considerably more luxurious than Porsche,I felt that there wasn't much space for business talks, and it wasn't an atmosphere where people could easily visit. Thinking that way, Porsche dealers feel like a luxury car that you can go to without worrying about it.

2) Can anyone buy a new Porsche car?

"At first glance you can not buy a new car PorscheThere is a rumor that there is no such thing. As far as I know, anyone can buy a general model, even if it looks like one.

However, when it comes to character goods (GT3 series, limited models, etc.) and rare models (911 Targa, etc.), it seems that it may be difficult for Mr. Miyoshi to go to a dealer and buy it because the production volume is small in the first place.

Then, when I asked my husband how to buy accessories,

that isIt depends on the dealer, so it's hard to sayI think...If you already bought some Porsche with a new car, it will be easier for you to turn the purchase frameThere seems to be one Also, I'm going to do it differently depending on whether the person in charge is a veteran sales person or a new employee sales person, and I don't think there is a certainty that "this way you can buy".
IncidentallyIn my case, I didn't buy for the frame. I just want to get on, so I buy it.that's all. Well, I think that some people are buying the number as it is, but there is still an upper level.

He said.

3) Is it true that the delivery time for Porsche is one year?

When ordering a new Porsche car, after deciding the model and grade, you will carefully select options (specifications) regarding body color, interior, running, comfort, etc., and order your own one.

I think that many people are worried about the specification, but it seems that it is possible to change the standard model for a while after ordering a new car.(For GT3, my husband hurriedly decided the specifications when I was contacted in the morning saying that I can order if I have decided by today's ○○!)

Just because an order has been placed and the specifications have been decided, it is not immediately delivered, and it can take up to 6 months at the earliest, or nearly a year from ordering to delivery if it is long. The reason is"After the production quota is secured, production will begin at the Porsche home country factoryIt is because.

A "production quota" is assigned to each dealer for each model. The number of production slots seems to differ depending on the dealer, and it seems that the quota has been decided based on past achievements.

Depending on the model, there are various types such as one that can secure a monthly production quota and one that can secure only one in a few months, but since I knew only the feeling of buying a general passenger car, I was frightened by the small number of production quotas. And(The dealer who takes care of my home seems to have a relatively large production quota)

And it is a form in which the approximate delivery time can be known only after the production quota is secured.

Also, for example, even if you say Boxster in one word, it is completely different whether it is a normal model or GTS, and it also greatly changes depending on whether it is "PDK" or "MT".By the way, my husband's 1st Porsche was "Boxster GTS, MT, left-hand drive", but there are few production frames such as MT with left-hand drive in the first place.So I had to wait a long time before the car was delivered.

Therefore, as I wrote at the beginning, the model year changed in the middle, and at the time of delivery, the price of the vehicle body had risen compared to when ordering, but this is when purchasing Porsche It seems.

In other words, it is impossible to order Porsche with a new car and say "I want it immediately",If you absolutely want a new Porsche immediately, select from stock cars already at the dealer and place an orderWill be(It's quite difficult to meet a stock car that you want.).

By the way, regarding the delivery time of Porsche at my house, Boxster GTS (MT, left-hand drive) is about 10 months, 911 GT3 touring (MT only) is 6 months, Panamera Turbo is 7 months, 911 cabriolet is 7 months(plans)I feel like that.

4) Can Porsche be bought by loan?

In conclusion,Porsche can be bought with a loan, and according to the salesperson, there are quite a lot of customers who buy with a loanThat's it.

When I bought Boxster, my husband thought that "everyone who buys a luxury car like Porsche buys in cash at once", so if you want to pay as much as possible in cash, 70% is cash and the remaining 3 It was a loan.

However, knowing that everyone can buy it with a loan,After that, when he bought Panamera, he seems to be paying with a loan other than the reservation fee.

Also when buying a Porsche"Porsche Auto Loan" "Porsche Power Loan"You can apply for a loan service such as.

Porsche Auto Loan is a standard loan program that allows you to choose the most suitable payment plan such as down payment, number of payments (6 to 60 payments), bonus combination according to your lifestyle, Porsche Power Loan is the vehicle amount at the time of applying for a loan Approximately 40% (depending on the type of vehicle and the number of payments) is deferred and paid in the final payment three years later, and the monthly payment is significantly reduced compared to normal auto loans.

By the way, my husband prefers to choose loans as much as possible, as my husband says, it is better to keep cash at hand and operate it elsewhere, or use it differently.

So, it seems that there are still many things I can write about how to buy Porsche, so I will try again to summarize it in an article.

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  1. Gunless

    Congratulations on your successful birth. You can get back to the blog so quickly.
    I didn't know because I don't have any children, but I thought I would take a break.

    By the way, there are things I've been wondering about from the comments on the loan.
    > It is better to leave the cache at hand and operate it elsewhere or use it in another way

    If you buy at the expense of the company, you can understand the loan, but I've always wondered what the benefits would be for an individual.
    For example, even if you borrow 10 million yen and have some cash on hand, the amount of money you get from the operation will not be that large.
    I would be happy if you could tell me if you know.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. no gun

      Thank you for your comment, Ishi!
      Mr. Musashi, when I asked my husband, he said this.

      "There are three reasons.
      Considering households as management, one wants to keep cash as much as possible from the viewpoint of cash flow and liquidity at hand.
      The second is that money can be used for asset management. It is difficult in Japan alone, but if you make a long-term diversified investment in debts, commodities, etc., mainly in index funds around the world, the interest rate on car loans will normally exceed.
      Thirdly, if you have cash, you can use it for other investment funds for yourself, investment funds for other businesses, leverage for emergency situations by using insurance etc.

      In other words, if you buy a car in bulk cash, you will not be able to "work with money" for that part, so it's like using a loan."
      It said.

      Thank you for your answer.

  2. Ishi

    > "No, it's funny, why don't you wait. I don't feel like making it."
    This Tsukkomi is interesting. I know the first new car was waiting for about 9 months, so I can feel it. After that, fortunately, I have been blessed with the encounter with a used car and I have not been able to wait. (Although money flies away...)

    > It seems that it is better to leave the cash at hand and operate it elsewhere, or to use it in another way, so he seems to try to select loans as much as possible.
    Usually, there is a case of 0.9% at the time of a campaign of less than 3%, so it is a proposition that is advantageous for those who already have the means to operate at 3% or more. In my case, I don't have the skill of asset management, so it's cheapest to buy in cash, but sometimes I buy a small portion with a loan. The monthly payment amount of the residual value setting loan is considerably suppressed, but is it disgusting to ride while paying attention to the mileage and is the residual value really guaranteed? I have never used it because there is a question.

    If you have multiple dealers at the same distance from your home, I'm curious about what criteria you used to choose a dealer. In the case of myself, I often take touring in the mountains for reasons such as the fact that I am taking care of it from a dealer in a rural area rather than my home, but I think that I will consider purchasing at a dealer in the center of the city as my range of activities has changed. It is in the process of being.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you!
      Ishi also waited for 9 months...! It's too long to deliver, so you forget about your order ^^;

      >If there are multiple dealers at the same distance from home, I am curious about what criteria you used to choose a dealer.
      Surely, how are you selected...!
      When I asked my husband, "I was the closest store from the house, and since it is a long-established dealer, I was longing for the air-cooled Porsche with the seal of the dealer when I was young".
      It said.

      Once you write an article, it seems interesting because everyone's comments are likely to gather! Thank you!

  3. Gunless

    Thank you Ishi.
    Proposal with benefits for those who already have a means of operating at >%

    That's what I mean.

  4. Gunless


    You asked the husband all the time. Thank you very much.
    well understood. You're right. I have the impression that people with a high professional background do not want to spend cash.
    I don't know if I don't run a company or because it's a waste of money to pay interest rates, but I can't quite reach that idea.

    It seems that PDF models have been announced for all PS 718 series. Japan has not been announced yet, but we are waiting for related articles.

  5. Morokan

    > If you absolutely need a new Porsche immediately, you will have to select from stock cars already at the dealership and order.

    Even for those stock cars, there is a Porsche dealer's own rule of "priority business negotiation right", and there are cases where you have to make a waiting entry for business negotiations.

    It seems that there are many cases where dealers nationwide rush into business negotiations with rare models and showroom display cars (mostly options are full of stock) among stock cars, and even these individuals never sell first-come-first-served basis. Is.

    Therefore, the ordinary customer keeps the production quota at the same time, in case the business negotiation right does not come down to him.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!

      > Even for that stock car, there is a Porsche dealer's own rule of "priority business negotiation right", and there are cases where you have to make a waiting entry for business negotiations.
      That's right ...!
      It seems that it is hard to buy stock cars with the specifications you want...Is it different depending on the dealer? ..
      The more I know it, the more I am surprised that it is completely different from buying a general passenger car.

  6. Kaz

    Mina-san, I'm sorry for the late thank you for your reply.

    You asked my husband for my question too!
    Thank you very much!
    So that's it! It was all I wanted to refer to.

    When I find time, I read the blog and inspire myself.

    I'm looking forward to posting from now on.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kaz
      Not at all! I will do my best too!
      Continue to thank you.