First drive on the highway in Porsche Boxster – was it such a good car!

Porsche Boxter

Boxster after a long time

The other day my mother-in-law looked at the children, and my husband and I got into Boxster for the first time in a while, and we were able to drive Boxster for about 3 hours.

In the weekly weather forecast, it was raining all the time, but the morning weather on this day was "CloudyChanged to. And even if I checked the rain cloud radar, there was no sign of rain clouds until the afternoon.

I opened it up and tasted Boxster for the first time in a long time, but I felt again that it was a really wonderful car.

On the way, engine sound and exhaust sound are too comfortable,

I want to drink this engine sound! !

However, this statement is so uncomfortable when thinking calmly ... (-_-)

After that, I arrived at the observatory, but the car was much less than usual because of the weather. AndAfter a while, it started to rainSo, the car that left the observatory, people who talked outside with umbrellas, and people who waited in the car until the rain stopped seemed to be killing time.

Meanwhile, while my husband was driving again on the Ashi driveway, the rain stopped, so I decided to go to the observation deck again.

Then,Blog readers, Twitter followersNice to meet you, I was able to meet you. Everyone,To get to know the car more deeply and to be able to ride more Porsche so that the driving can be a little better,It seems that they are practicing and studying every day, and there were many things to learn just by listening to conversations.

By the way, regarding my Boxster (manual) driving skills, I have improved more than before, but I have not been able to integrate with Boxster yet.

"Don't step on the cat's eye" "I'm scared if the speed is too slow downhill"

While thinking thatI noticed that when I went down the mountain, I did not shift at all, just driving.There was also a problem. It would be even better if you could drive more smoothly and slide. From my husband,

I can't drive more rhythmically. Stepping on the accelerator, pulling it out, stepping on it, pulling it out ... It feels good to turn around the corner as if you were skiing.

But sadly I can't ski ...(It is not such a problem w)

While doing so, my husband

Do you want to run on the highway in Boxster?

It has been said. Well ... No, INever ran on the highway in BoxsterIt is. So I decided to take this opportunity to drive on the highway and go to Kobe.

To the highway by Boxster

I was surprised when I ran on the highway for the first time in Boxster.Suppleness and smoothness" Since I was Porsche, I imagined that it would be amazing about "handling", "feeling of grounding", "brake", and "acceleration", but what can you do so smoothly and comfortably?

When I ran on the highway at Boxster, I thought it was a battle mode from beginning to end, but it wasn't so,Don't get tired even if you drive on a highway for long distancesI felt that.

I was also surprised by the strong acceleration from the 6th gear. There was quite a lot of traffic on this day, so I didn't get that fast, but Boxster said "Not like this. I can still go!(Why Kansai dialect w)As if it were said.

If it is normal mode of PDK, it seems to enter 7th speed immediately, so this is ``The real pleasure of a manual car without overdrive 7-speedI can say that. No, this acceleration is absolutely unthinkable for my BMW320i (MT).

981 Boxster GTS

My husband,

But in the old days, it wasn't so smooth at the time of delivery. I picked up the fine vibration more and more, and at the time of the first inspection,Is the wheel balance bad?” Also, because the tire brand is different from now, I think that the influence of the tire is also great.
But after riding some new Porsche, at least I can sayThe more you run, the more supple your legs will be, and the engine will turn really well.Now it burns around 39,000km, but it's better than when it was a new car. Experience has shown that cars from other manufacturersPorsche is less degraded by distance, but rather feels better if the distance is extended to some extent.So when you buy a second-hand Porsche, you don't have to worry about the mileage so much.

I was saying. I see.

Attractiveness of Boxster

I ran while driving on the way, but my husband was talking about Boxster like this.

After allBoxster GTS is designed with the intent to make it easier to run on the street than the circuit.I think so. Even in GT3 and scenes where pebbles are quite noticeable, Boxster hardly transmits the sound into the car. You don't get tired even if you drive for a long time, you don't have to worry about the height of the car, and you can pack your luggage.
In addition, Boxster is easier to ride in towns where there are many stops and go.GT3 is not difficult to ride, but Boxster is easier to drive. In particular, the 2-speed cover range is exquisite for Boxster, which makes it easy to cover from very low speeds.There are times when the second speed of GT3 is very slow.
Also, on tight roads like Ayu, if you have a car that is as powerful as GT3, you can have more, but Boxster can enjoy it very well. In addition, the roof is also open. A car that is really good for touring. Well,There are quite a few winds involved when openingbut. laterNothing to say if the seat fallsI don't know.

And so on. When I said, "I'll do it with 911 cabriolet after all,"

Yeah, I think it ’s really good. I thought it was yeah, but I tried to configure it, but it cost just 18 million yen just by attaching an option to the bare guy. Very expensive. But now there is no MT specification anymore. I think Targa is yeah, but I'm worried about being a little heavy.

That's it. In this situation, my husband is constantly configuring w

If the season gets a little better, I would like to go out a little on Boxster for touring.

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    Hello Mina,

    I am always looking forward to the blog. My name is TAKURO.
    718 Cayman GTS was finally delivered to the Porsche Center the other day.
    I read this blog every day and raise my mood until delivery. The article of the motor journalist is also very studying, but if my article is a very polite and easy-to-understand as an owner and feels love for the car, I would like to drive let's try to do. For running-in, let's go through this course. Radar detectors should be this] Before becoming an owner, the image became quite clear. I feel like waiting for a Christmas present as a child. I have learned a lot about my thoughts about work and my work. And in this article, I felt as if I had the goodness of Boxster. I don't see any other blogs that are written as carefully as this blog, so I lived in the same area, so it was really nice to get to this blog. I think. Thank you again. I ’ll be waiting for you to read the blog, but I ’ll be excited to deliver it on October 7th! We look forward to wonderful articles in the future. I support you as a blog fan here.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      And 718 Cayman GTS, finally ...! ! !

      The weather is sunny this weekend, and it seems to be a perfect day for delivery.
      Congratulations! ^^

      And thank you so much for your blog.

      It is an article by Porsche fans and Kansai people,
      I'm very happy that TAKURO-san has said that, and I am motivated to continue to blog in the future.

      From now on, I would like to update the article from various viewpoints.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

      And I look forward to seeing you someday in Arisu ^^