Deep consideration of “Do not limit husband's freedom as wife” – why does wife oppose buying husband Porsche

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Does not limit husband's freedom

The other day, when I wrote an article that says, “It's more important than a wife who has been familiar with her husband's growth to become an“ ageman ”,” she received more feedback than she thought.

What is more important than a wife who has been familiar with her husband ’s growth

In this article, I received a particularly strong response, which I wrote a little at the end.What I was conscious of was "not limiting my husband's freedom"" So, I decided to go deeper into this area with my wife's eyes.

Husband who wants Porsche, wife who opposes

I sometimes see this post on twitter and Yahoo!

“I want a sports car, but my wife is against it. What should I do?”
“When I bought a Porsche, my wife told me I should not be a minivan. What should I do?”

Such. Conversely,

My husband is trying to buy me a sports car.It's not practical and expensive, so I'm persuading you to make it a family car. What should I do now?

I can see some serious posts by my wife.

There are various answers to these concerns, but a significant percentageLet's buy it against the wife's opposition!"And"Let my husband like it because he buys it with his money"Is written.

But as a wife, I feel uncomfortable with these answers.

"If my husband forcibly broke through here, my relationship with my family would be worse, and I couldn't be more free in the future."

And every time I see a discussion like this, I have a new experience as a new employee.

Result, trust, freedom

I joined a sales department as a new graduate company. The company said, “A business trip group in charge of an area that is far from the headquarters and needs accommodation.The person in charge of the area that can take a day trip from the head office must go straightThere was an implicit rule.

At that time, although I was able to take a day trip from the headquarters, I was complaining because I was in charge of an area that took two hours by train to go, so I lost time when I went to work. However, at one point, when I was unable to endure it, I told my boss that I was told like this.

I'm not saying that I don't go straight, and I want to be free. But first,Make achievements that people least,Make results that don't let me tell you.That way, you can leave the way you do your daily sales activities. Remember that freedom and responsibility are a set


This boss's response might be hit by a “black company”, but at that time, 15 years ago, there was no “work style reform” sign. For me, a new employee who hasn't achieved results yet, the boss's rationale isSo that's itI thought.

And "Rather than complaining, if you can give results that don't make people around youDecided.

From that time, I started to produce a certain amount of results with the help of everyone, and nothing came to say even if I went straight back. And after the grades reached first place, “How to sell, how to sell,I hope you like it. Instead, make the results properly."I just let my boss say,"(Also, the request for approval has been passed.)

And I felt this way after experiencing the flow.

“Making a result leads to gaining the trust of the other party.

When. This was a big awareness for me as a young man.

Trust from wife

Returning the story, my husband is opposed to buying a sports car, but it ’s a bit harsh.Because my husband is not trusted by my wife"I think that. In other words,My wife did not give resultsI think.


If you buy a sports car and leave your family on your days off, you're going to drive alone?
If you say you don't bother your family, you end up annoying your household?

And pre-read by the wife, is opposed.

In particular, a wife with a small child is often in a situation where there is no freedom. Children do what they do,If your child gets fever, take him to the hospital, dermatology, otolaryngology, dentist, vaccination, kindergarten and school events ...And most of my time disappears in the children's schedule. I think it's even more difficult when working together.

The lunch plan with my old friend, which I was looking forward to three months ago, will be canceled if the child gets hot the day before. In the past, it was natural.Slowly drinking coffee alone in Starbucks“Even now, it seems like a luxurious time.

While sending such a daily life, my husband pushed away his opposition and did not look back on his family.Buy a sports car!"That's why my wife feels like he's joking!"

So if you want to buy a sports car or want to make it free,Create the results your wife wants, or at least continue to do so to gain trustIsn't it a predecessor?

The “results that a wife wants her husband” probably depends on the family.

Free time for one person, spending time with family, annual income 10 million yen, annual income 100 million yen, a large family of children, private homes, couples without water, etc.

I think that the width and height you want will vary greatly depending on your wife.(I think there are some god-like wives that say "If you are happy, you don't need anything")"This person knows well and is a person who does it"If I can get the trust from my wife, I don't think my wife will oppose it so much, and I will make it relatively free.

Sometimes"My wife is already amazed and gives up (laughs)"When you think from your wife's perspective, it's the reverse of acknowledging a husband in a way, such as" Husband is earning hard, so why should I like it? " Hey.

Next page → I tried to talk about this story to my husband. How is your husband's reaction?

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  1. Buppa

    It's actually difficult to be “earning” and not having a bad back.
    Since I am working to help other people's troubles, I feel that I have been strongly behind what I earn.

    In my home, things outside the house are basically free,
    Can I make my wife “Panamera” or buy “996”?
    After all, it is a snowy road, so 4WD model is good.
    What are the colors inside and outside? You should be able to drive too, right? "
    Even if you ask,
    "My car is Cayenne, and if you like anything from your car, you'll get it."
    It ends with.
    I want to discuss with my wife
    "Ah, when you make a ponkotsuka according to your earning, appearance and ability,"
    I want to do one of the fights
    “If the base is enough, what if the acceleration is not done without S, and if the 4 is not attached, the winter is over,
    The white is covered with other people, so here is the green color, or the white interior is dirty or tanned. "
    Yeah uncle, my cousin who wants to discuss ...
    It ends with "If you ask me a lot and don't do it for me".
    My wife is too cool, but sometimes I am a little lonely.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buppa

      I laughed a lot while reading.
      My wife is too handsome and too cool (laughs)

      “A person who broke a bamboo” is just like a wife.

      Certainly, when you buy a car, it's fun to think about it while you're talking about a couple.
      However, his wife came to know that Buppa was trusted, and thought that the relationship between the couple was awesome.

      Panamera or 996?
      It seems to be good to buy 996 now (laughs)!

  2. taro

    It's an important thing to earn.
    There was a big "awareness" when I read it. Thank you very much.
    As a self-employed worker, my motivation for work at Corona is low, and I've been thinking only about spending less than working poorly.
    I feel that the feeling of "earning" has become weak.
    As a husband, earn money first! Regain the trust and comfort of the family and buy two Porsche. (For me and my wife)
    I was the same car as the one I let go of in the early 991 or turbo. My wife's favorite is 964, but it is difficult to find a good body, but if your luck improves, you will come around. First earn. Also, don't forget my daughter's gift.
    The reward after achievement is motivated by a concrete person.
    When the result comes out, I will take a photo with Ashi and apply for my car to be posted. Thank you.

    • MinaMina

      Hello. Thank you for your comment.
      I wrote it in a great way, but ...

      It's really a difficult time in Corona now ...
      I feel that it is not easy to increase sales while the economy is not rotating.
      But that's why I have to work hard to move forward ...

      I got a comment and thought again about Gamba.

      We are looking forward to your car posting!
      I would be happy to meet you even in Ashi.

      Continue to thank you.

  3. Pole


    It's a topic you often see in the car category of Yahoo! Answers.
    I think Mina's husband gave the correct answer.
    (Although it is not the answer as a solution for the time being)

    I made this topic my wife
    "I should buy two cars, a sports car and a family car.
    If I buy only a sports car, my family won't go away? ".

    I've been riding a 2-seater midship car (MR2) since I was single,
    I switched to a sedan when my family grew.
    I wanted to go to various places with my family.

    After all, how important is your husband to your family? I wonder if it is.
    My wife can't say, "Don't say that you want to sleep even though it's not worth buying two!"
    I wonder if it will be "what should I do?" And I can't offer a good solution. I think.
    For husbands who want a sports car as a major premise in the first place
    I don't have the financial strength to convince my wife or the compassion I usually have.

    The final summary tells a good marital relationship.
    I feel relaxed.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I think freedom and responsibility are two wheels.

      I wondered if Paul had a wonderful couple relationship.

      I want to be able to give Grand Seiko as a gift with a pawn,
      I forgot what I wrote (laughs)
      I will do my best so that I can buy it and give it to my husband in the future ^ ^