Depth of driving a manual car – driving with awareness of the speed


Manual car rotation alignment

The other day, I thought suddenly while driving my car BMW320i (manual).

The clutch is connected carefully and the accelerator work is done slowly, so why is there a time when there is a shift shock?

When. And while driving for a while, I realized that there was.

Yes! The difference between “rotation is correct or not”! !

... No, no, no, no, basic basics (-_-), and I've written about “rotating” in blog posts so far,Acceleration work and clutch operationWas completely conscious of it, and forgot about the rotation (explosion).

The BMW 320i I usually ride is a bare model and not sportySo, if you drive normally, you won't hear the engine sound at all, making you feel like a comfort car. So, I want to drive while listening to the engine sound as much as possible, but doing so may naturally cause a shift shock depending on the timing.

So,You can drive smoothly by changing gears at the right rotation while listening to the engine sound.It ’s not a matter of writing, but a matter of course. Speaking of which, when driving comfort at the driving school,

When you are in 1st to 2nd gear, you don't have to step on the accelerator.

I think that it is the same feeling about 320i.

Porsche Boxster (MT) driving

And the other day, I got on Boxster after a long time,When I tried to shift shift from 1st gear to 2nd gear with the same accelerator work as 320i, I got a shock and a shift shock.And from my husband

I ca n’t step on the accelerator more. The number of revolutions is not enough.

It was pointed out. That's right ... If you drive Boxster and 320i in the same way, don't worry (-_-)

Due to differences in car power, torque, weight, etc., driving operations had to be changed. This is also a natural story, but when I was in an AT car, I never thought about this,A car is deep inside"I am impressed."

For Boxster, the upshift indicator(Indicator light that informs the upshift timing in order to run as efficiently as possible)However, the shift up is instructed at a very early timing.

I"Oh, can you go in 5th gear already?Surprisingly,

“Yeah. It ’s pretty easy to come at a good time. Well, if you drive along this, you ’ll be able to drive fuel-efficient.”

When. I see….

by the wayIn the case of Panamera Turbo, in the city, you can quickly go into 6th speed and always run only 1000 rpm.Then, you can drive by paddle shift yourself, but you feel that there is a time difference in the reaction and feel uncomfortable.

However, if it is in sport plus mode, it will be a sporty run with a lot of revolutions, so I was addicted to driving in sport plus mode for a while, and I noticed that the fuel consumption became extremely bad w

Depth of manual operation

In the case of an AT car, if you leave it to the car, it will calculate the optimum driving, so even if the driver is not particularly conscious, you can do eco-friendly driving friendly to the car and the environment. This is the advantage of an AT car and I think it is a very convenient place.

In the case of one MT car,What kind of run you want to run and how many rotations you want to run”Is all left to the driver, which will greatly change the driving method. It also depends on the car you ride. This is the real pleasure of driving a manual car.

No deep inside.

Nowadays, I want to drive manual cars of various manufacturers and models.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I want to comment on this theme.

    Although it is called “rotation matching”, the actual speed is determined by the vehicle speed and gear, so I think that it is important for shift changes to know the “vehicle speed” properly on ordinary roads.

    Then it is a shift up indicator, but at least in the case of Porsche, the timing displayed by the accelerator opening should change completely. Although it is not displayed even at a fairly high rotation when fully accelerating, if it is only a little open the accelerator, if it is okay with this acceleration force, it will be displayed as a quick shift up. However, it seems that the road slope is not reflected, and if you shift up as indicated on the uphill, you may run out of power. On the other hand, if it is downhill, there is no problem with a gear that is higher than the indicator, but rather the gear is selected according to the necessity of engine braking. Of course, I don't think it will be displayed to shift up when the accelerator is off and the engine is braked.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!
      I see! ! ! I will study a lot.

      Until now, when I was driving an AT car, I was driving without thinking.
      Only now, I started thinking about what I should drive.

      PorscheDreamer's advice is
      I always learn a lot because I don't know anything.

      The next time you ride Boxster, be aware that you wrote it,
      I will try to drive with the car and breathing together!

      Continue to thank you.