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Actually, this Porsche blog has English translation software (plug-in?)The content posted in Japanese is automatically translated into English, and the English version of this blog exists as an independent blogare doing.

Automatic translation is quite clever and most Japanese translates well, but I'm in the blog"Why is it?" "Yutte Yan"The Kansai dialect is often used, so the area is not translated well, and the contents are insignificant in some places (explosion) By the way, this explosion is also translated as "bomb" w

A little while ago, English messages arrived on the blog inquiry form. I had the image of "English message = spam"(In fact, there were many spam comments in English before actually)While checking the contents,Somehow praises the blog, but it looks like spamI thought, "I ignored it for a while."

Just gradually,If it's a comment, it may not be spam if you get an English message on the contact form.I thought again, and after reading the English message carefully, I found out that "It doesn't have a strange URL and this isn't spam."

・ I read a blog with my wife, but I can share the feelings of Mina and Husband with our couple. I hope this blog will continue.
・ Now I am looking for a job in Japan. If I do well, I will soon move to Japan and work. At that time, I want to bring my car 911 with me. So it is very helpful to have written the Porsche life in Japan.


... This is clearly not spam (-_-)! ?

I hurried and looked up the English words and phrases and managed to reply, but some of them responded carefully. After all it wasn't spam ...

afterwards"Speaking of which, I haven't seen the blog readers country column recently.I thought, `` Japan was 99.9%, the rest was the United States and Germany '', but recently the inflow from the United States has increased considerably, and the number of countries is about 20 countries such as Asia and Europe It had increased to.

Of course, there are many people who look at Japanese people living overseas, but I think some of them are also looking at people born and raised in that country.

Porsche Blog to the world

This blog started in June 2017. And in April 2018, the next year, I decided to start full-scale operation. At that time with my husband,

“If you do it, it would be nice if it would be a blog that even foreigners could see.”

I talked.

The feeling that I like Porsche is common throughout the worldIt should be. Then try to make an English version of the blog. For youtube,Video and sound”Can convey the charm of Porsche and cars, so I think it should be more appealing than blogs(I need high quality for that)All titles and notations are in English.

Recently, the number of overseas channel subscriptions has been increasing little by little.

Then, when asked what you think about the destination you sent overseas, I do not think anything in particular(I don't wanna)This blog contains the real voice of Porsche owners, including the voice of readers.Someday I want to become a Porsche blog that will be known to Porsche in my home country"And,

The car situation in Japan and overseas is quite different.I want to become a Porsche blog that reports on the local car situation overseas when the children grow a little moreI hope I can continue to create exciting developments with my own dreams.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    As expected, the international group!
    I saw an English page after a long time.
    The comments are also translated into English, so I looked at my own comments, but it was quite a nice translation. If you think that it is machine translation, you can understand the meaning of everything. Do you love rev matching being rotation matching?

    One thing I was curious about was that the “Ashi Driveway” category was set to Ashi Drive way.

    • MinaMina


      > One thing I was interested in was that the “Ashi Driveway” category was set to “Ashi Drive way”.
      That's right! Thank you for watching!
      It should have been corrected, so check it out and fix it! Thank you!

  2. Follow

    Hello. I often watch youtube's overseas car introductions, but there are many things that can be extended for a while. Mina ’s video is a relatively short time, but it is helpful to have a good feature of the highlights and hearing points. I told my husband, “Because I am teaching. I was proud of that. (Laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always watching youtube!
      My video is about 5 minutes, but when I look at it again, there are still a lot of extended parts, and I realize the depth of video creation.

      > “I ’m teaching. I was proud of that. (Laughs)

  3. Tommy


    I am studying a lot on this site, and I enjoy reading it. Speaking of which, when I recalled, the first time I arrived at this site was in English. Thank you in the future (^^)

    • MinaMina


      > Speaking of that, the first time I arrived at this site was in English.
      Was that so? Via real English ...!
      And thank you for always reading the blog!
      Continue to thank you!

  4. Pole


    I've always thought that I'm a person with a high intellectual level,
    After reading this article, I got confirmation that "after all".

    I would also like to expect the spread from Porsche.

    I have an image that I like traveling, especially traveling abroad.
    I'm sorry if it's different.

    Because it is for a couple with a rare talent
    I am looking forward to it.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your kind words ...!
      My husband is strategic, but I'm quite a sensory and rushing, so I'm learning from my husband ^^;

      > I have an image of my favorite travel, especially overseas travel.
      I love traveling abroad!
      For several years since I was a student, when I have accumulated money, I go on an overseas trip and spend all of it, and I will do my best again ...
      In those days, I put a world map on my room and put on the postcards I had visited so far.

      I haven't been able to go at all now, and when will Corona settle down ...
      There is also a reason, but once things have settled down, I would like to go on an overseas trip that doubles as a car interview.

      Continue to thank you!