Porsche 911 (964C2), first run after maintenance.

Air-cooled Porsche

A long time, air-cooled Porsche 911

It ’s almost October, but it ’s still hot. Although the morning and evening are getting cooler, the daytime temperature has reached 30 degrees. However, since it was released from the heat of midsummer, I decided to ride the air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) that just finished maintenance the other day.

Porsche 911 Tiptronic ATF exchange and other maintenance records

It was fine from the morning on this day, so I went to Ashi Driveway with my second daughter. Regarding this 964, my husbandIt became insane after maintenanceI was so happy that I was looking forward to seeing how it changed.

I started the engine immediately and started running.Very smooth and light runningI was surprised that Although it was not without smoothness before, the miscellaneous taste disappeared and it was finished in a very good state. I unexpectedly emailed my impressions to my husband,

Let's run with 2 shifts and 3 fixed speeds with manual shift

Reply. "Speaking of which, I've never run in manual mode until nowI decided to stop running the car and pass the gear to "M" and drive around.

964, in manual mode

I tried to accelerate with the shift lever at 2nd speed,Energetic and very accelerating feeling that I can't think of a car 30 years agoIt is. The engine sound is different from the “playable pleasant sound” like Boxster, and the engine sound of the car itself, which has no directing, feels comfortable.

Also, when turning around the corner, be aware of the load movement previously told by her husband,Pull out the accelerator, put a load on the front and bend with it ..."I tried to ..."

Hmmm, it seems like it ’s done… (-_-)

I tried it every time I turned the curve, but it wasn't crisp and rhythmical.Umm ... I'm different."I arrived at the observation deck while thinking."

On the weekday morning, I was wondering if there was anyone on the observatory, but there were already about five cars from those who enjoyed longer observations.

It was so hard that I wanted to play a little girl on the observatory, but it was very hot and the sun was tight. Although it is an observatory, it is still hot in the daytime.

Because the sun shines so much, I decided to go home in about 10 minutes. Then, when I got on 964, 911 (997) came from the other side. After all 911, the silhouette seen from the side is also very beautiful.

After that, I went straight home, and it took about 30 minutes to drive, but it was nice to be able to run Ariyu in 964 after a long time.

Tiptro, fun.

My husband, about this 964,

Not just a manual, you can also enjoy Tiptro. Of course, I think the manual is fun, but Tiptro is really fun.

But when I drove in manual mode this time, I felt like I could understand why my husband said that. I went to my husband and said, “Today, it was fun to run Ayu in manual mode with air cooling.

Unlike the paddle shift,This manual mode is mysterious and fun"If you say husband,

Sure, there are only 4 speeds, and the speed range of 2nd and 3rd speeds is wide, so you can run fast even when fixed. That ’s why I feel so bad.

When. I see.

Air-cooled Porsche is very fun and profound, but I am not confident in driving, and my husband does not want to focus on improving driving skills.I wonder if the car can intervene a little moreThere are parts that I think.

The 964 is completely up to the driver ’s arm, so it ’s funny, but it ’s not ...

In that sense, it is these days that I am wondering if water-cooled Porsche is better for me.

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  1. Ishi

    I have a longing for the car life that keeps riding the air-cooled 911 that can't be deceived as a daily castor without any hesitation. I also wanted to be like that at the age of 60 after 10 years.

    However, in reality, I'm used to the sense that the car can be helped by electronic control, and in my case it will be difficult to continue accepting the time and cost of maintenance as good, I will meet the car body that can be maintained longer than anything else There is little possibility, and when thinking so, it is hard to get out of air cooling.

    Like Mina, I feel like I'm water-cooled, and I'm checking used cars for right MT from late 997 to 991.2. When water cooling reaches the heyday of electric cars a decade later, it feels like a neo-classical feeling like the current air cooling.

    About 3-4 cars a year will come out with a car that thinks "Oh! This is!", But if you can let go of the 981 Spider and Fiat 500, I like both, so I can't feel like that. While thinking, it repeats that it becomes sold out. Maybe more cars ...

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      > Like Mina-san, I feel like I have water cooling, and I am checking used cars with right MT from late 997 to 991.2.
      Thank you very much!
      Actually, I'm also thinking that "997 MT is fine", but it doesn't come out at all ... (explosion)
      As you mentioned, when electric cars and hybrids become mainstream, water-cooled MT cars are likely to have a classic feel. In particular, NA will be even more valuable.

      > 981 Spiders and Fiat 500 can be let go, so I don't feel like that,
      I want 981 Spider to keep it at hand (I'm like who I am ... lol)
      The other day, I heard the sound of 981 Spider running away from my acquaintance close-up.

      > Is there a car increase?
      Maybe ... (゚ д ゚)!

  2. Pol mountain boyfriend

    This 997! !! It's mine! !! !! LOL

    I have enjoyed watching you recently.

    • MinaMina

      Kalesuke Polyama

      That was right (laughs)! !!
      It was so beautiful that I took a picture of it!

      I look forward to seeing you again in Ashi.

  3. Pol mountain boyfriend

    I've been waiting for 991.1 cabriolet all the time,

    In this corona
    It's like Hermes
    It looks like Birkin,

    Today I have signed a contract with 981 Boxster GTS certified used.
    I love open air too! ️

    It's a PDK but I'm looking forward to it!

    It was quite helpful‼ ️
    Thank you! ️

    This is Osaka so let me line up somewhere
    Please give me.

    • MinaMina

      Kalesuke Polyama
      That's right! !! !! Congratulations! !! !!
      The convertible at this time is the best ^^

      Yes, I would be happy if you could take a picture with Ashi and somewhere else.
      Continue to thank you ^ ^