Validating the effect of car wheel coating – I tried to see if the dirt was really removed with just a car wash or high pressure washer


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A few days ago, I wrote an article that says, "The BMW 320i wheel is so dirty that I went to an automatic car wash machine at a gas station, but I couldn't get much dirt."Ideas and advice for cleaning the wheelI received various things.

Car wash BMW – how much dirt can be removed with an automatic car wash at a gas station?

After that, I tried wiping with a sponge myself, but the remaining dirt was quite powerful.That's not enough no matter how much spongeI decided to ask for the wheel coating of the nearest gas station.

I immediately brought my BMW320i to the gas station, but I was surprised to hear the price of the wheel coating!

16-19 inches are "11,000 yen"

Is coating so expensive?Is it really meaningful to have wheel coating? (-_-)"I asked a very rude question." The shop then

Yes, not at all. It will be difficult to get dirty, and even if you wipe it off, you can quickly remove it, so it will be much easier. The effect generally lasts for about a year.

When. I see-it looks good, and you can't verify it without first trying it. Wheel coatingIt takes about 50 minutes because the wheel needs to be cleaned, coated, and dried.It was that it was.

By the way, the state of the wheel before this is brought in.

Since it was passed through an automatic car wash machine, it was a tough thing with fine polishing scratches. And here is the coating after 50 minutes.

Bikabika! Bicker discs and brake discs (* ° ∀)! !

It was more beautiful than I expected, and it was pleasant just by looking at it. Although"How long this state is maintained"Also"How easy is it to remove dirtIs important, so I decided to look at the situation for a while.

After the wheel coating

After that, the state of the wheel after one week after being wheel coated is here.

A little dirty. However, it is a level that can be removed immediately after wiping. And here is 3 weeks after wheel coating.

A little dirty. However, when the BMW 320i was delivered,In three weeks, the whole was quite dirty and the iron was rusty in colorIt ’s better than that.

So how easy is this dirt to remove?To wipe off only one for trialdid. Prepare a sponge, spray, dry towel,

First, spray water with a spray bottle. Then rub with a sponge, and then wipe lightly with a dry towel ...

Oh, it ’s pretty beautiful! Even I was clumsy. When I wiped off the other parts in this way, it looks like this in 1 minute.

Beautiful!It would be nice if it was easy to clean with water.Though I thought ... my hands were very dirty.

I tweeted this on Twitter,

When cleaning cars (especially wheels), you must wear silicon gloves ~ ^^


Yeah! I didn't know at all (゚ д ゚)!

... I wonder how I hadn't washed my car before.

And to my husband who came home that day,I wiped the wheel and it immediately became beautiful!"I was told like this."

Of course, you can remove it by wiping it (-_-)Whether the wheel can be immediately cleaned with a high-pressure washing machine or an automatic car washing machine without wiping.And.


Yeah, that ’s true… (゚ д ゚)(What an idiot ...)

Actually, wiping is troublesome and your hands get dirty, so it's important to make sure that the wheels can be easily removed without doing that. So I decided to try an automatic car washer and a high pressure washer later.

Next page → Will dirt be removed by high-pressure washing machines and automatic car washing machines?

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  1. yo3105

    I always read it happily.
    Wheel coating is good

    But when you got the coating, did you remove the tires, clean the back of the wheel, and did it get coated?

    After all, I can see it, but I'm curious about what I can't see. Or maybe I stop by the store

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > But when I got the coating, did you remove the tires, clean the back of the wheel, and did it get coated?

      When I looked at the site, it was written that if you take the wheel off and take it, the back side will be cleaned,
      I don't remember, but I feel like I've been told that I've also cleaned the back ...

      I'm sorry I don't remember ... I'll ask you again next time!

  2. Follow

    It feels so good. After high-pressure washing, I always wiped with my hands, but there was such a hand. I will try it once. However, neither 718 nor 63 is a spoke type, and both are black and fortunately the dirt is not so noticeable.

    • MinaMina


      When I set the wheel to black, the dirt doesn't stand out.
      Washing is quite cumbersome and it is best that the dirt is inconspicuous ^^

  3. To be sunny

    When I order a new car, I have the body, wheels, and chrome plating all coated.
    The body is ok
    Chrome plating is also essential because it has the rust of aluminum in the rain characteristic of European cars.
    As for the wheel, I save my time and help me who wash my hands frequently.
    In the first place, is it a type that plunges into a car wash machine without worrying about it? The latest car wash machine of Eneos (including Mobile) series is soft sponge,
    Other hard rubber scrubs such as Cosmo will still be struck everywhere. As a result of driving a car that doesn't bother me like that, I'm sure.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      It ’s all coated first!
      That's the best ...

      Regarding BMW, I'm rushing into the car wash without worrying about it (explosion)
      Originally, I bought it with the feeling of “I can ride it a little and ride until it gets tattered”
      I don't really care about anything, and I don't care about the scratches on the car wash machine. .

      But after all Porsche hasn't rushed into the car wash,
      I ca n’t rush…
      I don't like it if it gets a little scratched.