Porsche 718 Cayman S test drive-I've been driving the Ashi Driveway in Sports Plus mode!

Porsche Cayman

Recall of Panamera

The other day a document about the recall of 971 Panamera came from Porsche Japan. When opening it, "The steering assist force may be lost during driving because the program is inappropriate in the electric power steering control device, which may increase the steering force." .

However, since I have never felt such a problem so far, I thought that my home Panamera would be okay, there was an immediate contact from Mr. H of the Porsche Center "Sorry to trouble you, but please let me check it onceI was told that I will leave Panamera at a later date.

No way Cayman S

On the day of inspection, Mr. H got Mr. H to come for Panamera in the morning. H in front of the entrance "Can you use the car today? If it's okay, I will put the car I've come on"However, on that day I had plenty of errands and planned not to use the car"No, it's okay. I do not use car today.I was surprised to leave the door open while saying that!

Ke, Cayman is getting old (゚ д ゚)! ! !(And sports car seems yellow body color!

In spite of "I will take a ride! I'm going to ride a lot (゚ д ゚)! !Then, Mr. H said "I'll hand it over to you, haha", so I received the key without hesitation.

The car of this time was "Cayman S", the main option was about "sports chrono package" and "sports exhaust"? Then, after that, it was a farewell to Panamera ...

In the morning there was a business that I could not remove anyway, so I quickly finished the business and decided to ride the Cayman from the afternoon. I was too excited, so I asked my husband at work "Cayman and a substitute car! dangerous!I will reply as soon as I email.

Yeah Yan! I also have Ashiya!

But "I am going to Ashi Drive Way by myself with a car riding for the first timeIt is quite nervous for me. However, since this opportunity is rare, I decided to go to Ashi alone with courage.

To Ashi Driveway!

I got into Cayman and turned the ignition key.

Boohon! !

Oh ... it seemed so, "I got a 718 Cayman ride beforeEven when I heard it was such a sound ... "I run the car while remembering the feeling of the time.

718 Where has changed from Cayman as test drive - 981?

The handle is heavy, and the sound is still very similar to air coolingI thought. 718 Cayman's engine sound is contrary to the look of the image ... it's a very thick and low engine sound.

The ride comfort is hard, the contact feeling is very strong, and the state of the road surface is very well understood. However, compared with the 718 Cayman who was on the previous ride, the difference of the size of the tire did not bother me the rest of the shake.

It is a completely different ride from Panamera, but there is a part that is firmly rooted in "Well it's a Porsche.While heading back to Ashi Driveway.

Then on the way, a very big super safe driving truck appeared in front of me.

Looking at the speedometer, how "19 km / h"(- _ -). While thinking "You are 19 km / h at the precious Cayman S ...", I will endure for awhile and continue driving the Trotoro, and as soon as the truck is gone, this timeI tried running in sports plus mode.

Then Cayman,As if to take off the armor, as soon as the run was lightThe engine sound also changed to a treble, and the handling was cleared even better. When I tried turning the curve of Ashi Driveway in Sports Plus, there was no role at all, and my husband said before "Just draw a circle with a compass along the curve"It turns around.

What a pleasant handling ....

Although Panamera's handling also has sharpness, there is no further deviation than that, accurate,Sense of car and teamCan run with. Moreover, like the air cooling 911 of RR,I will not bend if I misload the load movementI do not have anything at all, even myself who are not confident of driving will bend pretty neatly.

On the other hand, if you step on the accelerator strongly with a straight line, the speed quickly becomes "☓☓ km / h"(I will leave it to your imagination), "Oh ... how should I get on a tune?"There were scenes of relaxing the accelerator several times.

Up to now, I ran Ashi Driveway at 970 Panamera Edition, 971 Panamera Turbo, 981 Boxster GTS (MT), Air Cool 911 (964 C 2), but the Cayman is the easiest to drive and fun feeling than Porsche among these It was.

Cayman is a woman who can not be confident about driving, even a person like me can run as fun as if driving got better, it is safe without being fucked and interrupted much,Beginners should take advantage of these good cars"I thought again.(I am aware that it is a luxurious remark (-_-))

Since Ciman is also mid-sharp, the rigidity of the car body is also high, so there is no habit, I wonder if I could drive safely.

Attraction of 2 seater

I also tried the paddle shift operation, but even in normal mode the response was very fast.This area is completely different from Panamera. Snow was also left a little on this day, as snow increased as I went up, I could not run so far, but it was a very satisfying ride with ash.

There is snow, and because it is daytime on weekdays, there is no one at the observation deck or the spot where our home often takes pictures, and we are all about to take pictures. I did not know how many pictures I took so w

I was photographing while I was in tune and it was time for my daughter 's kindergarten to pick me up in the blink of an eye, so I decided to turn back at here.

Test drive this time Cayman S "I hope you have 2 seater"I thought again.The interior of the car is compact, and the feeling of partner is felt very strongly.I feel like I'm driving while interacting with the car in my own space.

Indeed, this is the attraction of 2 seater ...

When I told what I felt about my husband who came home that day,

That's right, but if you do the charm of 2 seater you can taste it even at Boxster so far! What?

And her husband. "No ... In the case of Boxter, desperately trying to operate MT, I had problems before tasting the feeling of partner yetWhen saying,

"Sanya, yet I have not been opened to heart by Boxster w"


Yes, that's right. Let's go to Boxter's practice for a while in a while.

I thought that my husband could also test-drive, "I made a difference with normal Cayman I tried on the other day" and "I reviewed a more detailed part", but since I was the only test ride this time, I could write only a sensual place It was. I want to be able to make a deeper review.

So, regarding the matter of the recall of Panamera in the bottom, there seemed to be no abnormality in particular. Thank you Mr. H, this time for a wonderful thought! What is the next car? ~ Haha

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  1. Ishi

    981 is also a wonderful car, but I think that handling 718 is going up one step. I do not really understand the technical things, but the rear suspension seems to be improving from 981 to 982 (718), which seems to contribute greatly to improvement of handling. Even at 981 GT 4 seems to have the same improvements as 718 on the rear suspension, so I am concerned about how my own Bokspara is.

    Anyway, this yellow and wheel has the same affinity as the 718 Boxster I had before. It is cool.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      > 981 is also a wonderful car, but I think that handling 718 is going up one step.
      Oh, that's correct! !
      Even so, I thought again that I wish I could write such a review as Ikishi got from me.
      Please also let me introduce it when you share comments on blog posts.

      > Anyway, this yellow and wheel has the same attachment as 718 Boxster I had before. It is cool.
      Oh, that's right. It was the same as what you posted in the owner's file, and I was thinking at the beginning that "yellow is flashy, conspicuous and embarrassing"
      Actually, it was in front of me and I tried riding again, I thought that these clear colors look good on sports cars.

  2. Tap

    I will comment for the first time. It is Porsche ride "Beginner ride" which purchased second hand 981 Cayman in late January.

    Although I decided to change cars for the first time in 15 years I went to this blog when I could not find a car I wanted to be abandoned, read it as if I turned over, I got on Porsche as well as Porsche car It is more attractive (husband 's lecture full of implications and impression of a narrative of a natural body, it is very nice), I became a Porsche debut with a good year.

    981 After purchase, the weekend snow flickers in Kanto and can not go away, I endured the extent of flowing the capital high, so environments enabling to go to Ashigara between business and pickup are enviable too much

    The reassurance improvement of the previous comment is about rear member reinforcement. Since 981 can also easily be done with a diversion of 718 parts, I want to try it but when raising the ground contact of the rear it will become an under tendency on the general road, so 981 will be left as it is I would like to have fun.

    Although it was my first comment, I was disappointed.

    • MinaMina

      Take a look at the blog as if it turned over (lol), and also said that way,
      Thank you so much.
      I was able to say that in such a way, "I'm glad I wrote this blog" I am happy.

      981 Cayman, it is wonderful ^ ^
      Personally, I like the sound of 981 from 718, and the comfort is comfortable.
      981 Cayman has never got on yet, but it is a very interesting model.

      > Improving the reassurance of the previous comment is to reinforce the rear member.
      That's right! There are so many things I do not know yet, and I will also teach you from every day readers.
      Tap also thinks that it was investigated considerably and I think that it was purchased, including future ride comfort, running comfort, I would be very happy if you can tell us a lot from now on.

      Continue to thank you!

  3. Ishi

    Hello Tap, nice to meet you. Comment Thank you for the supplement.

    I looked up "Rear member reinforcement 981" immediately, I found information that this reinforcement bar is attached not only to 981 GT 4 but also to Boxster Spider. I can not see the bottom of the car easily, but I can not check with the actual car, but I am a little happy.

    When I changed from 981 GTS to 718 (982) base grade before, I felt great improvement of handling, and after that I felt that I felt the handling retreat when I returned to 981 but afterwards it was impossible to feel a difference. At that time my feeling was lame, I thought that my car love will pass. But if this reinforcement is done to the 981 Spider, I think that feeling was not a mistake.

    Thank you for your valuable information. Thank you in the future.