【Porsche owner's file # 11】 971 Panamera 4S purchase · option · running reviews

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The eleventh bullet is a purchase, option, traveling review of "971 Panamera 4S" from "Mr. Manamasan" living in Hokkaido.

I post a lot of information on Panamera in this blog, but I think that running and riding taste will change at all, normal, 4, 4 S, turbo, hybrid. Among them, how is the evaluation of Panamera 4S received this time! What? Please have a look.

〘Owner information〙
· Car introducing this time: 971 Panamera 4S (MY 2018)
· Pen name: Manma
· Residential area / Residence: Hokkaido / Mansion
· Family composition: wife(Paper driver), Junior high school student, elementary school student
· Past travelers' favorite history:
Honda Prelude (BB 4) → Honda Integra Type R (DB 8) → Honda Odyssey (RB 1) + NSX (NA 1)
→ Audi A 6 Avant (C 6) → Audi S 4 (B 8)
→ BMW M3 sedan (E90) → And as the first Porsche Panamera 4S came to the house
· A word to readers: I am pleased if everyone who is considering purchasing Panamera can help.

1) History of purchase

About car selection of own car

When looking back on my favorite car career this time "The first half of my life was Honda, especially the VTEC engine I stuck"I remembered that.

After leaving Honda, it took over a German car by accident. First of all, regarding Audi cars,Sparkle of interior and exterior lighting"And about BMW M3 sedan,"Blister fender and power dome ridiculous designIn love with, I remember it as if I bought it.

And since when did the number of acquaintances who got on German cars increased, and I became interested in nature and German cars, but "It is fast and cool, the instrument panel is beautiful"The judgment axis in choosing a car has not changed consistently since Honda Prelude.

- Why did you start to get interested in Porsche?

As dusk of a certain day, he runs hardType 991 911 Carrera 4I saw him. I remembered the impact and impression of the 911 style beauty and the splendor of the tail lamp, as if struck by lightning at that time, "Is there any way I can not accept Porsche at my house?"I began to be conscious of it.

- Why did you choose Panamera among Porsche

The reason for becoming strongly interested in Porsche cars is "991 type 911 Carrera 4" as mentioned above(I thought the view of the rear was a breathtaking beauty, especially with a wonderful design in all directions), When you purchase 911, another one car is needed for a full ride for four people.

Currently, since there are a lot of difficulties involved in the two-car system, it is about time when interest came away from Porsche, "It is impossible unless it is impossible for children to grow and leave home". In a magazine or something "971 The design of Panamera is 991 type 911 likeKnowing that,

"971 Panamera is possibly enormously cool?! No, it is insanely cool !! Moreover, 4 people are on board !!!"

I thought, actively began to consider purchasing.

- What is the deciding factor for Panamera 4S

By switching from the BMW M3 sedan, from a power balance perspective"Panamera" "Panamera 4" "Panamera 4S"We examined from among the three models.

Hokkaido I live in is snowy country, but recent car is wise guy, I did not think that four wheel drive is essential.(It was a snow street like a FR M 3 sedan, too)

So, as a matter of course, when trying to get an estimate from Panamera of the lowest price FR,There are few people who purchase here (Panamera in FR) (nectar)In fact, FR felt a nuance that I would ask you (laugh)
Even IThere is also no reason to be concerned about the FR model to that extentI decided to compare and consider Panamera 4 and Panamera 4S after all.

- High-gloss black interior package

For Panamera 4 and Panamera 4S, the standard equipment is of course different, but if you add options with the aim of increasing costs, you can have almost the same equipment.

However,As for "high gloss black interior package", it can be selected with Panamera 4, it can not be selected for Panamera 4Swas.(Although it is displayed as selectable even in 4S in the catalog, there is no setting in the configurator, it is still unselectable if you check with the person in charge.) You can also select it in the turbo model)As a person who had thought of either "interior as black or carbon"

"Why Panamera 4 and Panamera Turbo can choose high-gloss black interior package,Panamera 4S only I can not doOf Is Panamera 4s the only gangster ...? "

Although it caught somewhat ... But even if you choose either Panamera 4 or Panamera 4S, I think the rate-determining will be its power performance, "In the interior, you can choose Black for Panamera 4, Carbon for Panamera 4S"We studied in the standing position.

And finally I chose Panamera 4S, but the reason is "If you choose a Panamera that is lower than the horsepower and torque of the BMW M3 sedan, will you feel unsatisfactory as a relative feeling?"Because I thought that.

It is enough to consider the horsepower and torque of Panamera 4 as usual, and there was nothing to feel power shortage by test drive, but perhaps there was a longing for the "S" emblem as a feeling.

2) Option / specification

■ Exterior color: Charara white metallic
■ Wheel: 20 inch Panamera Turbo Wheel
■ Wheel Accessories: Porsche Crest Wheel Center Cap
■ Interior color: Saddle brown / Luxor beige
■ Sheet: 8 way electric comfort seat (standard)
■ Exterior: LED matrix headlight (including PDLS puls), tinted LED taillight, comfort access, park assist with surround view, privacy glass, soft closed door, air outlet grill (exterior same color finish), exterior mirror (painted )
■ Transmission / Chassis: PDK (Standard), Sports Chrono Package
■ Interior: 4 zone automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, floor mat, cup holder cover, meter panel dial white, stopwatch dial white
Carbon interior; carbon interior package, illuminated door sill guard (carbon)
■ Others: Leather key pouch, 19 inch outside aluminum wheels & studless tires

- Why was this option, spec?

Originally we were estimating 4S for the purpose of ordering,An individual close to the order is in the Porsche Japan storage vehicleI finally got a proposal to buy that vehicle.

Although it was not exactly the same as the planned order vehicle, it was expected that the important option of "I really wanted to keep this ..." was firmly incorporated, that the missing equipment could also be roughly changed, and the number We added that we can deliver cars in a week and made decisions. By the way,

"Charara White Metallic" "Saddle Brown / Luxor Beige" "LED Matrix Headlight (Including PDLS puls)" "Comfort Access" "Sports Chrono Package" "4 Zone Automatic Climate Control" "Carbon Interior Package"

was. In addition, I planned to add ambient light,Panamera in storage car is not equipped and can not be retrofittedBecause it was thing, eventually I gave up.

In addition, the stored vehicle Panamera had many options that were not originally supposed. Speaking of surplus, I am rude, but ...There will be something useful if attached"I was convinced myself and bought it. About the evaluation of actual options after delivery, we will describe it later.

After all, with the prediction that there is no big difference between MY 2018 and MY 2019 in the planned order vehicle "minus" Ambient light "plus" alpha (there is considerably (^ _ ^;) "), we have reached purchase of stored vehicles It was.

3) Background to delivery

Late September, 2018 → Delivery Mid October 2018

Next page → The engine of the Panamera 4S, acceleration, postscript information felt after six months

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  1. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    We are happy to serve you.
    It is until the middle.
    Mr. Mina, your family, have you changed?
    Looking back on the past Panamera life, I would like to thank you for your additional contribution below.

    About decisive factor that made 1 Panamera 4S
    I try to be calm and think that the M3 sedan's true power was fully demonstrated
    It's an impossible car, but I'm an amateur.
    There is no rationality to choose 4S in terms of power balance, and the power performance is not limited to the Panamera or the Panamera 4
    I'm starting to think that it was enough.
    Certainly, if you depress the accelerator of the Panamera 4S, it will accelerate the reminiscent of a shrunken land
    I'll show you, but there's almost nothing I can bring to the circuit or to the fence.
    I will misunderstand the potential.
    "M3 sedan and Panamera 4S are both bacemon" and a class head likely to appear in the manga
    It is always done.
    In the first place, purchasing the M3 sedan was largely due to its appearance, so there is not much power
    I think I had no idea what to do with this. Even if the V8 engine is straight 6, I think that I was surely buying it.
    Now, long ago, because it is a world beyond the age of 280 horsepower regulations, in fact, 333 horsepower of S4 was enough.
    Why do you wonder why the horsepower was rising every time you bought a new car?
    If I think of it now, I feel like I was superficial.

    In addition, the option-packed our Panamera 4S and the Panamera GTS with the option appropriately
    (And GTS is fully equipped with standard equipment) that the price is almost unchanged,
    I feel like I am noticing the standing position of the Panamera 4S.

    In short, we can not find the merit of buying 4S with a reasonable price.
    That's why I would like to carefully select and purchase models and options if I think of Panamera again.

    As for the model, it seems that it depends on the purchaser's circumstances, so I will leave it there,
    With regard to options, I would like to express my personal opinion.

    About 2 options
    I think 14way is still mandatory and I would recommend it. I took the seat of the child who started to sleep in the passenger seat
    There are a lot of scenes that I want to defeat ... In this respect, I can not help thinking if I can operate the passenger seat from the driver's seat.
    In addition, it is unfortunate that manual adjustment of the steering of expensive cars is very expensive.
    Easy entry is also included, so 14way will always be attached if there is a next.

    On the other hand, although it is a matrix headlight, this is recognition with a deleted item.
    I think that it is convenient if high beam setting = matrix state, but in order to cancel matrix state
    You will pass through the normal high beam position and if you are traveling in the matrix
    Sometimes we are passing from oncoming cars w.
    It may not have been good for my usage, but it is probably totally lacking in normal PDLS.

    On the other hand, at the time of delivery, it is an adaptive cruise control that treats like an unnecessary item,
    It was useful on the highway. However, I have a big heart with deceleration shock.
    Other manufacturers do not have much experience, so I would like to ask Mina's evaluation here. Please!

    Also, although it is a soft closed door, this was also not found at the beginning of its value,
    Once I experience it, I love it so much that I can no longer ride on cars without the equipment.
    I love the situation that the door is closed without any noise.

    By the way, the door of the Panamera stops quite everywhere, regardless of the opening angle.
    I do not know what to say this equipment, but once it reaches a certain angle, it has a small momentum
    It would be normal to stop along with it, and I think it would be fine separately, but just stop at any angle
    I think this is a very nice mechanism as it doesn't have to worry about the car or the wall next to it.
    I think this equipment is not at least another German car, but what about other manufacturers?
    Also Mina, please teach me!

    Lastly, it is 4 zone climate control, but I think that it is the place where it chooses this or it chooses to choose 5 seater.
    First of all, it is my personal opinion that I want to avoid that huge storage in that place ... practically and visually.
    When it comes to five-seater, I can not but compare it to the AMG GT 4-door coupe.
    Here, I think that if you think about the 4-seater in the point that 4-seater is introduced to the Japanese specification undecided (no?), I do not have to choose the Panamera.

    The part to be worried about as a whole 3
    The shallowness and low capacity of the trunk make it flimsy.
    Another impression of the AMG GT 4-door coupe is that the depth and breadth are also good enough.
    In the case of me, even though the body has grown, there is a device to put the load that has been loaded without problems with the M3 sedan or not.
    In many cases, this was a bit disappointing.
    If the backrest is divided into 4: 2: 4, it is likely to be resolved, but it is still a shallow and small trunk as a whole.

    And this may say to a Porsche car in general rather than a Panamera, but I feel the eyes of others strongly in good or bad
    (It may be over-conscious, w).
    In addition, I can not but admire the magic that attracts the people of "Porsche" for how excited the female staff are when they get on the job.
    Himiko, I wonder if I will be a little younger.

    4 I also wrote in the general statement,
    "A 4-seater sports car that produces agile and dynamic running while having a luxurious atmosphere"
    I don't think it's really exaggeration or idiot, I think that's quite true.
    This feeling does not change at the time of delivery and now.
    "True sports car with excellent practicality"
    It's definitely true that four family members can get on and off without stress, and they can relax very comfortably when they get on board.

    Some of the above mentioned trunks and cost performance depend on usage and personal preferences.
    The car is for me, who is a general workman in the late 40's who mainly drives and enjoys leisure activities with my family.

    I think the appearance of the Panamera is a wonderful design that transcends other rival cars that are often compared.
    If you fall in love with this design, I think it's definitely a buy.

    Long sentence, I was rude to the random sentence.
    It would be appreciated if it would be helpful to those who are considering purchasing a Panamera.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama

      And, thank you for the addition of the Panamera 4s, really!
      We will add to the owner's file later.

      My family also talks well, "Panameera turbo is a treasure-loving event, so it may be enough for you to do it for you."

      The other day, join the Porsche Truck Experience and experience the full brake from the full acceleration of the Panamera Turbo,
      I wondered that the fancy performance and power made the goose-skin "as expected turbo!"

      I don't even run the circuit or the boat, so
      I thought it was a shame because I can not use it at all.

      > I think that this is also a very nice mechanism in that it does not have to worry about the car or the wall next to it.
      > I think this equipment is not at least another German car, but what about other manufacturers?

      I will check with my husband for a moment!
      But, certainly, it is extremely convenient that the door stops when it is opened!

      The more you get on the Porsche and the Panamera, the more you know the depth.
      Immediately after delivery, and one year later, I have a different impression again, so I always think it's amazing.

      So, I will add the above to the owner's file, so
      Please wait for a while now ^ ^