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Previously published in the magazine 911DAYS "About Yokohama Rubber's Porsche Approved Tire Development "Part 1""I learned that it was not a common thing to read the article" Porsche certified tire ".

The meaning of "N (number)" of Porsche certified tire and behind the scenes of approved tire development

An article introduced about the certified tire of Porsche the other day like this and the movie "Insights into tyre development"I found.

As soon as I read it I was surprised every time that it was "amazing but (゚ д ゚)!" I would like to introduce some of the content.

Test on the Nürburgring

In Porsche, as new models are born, tire specialist team carefully selects the best tire for that model.And only the selected tire carve the "N" mark on the tire which is a proof of the Porsche certified tirebe able to.

All new models of Porsche are sent to the Nürburgring once and the test is repeated to the limit.Nürburgring is a circuit in Nürburg, in the Rhineland-Palatinate state in the northwestern part of Germany, and it is about 20 km per lap by the northern course (Nord Schreifa) alone. And from the harshness of the course, "Green Hell (Green Hell)It is also called.

Last Friday, April 16, 2018, the French Carrera Cup Driver Kevin Estre was in the Nurburgring "6m 56s 4"I beat out the record that it is. The car he was riding was a "natural inspiration (NA) engine-equipped"Porsche 911 GT 3 RSThat's it.

This record is not the fastest record of the Nürburgring,Successfully shortened the lap time of the predecessor GT 3 RS by 24 secondsdid. It is truly amazing to update 24 seconds while each maker is sharpening the pace with "fast time even 1 second ...".

And at this time, Mr. Jan Frank, director of driving and dynamics of the commercial GT model, said that 911 GT3 RS updated the time 24 seconds more than the predecessor model.

"Without advancement in tire technology, it was impossible to make such a recordable time."

When. Also, at this time the tire "GT3 RS was wearing"Michelin · Pilot Sports · Cup 2R"Is not a specially developed tire,It was a tire which anyone can purchase that is commercially available normallyThat's why I am surprised.

Tire development without compromise

Tires are parts that have a great influence on the characteristics of cars. So when Porsche develops a new model,Even if it is an RR sports car or a FR 4-door car, the tire is one of the most important parts.

Also, in the case of Porsche "While pursuing comfort and durability, it realizes high level driving and dynamicsIt is required to realize conflicting both in high dimension.

Meanwhile, Michael Haupt, a specialist in the tire development department, said:

"Tires are an important element for the chassis to demonstrate its performance.Without compromising at all, there are no tires that combine all the characteristics"

When. Tire development has a lot of really complicated elements intertwined. The tire must be contained within the wheel housing,Vehicle weight, weight distribution, engine torque depending on drive wheelsWhat is required is also different. further,Running noise, wet performance, rolling resistance, durabilityRegarding strictly stipulated provisions, we must also clear.

That's why tire development makers who respond to Porsche's demands are also hard.

Kirsten Hoffman, Porsche's tire development manager, said this way.

"To the tire developer,We gave detailed data including the braking distance we are aiming for and the lap time of the north courseWe are asking for the development of a tire that combines the performance and characteristics corresponding to it. "


Tire development,Production of a new model started 4 years agostart from. Each tire manufacturer, "Prototypes of both front wheel tires and rear wheel tires that satisfy the requirements of Weissach"Manufacturing and preparing some, but it takes about three months period.

Then, the Porsche side says "Important process without any compromise"After many days of repeated testing and adjustment,"N" is given only to tires which satisfy all conditions required by Porsche.Therefore,If Porsche customers choose "N" certified tires, there is no mistake.

Tire exchange of Boxster GTS - comment on changing to Michelin pilot sports 4S

Commercial model is more difficult

Surprisingly, it seems that tires of high performance model are easier to develop than commercial models. Carsten Hoffmann, who is actually responsible for tire development at Porsche,Tire development of a commercial model is far more difficult for usIt is said.

The requirement for the tires developed in the motor sports division is narrow, the temperature range is also narrow, and the load on the wheel is finely and precisely defined, so it is easy to develop in reverse.

The tire of one commercial model has different specifications of the chassis, complex electronic regulation systems and conditions of the road surface are also diverse,The range of setting requirements of the tire is very wide. Therefore, it seems that the tire development of the commercial model is more difficult.

Nonetheless, tire manufacturers have also made tremendous progress in the last few decades. "In addition to excellent wet handling and low rolling resistance, excellent dry performance and high mileageAlthough it has been said for a long time that the development of a tire having both characteristics of both is difficult, now it has become possible.

For example, the material "silica" can be used to reduce the carbon black content in the tire, and the development is progressing rapidly.And Porsche will definitely update the best lap achieved at Nuerburgring North Course.

In fact, on October 25, 2018, under the cooperation of Mantai Racing Porsche,Establish a new lap record at Nurburgring North Coursedid. The machine at that time was "Porsche 911 GT 2 RS MR", The time record is 6 minutes 40 seconds 3. In July of the same year, Lamborghini · Aventador SVJ issued the fastest time of the road car, a time exceeding 6 minutes 44 seconds 97.

* Image Source: AUTO CAR JAPAN "Porsche 911 GT 2 RS MR, recaptured from the fastest lap rambo from the Nürbol stock sales car"

Important role of test driver

Porsche has four test drivers specialized in tire developmentHowever, they rarely appear in the office of the Weissach development center and frequently test runs are repeated frequently in the Nürburgring North Course and the Nald Technical Center in South Italy, the Conchi Dram in Hanover.

Whether it is possible to accurately control the vehicle after running the Porsche to the limit of the performance that it can possessIt is making sure every day.

However, running test cars fast is not a test driver's job. Test drivers not only deal not only with tire manufacturers but also provide reproducible results under all circumstances such as dry road surface, wet road surface, snow covered road surface, icy road surface, differentiated It also carries a very important work such as creating a report.

Many test drivers are former drivers who came from the world of motor sports, but one of them,46 years old Timo Crook who has served as a test driver in the Porsche tire division for 18 yearsHe is talking like this.

"Porsche is a high-performance car, by installing the right tire, the Porsche owner will be able to experience high performance."


In this way, under the daily efforts of tire manufacturers and tire development stakeholders of Porsche, Porsche certified "N" tires were born in the world.

The more I know it, the more Porsche

No, Porsche is amazing. "Sports cars and super car makers are very important to tire development," I heard from before, but I thought Porsche is also amazing again.

Previously"If you like Porsche and you can work in Porsche, let 's have fun ~I was talking in joking but recently I got to know Porsche deeply

With such a perfectionism, without any compromise, with a precise team, I can not work.(Because I can not speak either German or English, I do not want to hire in the first place.) W)

And, it came to think.

So, although the price of the Porsche certified tire is expensive, I will make the performance of Porsche the best and maximize the tire, so I thought again that it would not have been better to wear a Porsche certified tire.

* Images · Articles Exhibition: Porsche news "A Good Mixture"New tyres for historic sports cars"

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  1. To be sunny

    It is difficult.
    Porsche certification is serious! When.
    However, Bridgestone RE 050, Pirelli P - ZERO Michelin PSS, PS 4 S Good Ear Eagle F 1 Continental SP 6 etc etc The brands adopted for luxury cars and sports cars in this hand are generally Porsche certified. Yokohama finally entered a few years ago. For Yokohama it might have been difficult, but all the brands of the world's best-known manufacturers pass naturally, so it's almost a Porsche certified tire w wow. On the contrary, I do not think that the tires that can be chosen other than this do not feel so.

    If possible, I would like to choose a tire when buying a Porsche, but at a production plant, Michelin in units of ○ ○! Next is a conch! And there are also interests with partners, customers can not choose.

    Even though it is an approved tire, if it is a current issue, Pirelli is losing, or if it is Continental or PS 4 s, it is OK. And. Even though it is an approved tire, there are variations in performance among them.

    Well, Porsche says,
    Even the Porsche that there are many owners who likes cars compared to other cars, the owner who can make the tire grip can go to the circuit event etc, I hear it is about 5%. People who are in most cars are only rolling the tires and they are not allowed to grip. So, to be honest, even if you wear anything, it is said that you do not know anything other than the good ride.
    Because it is the Cayman of MR, Boxster, which is the most suitable for that exercise.


    • MinaMina

      By car
      Thank you for your comment ^ ^
      Certainly, the tire manufacturer also tried hard, and there are many Porsche certified tires, so it is almost a Porsche certified tire (laugh)

      > Hopefully, when buying a Porsche, I would like to choose a tire, but at the production plant, Michelin in units of ○ ○! Next is a conch! And there are also interests with partners, customers can not choose.
      That's right! As you say you should choose it, can not you choose ... certainly it will be various difficulties ^ ^;

      > Even with Porsche that many owners like cars, compared to other cars, the owner who can make the tire grip will also go to the circuit event etc, I hear it is about 5%.
      That's right! Certainly, I think that it is difficult to ride RR if driving is not so good.
      I can not actually get on 911 at all ... (lol)

      In that sense, Cayman who got the other day was deeply impressed with ease of driving.
      I thought once again that the novice had MR.

      Continue to thank you!

  2. Kasamachikara

    I am always looking forward to it.
    I have read interestingly about the Porsche certified tire.
    I was sorry if I did not read 911 Days, so it duplicates what is known to other people.
    It is a story that I heard from a tire maker, but it seems that there is a difference in performance between the same brand as a Porsche certified N-marked tire and a tire without N mark.
    It seems that the price will also rise because it is developing with considerable cost to take N.
    It seems that there are many items of tire conditions Porsche thinks,
    It is like a prerequisite to change the lane at 250 km / h and run at 250 km / h, and products that satisfy various other requirements are marked with N mark.
    However, it seems that the goodness will not come out if the tires with N marks are determined according to the type of car and the tire sizes match and N = considering high performance and installing on other models.
    For 997, it is dedicated to 997, so the car weight balance, brake handling characteristics etc are different, so it seems that other Porsche will not fit.
    It seems that the domestic tuning car etc. will be relatively high performance if you put the general-purpose goods on the contrary. If there was a thing that the car type and the tire size fit right, it was that N marking demonstrated higher performance.

    Regarding Yokohama tire certification, it seems that Porsche's eyes did not have it at first.
    When Porsche tested with Nuro, it seems that he thought that the tire of Yokohama was talking good from the user by accident, but he thought that it was a Japanese - made tire ....
    (Was it thought that it was for any popular car?
    However, tried purchasing commercially available general-purpose goods as a trial, A! It is said that the current N marked ADVAN SPORT was made with a request from the front that it will become a taste reporter state of Honjamaka's stone called Ponche, and make it under the condition specified by Porsche.
    MADE IN JAPAN In the thing that is terrible ,,,

    I am sorry for becoming a long sentence.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Kasamachikara
      Gobusatashiteorimasu. Thank you for always seeing a blog.

      > Driving at a speed of 300 km or more and changing lanes at 250 km is a prerequisite, and products that meet many other requirements will be marked with an N.
      Eh ...! It's an outrageous condition ... it's amazing ... it's a tire maker, it's hard to develop and improve it ...!
      I will no longer get the N tire high.

      > I tried to buy a general-purpose product on the market to try it out, a! It becomes a tasting repo state of the stone of Honjamaka, and it is said that it is the present N mark> ADVAN SPORT that there is a request from the other side when it tries making under the condition specified by Porsche.
      That's right (laughs), but Maid in Japan. There was no Porsche that had been in my house until now, and I was wearing something with Yokohama tires, but I thought I wanted to taste what it feels like once ^ ^
      Tires are deep too ...!