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"P" of Porsche certified tire

The other day when I was looking at approved tire list information of the official site of Porsche Japan in order to investigate Panasonic's certified tires,The designation "N 0, N 1, N 2, N 3, N 4" is written in the specification column beside the tire nameI found.

"N" is German "NORM"(Standards, regulations, standards)As it is said to be the initial letter of the certification tire,What does the number next to N mean?Porsche Japan official website"Porsche Porsche N Mark"Looking at the page of, it was written like this.

All tires available from Porsche service dealer Porsche service advisor have been carefully tested and certified by Porsche. This can be identified by the N mark indicated by the abbreviation of N 0, N 1, N 2, N 3, N 4, N 5, and N 6 in the technical data of the tire. This abbreviation shows the technical status at the time of certification, and the number will continuously increase.

Like I understand, I do not know ... (- _ -)

When I look it up a little more"Numbers beside N" represents the "number of generations of certification of that series of tires".The first certified tire is "N 0", the specifications of the tire are changed by the tire model change, and it seems that the number will become larger with N 1, N 2, N 3 ... ... each time it is newly certified.

So, even the same tire in the same inch, there are things that differ in the numbers next to N. For example, as shown in the following figure,The same 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero "tires also have N 0 and N 1.

In that case,The more numerical "N1" is the tire which was newly certified according to the model change, so it is more sophisticatedThat. The price of the tire seems to be slightly higher as the number increases.

Article of 911 DAYS

Once certified, it is necessary to receive further certification for each tire model change"It will be tough to continue to be a Porsche certified tire"As I thought, I found a special feature in Porsche's special magazine "911DAYS vol.68" my husband had bought.

About Yokohama Rubber's Porsche Approved Tire Development "Part 1"
Porsche genuine tire supplier maker Yokohama Rubber asked how the Porsche technology approved tire was made. This time is its first part.

Oh ... a little anxious (¯ ー ¯)!

So, I would like to introduce some of the content written there.

The person in charge of Yokohama Rubber talks

The image of the Michelin is strong when it is said to be a tire maker that is standard fitted to Porsche, but the tire of Yokohama Rubber has also been installed since the era of 964 Carrera.Of course, even now, "YOKOHAMA" is used for the late model of 991 carrera, 718 Boxster, Cayman tires.

It is said that Porsche crying tire manufacturers is still famous till now.911 is a rear engine rear drive structure, cars with strong characteristics such as oversteer and understeer during driving.Still, to pursue "speed" and "safety" to the utmost limit, Porsche makes strict demands on tire manufacturers.

So what is the performance required by Porsche for approved tires?

What Porsche asks the tire manufacturer"Ultimate safety"It is. Minimum requirement is that there is no change in operation safety even when running continuously from 250 km / h to 300 km / h. In particular,Two weeks full of Nurburgring in Germany(40 number km)Even if running or running a Porsche test course in Italy's Nald which is more severe than the Nürburgring, ten laps, there is no change in performanceabout.

Moreover, whatever high speed, whatever circumstances you are going to steer the wheel while driving, the front must follow and the rear will not collapse.

Driving stability under dry conditions is most important

Among them, the most important one is"Steering stability under dry conditions of road surface"It seems. Wet performance and rolling performance are required after talking about the criteria for dry performance.

Surprisingly,Among the requirements of tire performance required by Porsche for 911 (excluding GT series), there is no item of circuit timeso. 911 must be fast, but what is more important than safety is safety. In addition, if I am satisfied with the required level of handling stability of Porsche, it is said that the time is quickened as a result.

What is the material of the tire being used?

Materials used for Porsche approved tires are different from ordinary tire materials.General tires are made of polyester or nylon, but heat-resistant rayon is used for Porsche approved tires.Because polyester and nylon are chemical materials, they will eventually melt when it gets hot, but rayon is a natural material, so it is resistant to heat.

In addition, in the case of 911, there is a high possibility of high-speed driving and sports driving after a large power is applied to the rear, so that heat tends to enter the tire in the first place.Nevertheless, in order to maintain maximum operational stability, the material must be rayon.However, since rayon cost is high, that part is disadvantage, but it seems to be necessary to improve tire performance.

No, it is amazing. I always think that Porsche, Yokohama Rubber, and manufacturing companies are really amazing. Since I think the personality is appropriate, I think I'm satisfied with "yeahan, it's about this" if I can get 70%, (Head) I will head down to the attitude to pursue the most.

There were many other interesting articles in "911 Days" of this issue, so I would like to find time and read every corner.

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