Will the day come when you can manage the Porsche Boxster GTS (MT)?

Boxster GTS
MT (manual) ride

Take the Boxster GTS (MT)

The other day my husband said ""Until that day we will be able to overcome Boxster GTS (MT)"The third bullet article, are not you writing at all? I was told. Certainly.When I saw the date of the last article I wrote, it was July 17th ... (- _ -)Since not writing an article has not been on Boxter since that day.

On the day I practiced driving on a Boxster"OK! Let's keep going and keep driving!I think that it is not a lie to that feeling, but ... When talking about such a thing,

What is it? If I could drive a Boxter's manual, it would be fun. Kazuo Shimizu also said before, "After all Porsche is a manual, if you can drive the manual, you can drive all the old Porsche of the past, so it's the best!"

It has been said. I understand it, I know it with my head (- _ -)

As a matter of fact, I can not start a slope on Boxster, the experience of stopping with a hazard in the middle of the road became a trauma, and within me there is no image that can drive that Boxster at all.For example, if it is said that "climb Everest from now!", It can only be thought of as an endlessly reckless road(Truly too much w)That's why motivation for being able to drive a Boxster is not yet full.

And my husband said further:

"There are also Mercedes-Benz SL (R129), which is said to be a prestigious car, in addition to Boxster, so it's a wasteable environment and it's a waste (T_T)"

When."No, no, no, there are two little children, and I am desperately trying to take care of my household chores for my child-rearing job, but despite my desperate everyday despite my desperation every day, I can not take a day off for a day off on a car! `Д ')"Although I argued against you, I think from the person who likes driving and cars "I do not ride at all even though a famous car is at home" I think that my current situation can not be overlooked.

Porsche evangelist?

Even beforeI caught a glimpse on my blogHowever, I am a person who likes driving a car. I spend three hours each way, I go out to work by car to Yonago by myself, and I like to ride a car in my daily life. But like a husband"Get up early in the morning and drive to drive a car on a day off!" "Let's go to long tooling for long holidays"It is not like that.

So, if time goes on and the child gets bigger and more free, I guess that it will not be the case to put that time to tooling. So I am feeling a bit tricky that I do not call car lovers around the world, or I do not want to say car lovers.

"However"It is.

As for "blog fever", I think that I am amazing,Every day I want to write about Porsche is overflowing every day and I share the voice of the Porsche owner"Porsche owners file" planningI will be starting soon soonHowever, when you think about such things, the excitement stops. Therefore, I am not interested in cars, I am interested in it.

Then, how do I explain about my car love?

Thinking a bit, I"I like cars" rather than "type of interest in Porsche products is not half"I noticed it(What type is it).Things about the site of the new Cayenne manufacturing factory,On the evolution and history of 911I also wrote the article earlier, but the more I know it"Porsche is a great car!" "The company Porsche is wonderful!"I am touched, I want to know more about Porsche and curiosity comes up.

Also, knowing about Cayenne's manufacturing factory and the history of 911 and riding Panamera, I can feel deeply the splendor of Panamera, and I am moved by every ride. If you send out such surprises and discoveries through blogs, share them with readers, and receive comments and messages, they will become increasingly fun and enjoyable.

I wonder what that means .... Feel like a Porsche evangelist? (Laugh) Oh well, it will not change to maniac things.

Although I thought while writing, in my case, because I am interested in that car by knowing deeper about that car, I also learned about Boxster from the manufacturing process and history from a while Maybe it's getting wanted to ride ...(Although it is not impossible to ride such a bad burn)

Let's investigate a bit about Boxster (¯ ー ¯)

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