If you buy a Porsche 911 MT or AT, which is better? I analyzed it based on data

MT (manual) ride

Which is more advantageous for MT · AT?

"If you buy 911 though thinking about resale, which would be better, MT or AT?"That being said, my husband seemed to have studied about the other day. However"It is troublesome and troublesome to check information one by one manually"So, it seems that we organized a program so that we can pull out the used car sales information of 911 posted on the car sensor and automatically create data.(My husband is an IT shop, so if it takes 1 to 2 hours, that kind of program can be done)

(Certainly, ↑ It is troublesome to find and search each one one by one from this screen as it gets farther away)

so,"A graph of selling prices for AT cars and MT cars of the 911 model (996, 997, 991) after water cooling(As of September 14, 2018)"Or less. By the way, "AT car = blue", "MT car = red" is written.

Three types of data are described in this sheet: a table, a pie chart, and a bar chart,

· Tables · · · · 996,997 Average selling price of AT and MT cars of the first half, 997 late term, and 991 model
· Pie chart · · · The ratio of the number of AT cars and MT cars being sold
· Bar chart · · · showing the trend of the price of the year

. To my husband"Here, you can read many things from this data!"I gave this sheet, but even if I looked at the data for about 30 minutes"MT car is higher than AT car"Besides the information that I could not read anything (-_-) I've been really bad at analyzing data analysis since long ago.

What can be read from the data?

"I saw as much as the hole opened, but I do not understand anything (-_-)""Why, why ... I do not understand why (; ゚ Д ゚)"While being amazed, my husband taught me points.

① The proportion of the MT car as a whole is small

Among the 911 posted on the car sensor, the proportion of the MT car occupied is"996 = 19.6%, 997 previous term = 21.5%, 997 late period = 4%, 991 = 7.3%"It was less than I thought. To say less means that the rarity value of the MT car is so high.

② It became PDK and the proportion of MT car further decreased

Especially after the late 997, after the AT transmission became the PDK, the proportion of the MT car further decreased. Porsche had previously adopted a torque converter type automaton, but it was pointed out that there is a transmission loss at the time of a shift change, in addition to the structure itself, different from the MT.After becoming PDK, full-fledged dual clutch transmission is adopted, and smooth shift change from low speed to high speed is possibleBecame. "Even if you do not dare buy MT, everyone can enjoy the Porsche run", it seems that the number of people buying more MT cars has decreased.

③ Sales prices of MT cars are higher for almost all models

Regarding selling prices, looking at late 997, 997 earlier, 996"AT car is a price of 7 to 80% of MT car"It is only on. The price of MT car is about 1 million to 2 million yen higher.

④ The price of AT 991 is higher now for AT cars, but the possibility of increasing MT cars is high in the future

With respect to 991, the selling price of AT cars is now higher than that of MT cars,Only the standard models such as "Carrera", "Carrera S", "Carrera 4" and "Carrera 4S" can select MT cars in the lineup of 991.For 911 of the high-end lineup such as Targa and Convertible, MT cars can not be selected in Japan.(It is written in the previous article about that ↓ ↓)

→ [Reference article] I summarized the manual car (MT) of Porsche that can be purchased with a new car in Japan.

In such a"Sales price of MT car is 11.11 million yen, selling price of AT car is 13.02 million yen"And, considering that the opening is only about 1.7 million yen, the value of the MT car is still high, and it is likely that the selling price of the MT car will be higher in the future as in other models.

Let's take care of MT cars

That is, from these data,

① Let's take care of those who are currently on the 911 MT car
② If there are people who are suffering from the 911 AT car or MT car, the resale is higher for MT cars

Is not it?

A little more complementary to ①, it is certain that the number of MT cars will be decreasing in the future, so the price of MT car is expected to rise due to the relationship between supply and demand. Also"Last air cooled Porsche 993 MT car"And, my husband has"Boxster GTS MT car loaded with the last NA engine"As for the car sensor, it still has a high price, so there is no doubt that the value will rise if you take care of it.

As for ②, I think that a person who says, "I'm not particular about AT cars and MT cars and I'm considering what to do" is probably because it is difficult to lower the value when choosing an MT car. However, since the 911 which can choose the MT car is limited, it may take time to deliver the car with less production frame, so I think that it is good to ask the dealer about that.

Please make a request

So this time we are analyzing the data at the section "Comparison of selling prices of 911 AT car and MT car", but my husband says,"Any data posted on a car sensor can be pulled up"so. For example,

· Comparison of value drop rate (amount) of Porsche Panamera, Mercedes · Benz S class, BMW 7 series
· Comparison and transition of price of each model of 911
· Current lowest price of each model of Porsche

Since it is possible to investigate, if there is another section to examine, please do not hesitate to request it.

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  1. B

    I am always looking forward to updating my blog.

    When surrendering 718 Boxter MT before, the purchase price was surprised to be said that PDK is higher than MT. In terms of scarcity, I thought MT would be highly appreciated, but it was explained that it is because the option price is set for PDK than MT at the time of purchasing a new car. Maybe because it is 718 MT which is still available for purchase with a new car, it may be a different evaluation on MT before 981 or before 991.1 which can not be purchased already, but depending on the type of car MT is not always good resale it seems like. Still I am going to choose MT for now.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. B
      Thank you very much for seeing my blog all the time!

      > When I released the 718 Boxter MT before, I was surprised to hear that the purchase price is higher than the MT for the PDK.
      That's right! ! It is 718 that PDK has higher purchase price ...!
      Certainly, I thought that the option fee would be around 500,000 yen.
      It depends on when you type and what kind of car you use.
      Thank you for your valuable information!

      I will still choose MT for now.
      It is wonderful (haha) I also practice MT driving ...