Porsche Macan test drive record. Review when riding a Macan Turbo for a day.

Porsche Makan

My brother-in-law Macadambo

Before,My brother-in-law bought a Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo so I had a test driveI wrote an article saying that, before Panamera, he was on a macaw turbo. I borrowed the Macadambo one day at the time and got a ride,"Although it is a compact SUV, it is a Porsche!"Because I received the impression that I want to write a review based on my husband's opinion before I forget it.

2015 model, macadambo

My brother Makan Tabo is a 2015 model, almost an individual with full options. The body color is dark blue metallic, slightly more blue than the night blue metallic of our house. The interior is Luxor beige.

Personally"Dark blue outside, beige inside"I might like the combination that I like the most. So, I'd like to introduce my husband's review as soon as possible.

① ride comfort

I had heard that this Macadambo was equipped with an air suspension, but since I was wearing a large 21 inch 911 turbo design wheel, I did not expect anything about the initial ride from the visual image.

But,Actually getting on, it was a real opposite from the imagination, and it was wonderfully comfortable to ride.Even with sports or sports plus, I do not feel unpleasant thrusting up or splashing. Despite this, it was a solid damping foot suspension, flat in every mode for the whole time.

Although it says in a single word that "comfortable ride" in a word, there are various such as fluffy ride comfort and ride comfort like a horn even if it is hard,Mangan's air suspension's comfort is in "flat feel"I think that it can be said.

Also, due to high machining accuracy of the drive system, friction is hardly felt. Smoothness is very pleasant, and when you are running on a beautifully paved road, you go to slide suddenly.I liked it more than any air suspension I've ever had, and I personally may prefer it to Air Sass of the current Panamera.

My brother also felt comfortable riding better than Range Rover sports I bought later, he said that the sense of rigidity of the body is better as well.

② run

Nothing happens as much as attacking the mountain road of the ordinary road. Of course, since the center of gravity is high, in the limit range 911 and others are not enemies, but the body's impression is amazingly light.Sensation as if it were "attacking a corner with a hatchback while being an SUV"was.

The stability of the highway is inevitable and wonderful. Especially when I made it to sports plus, stability feeling and security feeling are noteworthy things. I could even think that any highway could always cruise at over 180 km / h if the law permits it.

③ Engine

It is not a feeling that it travels specially well, but it is not a feeling that the response is outstanding, but it has power and response not ashamed of Porsche's name.I feel that it is a turbo, but I do not feel discomfort or difficulty getting on with turbo lag.

Even when you are driving on a highway, even if you are being fucked from behind, there is an accelerating power enough to make the following car a small point of the rearview mirror with one step.

What is worrisome?


This generation's PDK has a somewhat somewhat feeling the gear and shock of gears when traveling between 1st and 2nd gear at very low speed.

Those who are accustomed to ToruCon AT may feel uncomfortable, but personally I did not feel it was a problem. In this respect I felt very similar to the Panamera edition of the late 970 type which I was riding in the past.

② Rear seat

The rear seats are not as wide as you imagine from the body size.

of courseThere is no problem even if an adult man sits, but there is not enough clearance, so Cayenne is better if you place importance on the size of the interior spaceI think.

③ interior

Since this individual was almost an individual with full options, the texture and equipment of the interior was very gorgeous.

However, since the raw macaques are not so gorgeous so far,Those who adhere to the texture of the interior should better select the option positivelyI think.

General review

Finally, about the husband 's overall review.

Makantabo. Although it is a SUV, there is no doubt that it is a sports car. Before the test ride, I imagined that "Because it is a Porsche SUV, it is probably a sporty car to some extent"It was a performance that exceeded the imagination of the sporty in the head when actually riding.
If you have not taken a makan yet and you are considering an SUV of the same class,I want you to test drive once thinking that it was deceivedI think. Furthermore, I want you to run not only in the streets but also at high speeds and curves. It should be understood that it is a completely different vehicle from other manufacturer's SUV.
after,Air suspension is recommended.If I buy makan, I think that you can absolutely wear this option. It was such a good impression suspension.

And that. When my husband borrows a mackerel from my brother-in-law"Why do not you try driving?"Although he told me, "No, no, no matter how hard you put a scratch on an important Porsche, it was a terrible yeah (; ゚ Д ゚)!", I did not drive after all.

If I think now, I wish I could drive a little bit.(When I borrowed 911 in Germany, when I borrowed GLS in the US, I do not drive, I think that it is a strange character)

If a new type of makan comes out, I definitely want to go test ride.

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