What service is "Porsche Passport" that can be ridden by Porsche at a monthly rate?

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What is a Porsche Passport?

When I was watching the net the other day, in a little previous article"In November 2017, Porsche launched" Porsche Passport "in Atlanta, USA that allows renting up to 22 Porsche cars on demand."I found the content.

Porsche Passport is a service that allows users to select favorite Porsche cars and make reservations easily using the dedicated smartphone application. Vehicles can be delivered to their homes or other desired places, and after rental they will also pick up vehicles.

What is worrisome is the service price,The most basic plan is 2000 dollars a month (about 220,000 yen)You can rent 8 types such as "718 Boxster", "718 Cayman S", "Macan S", "Cayenne".In the highest level plan, a monthly charge of 3000 dollars (about 340,000 yen)You can rent 22 kinds such as "911 Carrera S", "Panamera 4 S", "Makan GTS", "Cayenne S · E Hybrid".The monthly fee includes all of the automobile tax, registration fee, insurance fee, maintenance fee and so on.

To summarize the merits of this service,

① It can ride in various models of Porsche with sense of lease
② Maintenance fee such as tax and insurance fee is not charged(Gasoline fee is necessary)
③ Buying a new model and considering the amount paid monthly by loan is cheap and affordable

Is it such place? Recently, it seems that these services are starting to emerge not only in domestic cars but also in imported cars.
* Reference article: Rental Porsche 22 cars from home ... Unlimited ride unlimited

Anxious points of Porsche Passport

While reading articles, I thought "Wow ~ that's amazing ... I have such a service?" ... but it was between 220,000 yen and 340,000 yen per month. Actually, I tried searching the Internet for a person who experienced "Porsche Passport" in the US and wrote a review, but there was no such article except for automobile media.(It may be only because it is not possible to find it in English)

I do not know the current situation, but according to the article at the time,If the response in Atlanta is good, we will gradually expand the service areaAnd that. It can only be considered from the press release information(Because the details are not known, the consideration may be wrong) The point I felt was the following.

① It seems impossible to get a feeling like a car, a partner feeling
Because I feel like riding by lease"I am on a borrowed Porsche"I can not dispel the feeling that "a feeling of car love and partner feeling" will not come up. Porsche, even with the same car"Driving and riding taste will change depending on the driving habits of the driver and how you ride."As I often hear it, I think that it is a waste to ride a Porsche so that I can not experience Aibo.

But I think that it is a good service for people who want to buy a car with a short span or always want to get on the latest model.

② Can you buy the vehicle if you like it?
For now, this "Porsche Passport" is a service deployed only in Atlanta, USA,The North American Porsche headquarters is located in Atlanta and the Porsche Experience Center is also installed, so you can prepare vehiclesIt seems to come from. If you like it with borrowing here, can you buy the vehicle at the used car price as it is?

But if it were, would it be that you had purchased it rather than leasing?
(By the way it is written in the following article about the actual annual maintenance fee after Porsche purchase ↓ ↓)

→ [Reference article] 981 I calculated the annual maintenance cost of Boxster GTS - gasoline fee, oil change, car insurance, fuel consumption etc.
→ [Reference article] What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo?

③ Can I rent a car or car sharing?
For those who use Porsche like a daily commuter, "Porsche Passport" may be there. But in that caseI do not have to choose a Porsche to dare to feel like I can use other passenger carsWell ... ... If you want to go to the touring on the weekend but do not want to ride on weekdays but want to experience the Porsche run, it seems like a rental car would be ok.

When renting a Porsche in Germany,The cost per day is € 179 to € 249It is. Although it is higher than ordinary car hire, it is expensive, for example, even if you borrow it for three days in a month, it is between 6 and 80,000 yen. In addition, the Japanese car sharing applicationAnyca (Enica) If so, now about 100 Porsches are registered and there are many things that you do not pay 10,000 yen to borrow one day(Although there are few new models indeed).

Now "Porsche host" comes up!

I thought of such a thing, just the other day"Porsche tested and introduced the" Porsche Host "program on the US on September 13, a new mobility service car sharing individual owned Porsche cars in the United States"I found an article.

The Porsche host program features personal vehicles owned by Porsche cars from 1 day to 1 month in car share. Drivers who can share only high-performance and premium car Porsche are limited to specially trained persons.

I see, it's funny car sharing limited by Porsche. Since I did not write the price setting, I wonder whether the lender Porsche owner would set it individually.

However, I think that such services are difficult if the interests of the demand side and the supply side do not match. The borrower is"I'd like to ride the Porsche easily" "I'd like to ride various models and years of Porsche"I think, lenders are"I do not want to drive roughly" "I do not want to extend the mileage unnecessarily" "I do not want wheels and car bodies to get dirty" "Does it hurt?"There are various concerns such as.

"Only drivers who can share can only be limited to specially trained persons", but from the borrower side I think that it is troublesome to take such a training.
* Reference article: Share personal owned Porsche ... Porsche launched new mobility service in the United States

Personally, when testing a car that is considering purchasing at a dealer, not only 1 to 2 hours but a half day can be borrowed if paying somewhat, and freeway, mountain path etc. freely variously I hope I can carefully examine and drive ~ I think these days these days.(That's impossible but haha)

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  1. SN

    Hello. It is an SN living in the United States. I am always grateful for your help.
    I was interested in this service ... but the car I was riding in the past was a three-year lease but as you said it's not a good deal of companions to lease. I liked it ... The most troublesome thing is that you care about the mileage before returning or you are distracted by whether you can get a penalty with fine scratches or you take extra money with the periodic inspection lamp on I was told by the dealer that I do not have to ride anymore, but I do not feel so good as something like $ 1600 with oil change etc. I signed the dealer at the dealer (administrative procedure with a very good feeling), just as it is It was packed with the feeling picked up.
    Certainly it can ride cheaply and I can ride a new car one after another so it may be good for some people, but I thought about the lease in a car with a feeling, I purchased Panamera this time. It is wonderful from my colleagues. I feel that sensation is quite different as a national character.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      > The car I was riding in the past was a three - year lease, but as you said, at Lease I do not know much about Aibo.
      I guess that's right! Certainly, I have to drive very carefully about mileage, scratches and wheels ...
      Besides, although I do not get on it already, I am getting expenses for oil change and checking ... I do not understand why ...

      I guess there are also nationalities again. When I went to America, I was surprised by the number of new cars, but is there such a thing in the background?
      Surely there will be differences in cultures and senses, and it is quite deep various indeed.

      I would be happy if you can tell me again!
      The review of Panamera 4E Hybrid will be published soon, so please look forward to it.
      Continue to thank you!