I immediately tried using Google map on Apple Car play on iOS 12!

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iPhone iOS 12 update

Apple released iOS 12 for iPhone and tablets on 13 September local time. This makes Apple CarPlayGoogle MapsHas become available.Apple CarPlay is an application of handheld smartphone music, messages, calls, navigation etc on car displayuseWhat you can do.

Although Panamera's current navigation can be used to a certain extent, after being caught in a row of traffic jams, the indication of the red light in traffic jams(Late w), There are times when you are guided by the route that you think that you will teach such a circuitous way.

Every time it opens Google Maps on iPhone, finds a route, sets the iPhone behind the handle and runs on Google Maps navigation,Every time you stop, the iPhone collapses, your line of sight is hard to match upHe was struggling (-_-). So it's pretty nice to see Google Maps on Apple CarPlay due to this update.

By the way,

· Timely display traffic jam information
· It teaches not only the main street but also the loopholes and short cuts firmly
· The latest traffic information is reflected immediately(For example opening of Takatsuki - Kobe on the Shinmeishin Expressway)

Is it probably around.

I immediately tried using Google Maps

My husband seems to have used it immediately, saying "I will try using Google Maps because the new type of Panamera is compatible with Apple CarPlay", so I'd like to briefly introduce the situation today. First of all,

· Update iPhone to iOS 12
· Prepare a charging cable connecting the car body and iPhone
· Install Google Maps app on iPhone

Is necessary. Well everything is not exaggeration to prepare, and there are many people who are already ready on this point. IncidentallyBecause Porsche officially announced in 2015 officially announced that it will only support Apple's "Carplay" without adopting Google's "Android Auto", Porsche can use Google map navigation with iPhone users onlyMy husband said that.

So, as soon as Panamera and the iPhone were connected, Google map was properly included!(Naturally burned)

Google Maps is displayed on this screen in this way. It is almost the same as iPhone.

However, since scrolling is somewhat awkward, it seems better to operate by operating the up and down buttons as shown in the image above, or by using the iPhone.In Google Map, we set the destination by voice, but if you want to input by character, if you operate with your iPhone at hand, it will be reflected on the screen.Try saying "Tokyo Tower" by speech recognition, this kind of information was displayed.

It is nearer than I expected (lol) Also, the way the route looks is almost the same as the screen on the iPhone screen and the navigation screen as shown below.

Routes can be set similar to normal navigation, such as "Do not use expressways" or "Do not use toll roads".

In addition, when you select a destination registered in advance, it displays the route according to the latest situation as it is in this way.


By the way, NAVITIME (Navitime)Car navigation timeI also tried using it because it was compatible with Apple Carplay.

As for the destination search, there is a search method such as "return home", "history", "convenience store" as with normal navigation.

I tried searching for free words this time, but at this time I could only enter in English (Roman)

So, if you manipulate here on iPhone and enter the destination with letters, it will be reflected on the screen. And the route to "Tokyo Tower" is displayed like this.

Update iOS 12 for both rabbits and horns!

It seems that car navigation applications that respond to Apple Carplay come out in some other way in the future, but it seems to be better to use them differently according to the situation. For exampleWhen using Google Maps in the countryside or mountain path, there seems to be guidance on the way that there are unlikely narrow roads and streets although there are roads ... w

So it's pretty handy to use Google Maps in the city and other car navi applications on the mountain path.

My husband says,

This update is revolutionary. Although the public has not noticed so much to the seriousness of this thing, I think that it will be enough to cause a game change to the car navigation industry. It is going to be awesome from now on.

And that. I am looking forward for the future drive because the stress around the navigation seems to be significantly reduced.

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