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About three years ago from now my husband was on the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350. And I bought Boxster GTS in 2015, but at that timeThe method of selling SLK was very goodI'd like to introduce it to you today.

Usually, I think that one company, one company, often comes to the valuation company and works with each company individually, but it is very troublesome to adjust the schedule for each company.
Besides, the first company is not only a chance, but it brings in persistent negotiations and tries to be decided whatever it is, so the negotiations are prolonged,Most people lose it there and sell it.
Even if you come to the second and third companies one after another, negotiations to sell at a high price are necessary each time, which takes time and effort. So, the method my husband tried at that time"Invite six companies to evaluate in a lump sum assessment of the car and make an appraisal in bid form"something like.

Points of the strongest selling method

So, for those who sell cars in the future, we have summarized the flow and points of the strongest selling method below.

① Apply for collective assessment of the net

Anywhere is fine, for exampleRakuten's comprehensive car evaluationThere are sites such as, so apply from such bulk assessment site.

② Notify in advance that it will be assessed at the same time as other companies and will be done in bid form

Because there is usually a remarks column in the form that applies for the net collective assessment, there"This time, we will ask all companies to come together at the same time and decide the seller on the spot in a bid format. Please contact only the vendors who are okay with that condition."I write a sentence like that.

In addition, it is good to clarify the following conditions and rules.

・Specify the date and time clearly.
・On the day of the event, late arrivals of more than ○ minutes are invalid.
・It is invalid even if the price does not come out by 0:00.
・It is stated that individual negotiations will not be conducted even if they come earlier than the specified date and time.
・Enter the amount on the back of the business card and ask them to submit it at the same time, and determine the highest amount of money.

③ Tell the whole company to come to the assessment at the same date and time

It inputs to the net collective assessment form,As soon as I pressed the submit button, I heard that the phone will get more and more from the vendorThen, please tell the following thoroughly.

· Starting without waiting when time arrives late(Because there are also some companies that are considerably late, we can not start by waiting)
· Set the deadline time for the price reply on the day(It is invalid where price does not come out of headquarters within 10 minutes, etc. Even if the person in charge calls the headquarters on the spot on that day, there are cases where it is not possible to obtain a price reply from the headquarters easily, and bidding Can not enter)
・Because there is a company that just tries to run away just before, saying "I can go earlier than time!", I decline the company that I contact.

④ If each company's price is available on the day, receive the price written in the back of the business card

On that day, the person in charge of each company comes often by car, so it seems that the car will stop in front of you at a stall (laugh) On the day, the person in charge first checks the car and assesses it, To the headquarters by phone and decide the final price(The person in charge who is present does not have the price determination right).
After that, if the prices are available for the entire company,Since it is not a bidding or an auction, I will receive a price on behind a business cardTo do.

⑤ Look at the amount written on the business card, decide to sell to the highest value dealer

Look at all the amount behind the business card you received and say the name of the highest value trader. And the remaining merchants will get it home(I feel a little sorry, though). To refuse the negotiation after that at all times.

The price difference is over 350,000 yen!

As a result of this method,The difference between the lowest price and the highest price was over 350,000 yenThat's it. My husband

I think this is the best way to date. Troublesome price negotiation is unnecessary, and time can be saved. Since the trader seems to be accustomed to such simultaneous assessment, please do not hesitate to try this method.

And that. Depending on how it is done, the selling price seems to change considerably ~. If someone is considering selling cars, I think that you can try it once.

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