Air cooling Porsche 911 is under consideration. I examined 964 Carrera 2

Air-cooled Porsche

964 "Carrera 2"

The other day, "My husband is considering air-cooled Porsche 911" introduced blog the test drive review summary at the time of release of 964 "Carrera 4", but today I introduce 964 "Carrera 2".By the way my husband is also considering this "Carrera 2". this time too,"Porsche 911 - 964 - 997 (CG selection)"Based on the contents of the summary.

In 1989, the 4WD 964 "Carrera 4" previously released was evaluated as a sports car originally nearly ideal. However, for Porsche riding, "rear engine / rear drive" is an eternal theme.2 wheel drive "Carrera 2" car body weight is about 100 kg light, price is about 2 million yen cheaper.In that sense many Porsche fans were eagerly awaiting the launch of "Carrera 2".

Carrera 2 is a full model change of the predecessor 911 (930), and it is also a two wheel drive version of Carrera 4.

The 3600 cc air-cooled horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, ABS standard equipment, steering wheel, wheel, retractable rear spoiler, etc. are almost all common with Carrera 4. Speaking of what you can judge the difference in appearance,The difference whether the emblem is "carrera 2" or "carrera 4"Only.(The specification of Carrera 4 is summarized in the following article ↓ ↓)

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So, what is the biggest difference between "Carrera 4" and "Carrera 2"

① There is no drive system to the front wheels.
② A new type automatic transmission, Tiptronic is installed.

Two large points. Regarding (1), "Carrera 2" is better"The real pleasure of traveling with oversteer and understeer controlled by the driver's arms"However, it is more strongly left.

What's worrisome is Tiptronic's rating

964 "Carrera 2" Many people were concerned about,A new automatic transmission, Tiptronic.Actually, Porsche has released AT 911 before, but it ended without the support I expected. 964 "Carrera 2" can be said to be the second generation of so-called two-pedal Porsche.

The evaluation of "Tiptronic" that was published in the magazine at that time was as follows.

① Both 4 AT and manual mode can be enjoyed

This time Tiptronic 4 stage AT(I only have 4 stages or no w), Porsche Bosch(It is a German-based manufacturer of auto parts and electric tools)And ZF(Automobile parts manufacturing company headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Germany)Those developed in cooperation with."P - R - D - 3 - 2" is arranged on the left side and it works also as a normal 4 AT, and if shifted to the lever on the right side, shift up and down can be done at his own timingIt will be like.

② electronically controlled smart AT

964's Tiptronic analyzes the operation of the manual part thoroughly,Shift response has been raised to a faster level than manually manipulating the gear poorly.Also, all shift modes are electronically controlled, automatic upshifting occurs when it is likely to over-rotate at low gears, and conversely when overshifting at shift down(Do not turn the engine speed beyond the red zone.)If there is a possibility, it will delay downshifts until you enter the available levone zone.

③ Enjoy running as a sports car

Nonetheless, as a sports car,Mechanisms that do not cause shift ups against the will of the driver are also implemented.It is an adaptive program control function that raises the shift point to the high rotation side and suppresses inadvertent upshifting and downward in the corner and during cornering. Also,Select the normal E (economy) mode and S (sporty) mode for the driving modeIt became possible.

How is a test drive review?

The actual test drive review is a high evaluation, a feeling like a good feeling.

"Carrera 2" accelerates more lightly than "Carrera 4".Anyway it's fast. It is quick even when you start on a mild start on an ordinary road.It is a big reason that it is about 100 kg lighter than Carrera 4, but the difference due to this weight difference also appears firmly in the middle of acceleration on each gear.

Also, the straight running stability at the highest speed has improved drasticallyThe dogma that "You can fly at 911 with confidence to 200 km / h" no longer passes.Compared with the previous 911, the stability at incredibly high speed is increasing. However,After all, unreliable feeling remains compared with "Carrera 4".Nonetheless, 911 is not a car with the theme of ultra fast cruising of Autobahn, so you should not expect much in this item.

About Tiptronic, there was a question initially "There is no direct feeling"Of the ones that have been installed in mass-produced vehicles, the most fine-grained automatic controllable transmissionMet.

And that. I wonder how my husband who knows the current PDK feeling feels like Tiptronic ~ I am worried about that.

What is the evaluation of each item?

Also, as for each item, reviews based on the coverage were posted, so I would like to introduce it briefly.

① Clutch pedal

The clutch pedal became very light.Unlike 911 Carrera's heavy footsteps and the "Carrera 4" that I felt quite accustomed to, in extreme terms it is about the same as a practical carIt is. If you are accustomed to the previous 911, it may be too light and beat it.

② Engine

Not only low rotation, it is a nice engine feeling full of torque feeling no matter which part you use.

③ Power Steering

Power Steering(Mechanism to assist driver's steering in automobiles)As for "Carrera 4" with power assist, it was a little heavier than I expected."Carrera 4" is 100 kg lighter "Carrera 2" steering is a very straightforward response.

④ brake

Brake is exquisite. "I feel a little heavy?" I feel a treadmill and pushy foot stepping. The brake works directly proportional to the pedal stepping force, which makes it a very sports car feeling.

964 "Carrera 2" is very popular at that time

In 964 Carrera 2, three types of body types, Coupe, Targa, and Convertible, are prepared, and the price range at that time is "Coupe: 9.3 million to Convertible: 11 million yen". In addition, it seems that Tiptronic could be installed if it pays 600,000 yen as an option.(It is about the same as PDK attaching)

In the 1990 type Japan specification, right handles are provided for all models. For "Carrera 2", the manual is only on the left, but for Tiptronic you can choose either the left or right version. Actually, this 964 "Carrera 2" seems to be very popular from the beginning of reservation reception at the time of sale.

I see. Did people who wanted a more pure 911 chose "Carrera 2" at the time?

When I look at my husband who always talks about air cooling for some reason recently "air cooling, air cooling!""Milf entertainer"I came to see w(An explosion that said "Honma ya!" To my husband)

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Well, will my husband choose 964 "Carrera 2" or "993" air cooling?

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