My child's child raising argument - Thinking by seeing the daughter aboard Porsche from the age of 1

Car and life

Every morning conversation between husband and daughter

In my home, my husband is supposed to go every morning to send the kindergarten of my 4 year old daughter in the morning. And before my husband goes out everyday my husband"Which car will you go today?"I ask. Then,

"Blue Posi(Porsche)! "Or" Wight(White)POSSION! "Or" Golf! "

Because I say so, I go to the park with a car that matches my daughter 's request. Sometimes my husband said "Would you like to go to Wight's Possi today? "Even saying that my daughter said "Good YOO is OK," eventually I will go out with my daughter's preferred car.

No, as my son ... It is a terrible story.

Also, in July, I went for a family trip with my daughter who was 1 year and a half with 4 people to the United States and it seemed quite satisfied with my first stay abroad for my daughters(I was urged to tell many times that "it is not natural that it is lucky to be able to come abroad at the age of 4 w") w)

When I look at the environment surrounding my daughter, I feel that it is different from the situation I was born and raised again. I spent my childhood without any inconvenience, my university was allowed to go to private, I am really thankful to my parents,Basically, one car was in the family and we rarely eat out, and overseas went with overseas money that we saved by going to college by ourselves(Well well now is different from the times).

Even as a student"Foreign cars are cars where people with different worlds live with themselves"Because I thought that it was so, on the day I heard that a friend's father was riding in Mercedes, he had donned "Oooh! I did it myself (゚ Д ゚) !!".

But in my case, I am glad that I grew up in this environment with my parents, and that's why I believe I am now, so the environment in which my daughters are now placed is extravagant ... a little Sometimes the future is concerned.

The future of the girls

With my husband, we talk about the educational policy of our daughters at the time of death, but both of us"I'd like the occupation of ○ ○" "I want you to become like this in the future"I do not have anything in particular, I think that they want to find what they want to do on their own and walk their lives firmly with their own feet.

SoI do not feel like saying "let's take an exam" or "let me do a lot of lessons".(It might think if I say that I want to take a test like a daughter voluntarily or I'm learning!)

More than that,I would like to make a lot of experience from now that my daughters' future options and possibilities will expandI feel strong.

But on the other hand I think that I do not want you to become like a "naughty naughty girl".

There is no natural gratitude to get all the value alone with money or to do it, I think that I am special and selfish against the surroundings ... not so, watching the world widely, With various experiences,Both acidic and sweet, both front and back(I am a bit scared behind it)Taste, understand the value of things in front of you, judge, select, based on your own experiences and wisdomI wish I could say it.

So my husband often"Because the children got a license, you are going to buy a car right away(If you have the car you want, you will byte yourself, if you do not have money you should present to the parent)"And"Child is suddenly put on a business class of an airplane or something(Economy is enough first)It is said that.

While saying greatly to my husband, I could not graduate from my 1 year old and 8 month old daughter yet ... (- _ -)

I already have a sense ...

That was when I was walking with my eldest daughter and the neighborhood the other day. Mercedes · Benz E Coupe ran from before."Oh, the E coupe came"While walking thinking, the eldest daughter said in a loud voice like this.

My car now is a bit small (* ゚ ∀ ゚)! !


... No, no no ((゚ Д ゚))! ! ! !

It is packed with plunges and I do not know what to say"No, now the car is not small at all! It's rather a big person! If you say it's really a real car, please say such a big noise with such a loud voice!"While talking to him while warming up, my daughter was looking at me with a strange face all the time.

Well thoughtfully, although my daughter just said that "the car is small", I feel that I overreacted ....

From the eldest daughter who is usually on Panamera, E class will feel small. Nonetheless, I noticed that my daughter 's sense already started to shift with the world, and I became frightened."Massive Road Mass Lagoon Road Inspired by the World"It is around this time that I must remember to reassure that ... as long as I can not become it ....

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