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A person named Jiro Shirasu

After World War II"Only Japanese who do not obedience"A man who said that,Jiro Shirasu (Shiraju Jiro). In Japan under the Allied Army occupation, he has worked as an aide of Shigeru Yoshida, while having a face as a chairman of the Tohoku Electric Power Company and a businessman who is an officer of many Japanese companies.

Father Shirasu Bunpei founded a trading company Hakusu shop, developed by cotton trade and built great wealth(Thereafter, the company went bankrupt due to Showa financial crisis).Shirozu Jiro is raised in a wealthy family, English is proficient, handsome, rude rough, that anyone else will pierce the linePeople,Jiro Shirasu's way of livingAbout Heisei, even now, it is handed down by books and dramas.

"Heaven gives you two things", but with regard to Jiro Shirasu, I think that "Heaven gave anything to this person".

Men falling in love with men, Jiro Shirasu

Shirozu Jiro has been a big car lover since he was young, bringing luxury cars to the circuit even when studying in the UK, with race tricks around"Oily Boy"It was enough to be called. Even after passing the age of 70, passion for the car did not cool down, I got on my favorite car "Porsche 911" and got on various places. Even though he was old, he seemed to be cool looking from anyone's eyes as he was riding a porsche.

Well, I guess I was probably moto.

My husband who likes this has long loved Shirozu Jiro,"My will will be" I do not need a funeral, I do not need a pet name "I have to say that every w. Also, when I went to the Kanto alone touring"Seeking" Principles ", to Jiro Shirasu's House"By saying that,TakeosoI had stopped by.

(It seems that retirees want to live in a house like this Takeboso w)

From the point of view of a man who likes Porsche, thought that Jiro Shirasu who rides drastically with Porsche even if it turns to be 70 years old, would definitely be admired, but ... I think Japanese like Shirasu Jiro is such a real world I found out that there is!(My husband taught me)

356 from Japan to Stuttgart

That person was posted in Nikkei Business Online.My own car 1953 In 356, over 53 days spanning 15 countries, ranging from 8 countries, from Japan to Porsche head office in Stuttgart in Germany ran through 15,563 kmJapanese, Toshiyuki Suzuki.

* 【Nikkei Business Online】 Male of the 60th, run to Germany by Porsche made in Showa 28

It is the president of the 356 Owner's Club "Porsche 356 Club of Japan" officially recognized by the Porsche head office. Mr. Suzuki has been traveling in Hokkaido and Kyushu by self in this 356 and has been thinking about this concept for about 10 years ago.

"My job has also passed the 60th half and I retired half, and since I am 70 years old, my physical strength has come out of us, now it's out of now."

For this trip Ms. Suzuki,Perform elaborate maintenance comparable to overhaul(Porsche has the parts of the old model as well)Then prepare spare parts firmly and depart from Chiba Prefecture where you have your homeIt was. I departed from Sakai Port,Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, GermanyI ran in the eight countries of Japan, 53 days later. Before the Porsche Museum at the goal point, there was a big crowd, local people greeted Mr. Suzuki enthusiastically.

Mr. Suzuki thought that this word was nice.

In terms of the globe Japan seems to be the tip of a little finger and it is not boring just to go around it. Everyone says it's far, but I always thought that if I crossed the continent a bit, Stuttgart was right.

Porsche AG officially praised Mr. Toshiyuki Suzuki's accomplishment,According to the Porsche Museum which is carrying out the 70th anniversary special exhibition until January 6 next year, she is exhibiting Suzuki's 356 exhibits from Japan.

What a lovely story. Mr. Suzuki's way of thinking and execution power is wonderful, and Porsche 356 which can run without problems even after 70 years is amazing. Even when I became old, I thought again that it is nice to be simple, fun, and able to keep pace with years like this.

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