Before the new 911 announcement, I looked over the charm of Porsche 911 again!

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The other day on September 11th is "the day of 911", in twitter"Day of # 911"Many tweets with hash tags were posted. "911" is truly loved by many people. ..., suddenly, I had such a doubt.

What is 911 so attractive ...

Regarding the goodness and charm of Panamera, I think that it is someone who understands somewhat more than the general public, but as for 911, I do not know very well ... I do not know at all.

So to my husband"Do you record something like 911's appealing program?"When asked,

"Of course, there is (¯ ー ¯)"

In that regard(Lol),Discovery channel911 featured "SUPERCAR SUPREBUILD" taught me the program.

I would like to introduce today the attraction of 911 which was introduced in that.

What is the charm of 911?

"Discovery channel" SUPERCAR SUPREBUILD "is currently 911(Type 991)It is a special program that was aired at the timing of the late model of the late stage being released, it uncovers the charm of 911 from its history, manufacturing process, evaluation of motor journalists, employee's interview, etc.

It was spoken in it"Why 911 grabs and leaves many car loving hearts"There were four large cases.

① Because Porsche is the most powerful car

Porsche, of course, develops and manufactures all kinds of vehicles, but as for 911 it seems to have a special feeling.911 is a car that symbolized the Porsche brand of "Porsche Talk 911".

Every time a new model comes up, it is subject to strict evaluation from fans, and benchmarks from other companies in detail.If it fails with "911", Porsche's brand image will be greatly scratched.That's why Porsche always sends out 911 to the world with the best improvements and improvements.

Even if you refine your car with the latest technology, fans do not necessarily like it, but Porsche has made a big decision with courage.

For example,When changing the engine from air cooling to water cooling.He criticized pure Porsche fans and rumored that the surroundings "911 is already over". However, when it is released, its 911(5th generation model 996)Was the best selling model among the previous 911.

Also, as to the fact that in the year 2016, we moved 911 from naturally aspirated (NA) to turbo, this decision was also for Porsche"A big step than switching from air cooling to water cooling"It seems that it was.

The turbo charger increases power and fuel efficiency, but on the other hand there is a risk of turbo lag.While making it a turbo, Porsche made technical improvements in order to make 911 not feel like it.As a result, Porsche successfully embodied "the latest 911 is the best 911."

② Rear engine

The rear engine is the biggest feature of 911. As I tried driving,You can experience the interesting movement peculiar to the rear engine that you can not feel in other cars.It seems that there is no sports car that shows the understeer and the oversteer principle as much as 911.

Just to build the engine behind the rear axle, it is impossible to think common sense. Because,When the center of gravity is at the back when trying to turn a corner, physics makes handling difficult, making it difficult to control the car bodyFrom.

However, the real pleasure of driving in 911 is exactly in this part, the front wheel loses grip power, even if you turn off the steering wheel the car will not bend and will go straight ahead"Understeer", The back of the car is shaken, it will spin in due course"Oversteer"Controlling them with the driver's arm is the charm of 911 driving.

Since there is no engine before,The length from the driver 's seat is very good, the pedal position just right for the shiftIt seems to be a merit of a rear engine car.

③ It is made aiming for perfection

At the manufacturing site, everyoneMake 911 aiming for perfection of even more perfection.With the correct number of revolutions of the screw, production time restriction to not stop the production line, sophistication like handmade, 911 is manufactured at 30,000 a year. The time it takes to make one unit is 30 hours.

④ Employees work proudly

911 is located in the outskirts of the German StuttgartMade at the factory in Phenhausen. Many of the past 911 and the new model were born in this place. In an interview with employees working at the factory"I am honored to be able to make Porsche as an inhabitant of Stuttgart." "It's not for wages, but 911 is a special car and I work here."And everyone was talking about it.

When I was a child, I saw the father working at a factory in Porsche and had a dream of "I would like to work in Porsche when I grow up", so it seems that there are not a few employees who have actually joined the company.Pursuit of perfection has been handed down generously by the existence of such employees.

911 (991) What is the evaluation of late model?

Finally, on the evaluation of the 911 (991) latter term type.

Before the launch, "911 Turbo model is totally impossible", but in fact, the habit of handling which is the charm of 911 was improved better, and it became a sports car which can enjoy running more. The most comfortable ride among the "911" so far, the highest 911 which is the most luxurious and sophisticated.

It's amazing ... it's a compliment. Well 911 feature, the program side will not do such a bad evaluation, but even so 911 is amazing.

How will the new 911 that will be announced this autumn be exceeded the current 911 which was so far evaluated so far? Thus, if you learn a little about 911, the new 911 release has become more and more enjoyable!

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