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Air-cooled Porsche

About air-cooled Porsche 911

The other day my husband went to Nagoya to see the air cooling, so when I heard the impression"Yeah, I did a good car in the usual way."As I was speaking lightly, I thought that I do not feel like buying it immediately. Then a few days passed from that, one such magazine arrived at my house.

Car magazine car graphics, successive 911(964, 993, 996, 997)It is a comprehensive summary of the evaluation of loading and load impression articles. It seems that most of the content is not on the net as it is the content before the WEB version of car graphics was opened. I mean I found such a magazine often (laugh)

That my husband started collecting information seriously so far is that I started thinking for air-cooled Porsche at last.(I'm writing about how to buy my husband's car ↓ ↓)

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100% Husband wanting to buy after convincing

I asked my husband about that,

"I am worried about whether it is now 964 or 993. So I wanted to know exactly what kind of evaluation was being done at the time 964 and 993 were released, I tried looking and bought it. "

It was that. It is not a salesman of Porsche, even though I knew about it, I thought it would be good to know that ... My husband is not a person who does not purchase anything unless I fully agree with everything (haha)

So, I tried casually flipping over this magazine that I had on the desk. Then, as it was quite interesting content, today"Third generation 911: 964 Carrera 4"I would like to introduce what I summarized.

However, even if I read on trying hard to understand, because there were lack of knowledge and some myself could not understand (explosion) ... I decided to summarize it to the extent that I understood.

Overview of 911 (964 type)

As for 964, "Carrera 4" was released first, then "Carrera 2" was released.The debut of "964 Carrera 4" was in 1989.911 It is the year which is 25th anniversary since birth. At that time "Porsche 959"(A race car that gathered the technology of Porsche at the time)The know-how of the company is abundantly included,Porsche's first mass production 4WD sports carIt appeared as.

By the way, the type name "964" seems to contain "4" because Porsche introduced 4 WD system to Carrera. An overview of 964,

· 【Full length】 4,252 mm × 【full width】 1,652 mm × 【total height】 1,320 mm
· Weight in full tank state: 1,450 kg
· Transmission: 5 stage manual only
· Maximum speed of 260 km / h or more, 0-100 km / h: 5.9 seconds

As far as size is concerned, now911 Carrera 4(Type 991: 【Full length】 4,499 mm × 【Full width】 1,852 mm × 【Overall height】 1,295 mm)Rather than being smaller than.

What is different from the 930 model of the previous 964?

As for the difference with the predecessor 's 930, it seems that the difference is difficult to understand when looking only at the exterior, but almost all of the contents are designed newly. The difference from the previous generation concerning the content of the car is as follows.

· Air conditioning system equipment(Air conditioner) was incorporated
· Coil spring and light alloy trailing arm are adopted for suspension,Reduce the transmission of noise from rough road surfaceWas done
· The brake caliper was revived from a light alloy once discontinued due to high cost
· It was a symbol of PorscheFucks forged wheels abolished,The 16-inch alloy wheel replaces
· Bosch madeABS system (anti-lock brake system) as standard equipmentBecame
· Power steering was introduced
· Displacement volume is predecessorIt was expanded from 3.2 l to 3.6 l, and among Porsche's horizontally opposed six cylinder engines at the time,Became

On the other hand, the biggest difference as an external change"Rear spoiler has become retractable"about. In the 911 to the previous age, if you wanted to run at high speed steadily, you had to install "front air dam" or "rear spoiler" as an option. However,Attaching those options will damage the original beautiful form of 911, so many owner who dislikesso.

From this 964, without having to put on those options, you got a good handling at high speed.

What is the evaluation of CG in each item?

Next, look at the car graphic's view and evaluation on each item ...?

① Steering feeling

Steering feeling(Steering feeling felt through steering operation)It was very light and kickback was much less.The straight run is preeminent, you can run with confidence without concern for invasion or escape of the bank.There is stability only when 4WD, do not spin even if you release accelerator in the corner.

HoweverAlthough oversteering became weak and it became difficult to spin,"Thrilling maneuverability is attractive, for fans that anyone can ride a car is no longer 911,The entertainment of RWD is firmly retainedIt can be said. The feeling of power steering has moderately heavy steering force as a sports car.

② Four wheel drive

Porsche consistently"Steering with front wheels, driving force controlled by rear wheels, cornering with four wheels"As a policy. For "Carrera 4", the driving force is also given to the front wheels, about 30% are distributed to the front wheels and about 70% are distributed to the rear wheels.

This is a setting deviating from 50:50 common sense of 4WD including Audi · Quattro of those days, but this can say that Porsche's thought ideal handling is firmly left. Because it is 4WD, running is stable even in a situation where the road surface is slippery or flying at high speed.

③ Manual transmission

When pulling up to 6800 rpm of MAX at each gear, we will start speeding at 65 km / h in 1st speed, 110km / h in 2nd gear, 160km / h in 3rd gear and 210km / h in 4th gear. Also at the last 5th speed, the meter display is over 275 km / h.When I got 270 kilometers in the former Porsche, it was cold and sweaty, but I can not think that this is a rear engine car of the same Porsche, I can run without confidence.

④ ride comfort

Riding comfort is somewhat compact, but it is a range that can be allowed as a sports car.The sound is also very quiet and the wind noise is much smaller than the previous 930became.

Minus points and reviews

On the other hand, minus points were also written.

■ Minus points

Weakness of rear lateral rigidity in the low speed region and not noticed when running normally,In U-turns and narrow places it is difficult for me to turn aroundThat is a negative point.

Overall rating

964 "Carrera 4", as in the past 911,Stable operation is possible without showing a remarkable change in extreme steering characteristics such as under stepping on accelerator, over talking and so on.Nonetheless, it is not a stability-oriented highway cruiser like the general 4WD, it can fly safely in the high-speed corner, and it can be enjoyed even in the low-speed corner. Indeed,Sports car that can pursue handling and enjoy the essence of corneringIt is. Among the cars that appeared in 1989, it can be said that it is the most noteworthy car.

It is said. This 964 "Carrera 4" was released in September 1989(Six months from release)At the point in time, sales in Japan already said that the application for that year was sold out, you can tell about its popularity.

Even if I say in a word with air cooling, it is deep inside. As for design alone, I feel that 964 eyes are popping out(I do not understand a good expression ...)I like being cute. So, in a few days later I would like to also write articles about 964 "Carrera 2" and 993.

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