Should I enter the guarantee of Porsche Approved 3 years after purchasing Boxster as a new car?

Porsche Boxter

Three years after purchasing Boxster

The other day, Porsche dealer received a guide postcard for the vehicle inspection of Boxster GTS. I see ... Boxa is purchasing with a new car in November 2015, so it is time to say that it will pass another three years.

After that, another Petit seal arrived again from Porsche Japan. When you check the contents"Porsche Approved Warranty"It was a guide about.

Po, Porsche Approved Warranty? (-_-)

"Porsche Approved Guarantee" is a guarantee system of Porsche that can meet new cars and used cars that meet certain conditionsA lot The warranty period can be renewed every time from 1 year to 2 years. Our Boxster seems to have been sent this guidance because it is the timing when the new car warranty is available for three years after purchasing a new car.

The annual cost of "Porsche Approved Guarantee"For Boxster · Cayman it is 100,400 yen / year(130,680 yen / year in the case of Panamera, the highest among all models)Porsche will bear the cost of repairing all components within the warranty period. The outline is as follows.

· Valid throughout the world
· Apply at all Porsche dealers
· Extended warranty for 12 months or 24 months
· Porsche bears repair costs for all components (including parts cost and labor charge)
· No cost burden on customers
· Mileage unlimited
· Continue warranty even when selling vehicle to individual or Porsche dealer

However, vehicles to be included in the Porsche Approved warranty must comply with the following prescribed conditions.

· Limited to Porsche car from first year registration to less than 10 years
(It is possible to choose 24 months warranty only for vehicles less than 8 years from first year registration)
· Limited to Porsche vehicles with mileage less than 200,000 km
· Use only Porsche genuine parts and that the vehicle is unmodified

It will be applied only to vehicles that meet the standards of Porsche Approved, carrying out periodic inspection and maintenance of specified functions and appearance.

Wear and expendable parts are excluded

While reading the guide"Something really good! Several things break down or if it's a problem, will you replace it?"When I told my husband,

Well, but please do not change the worn parts or worn parts. Oil and tires are out of scope.

When. Well, is that so? (゚ д ゚) !?

If you read it carefully,① Visual and acoustic problems(However, defective visual display in the information area of ​​the display, acoustic defects of horn, instrument, cluster and speaker are subject to guarantee)② accompanying fee(Towing cost, alternative vehicle cost, accommodation cost etc)③ Replacement of aged deterioration or wear, worn partsIt was out of scope.

Even when the problem does not occur with the function of the vehicle over time, deterioration of appearance and aging will occur such as an increase in noise.(Cracks of leather etc.)Depending on the part, some deterioration due to time and natural consumption are inevitable. Porsche Approved warranty does not apply because secular changes related to appearance and noise, and wear and tear of components are not failures.

It is said. Looking closely,

· Wiper blade
· Brake pad and brake disc
· Shock absorber and rubber, push
·Spark plug
· PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) reservoir
· Refrigerant
· Drive belts (including deflection and tensioning rollers)
· All light bulbs (except xenon lights and LED lights)
· All filters, fluid, oil and grease
· Clutch, plate and clutch pressure · plate

It is necessary to pay for replacement and repair at actual cost. Oh, I wonder if it is necessary to dare to enter.

Does your husband get in? Are not you going in?

She seems to be unable to decide her husband too,

Regarding the current Boxster, I will probably own it for a while if I do not win the Speed ​​Star drawing,In the unlikely event that an engine breaks, if it breaks, it will not be more than one million repair costs ... If you think so, if you guarantee it at 100,000 yen a year, there is no loss even if it entersMaybe. Well I will ask Mr. H who is in charge for a little amount of money or 10,000 yen a month.

He said.

By the way, for vehicles with new or second-hand car guarantee or extended warranty, or used cars other than Porsche certified secondhand car"Stand alone" warrantyAnother guarantee is prepared. The annual cost is slightly higher than the price of the Porsche Approved guarantee, 143,100 yen / year in Boxster · Cayman, 173,340 yen / year in Panamera.

What do you guys do? I think that it is various, such as "who is" and "who does not have it but I do not have anything in particular", but I'd be happy if I could inform you.

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  1. TAKAP

    I am carrying the Boxster 718. Just two years ago, there was a coolant leak, there was a risk of overheating and it got out for repair. Moreover, it was re-hospitalized again with the same treatment after immediate repair. I was hospitalized for about a month. I thought that it was good to have insurance at this time. Even if it is new, it breaks when it breaks.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      > I am riding the Boxster 718. Just two years ago, there was a coolant leak, there was a risk of overheating and it got out for repair.
      Coolant leak ... is not it! Certainly, considering that other repairs will occur, it will be hard if you do not have insurance ...
      No matter how much Porsche's quality is said to be good, there is no guarantee that it will not break 100% ...
      Thank you! It became very helpful ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!