Even a Porsche's favorite wife, I do not want to go to a family drive at 911

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Hotel in Amakusaki "Ship in the sky"

Last year, the hotel in Amakusa in Kumamoto prefecture with my old hometown tax payment"Ship in the sky"I got a ticket for the hotel. I immediately adjusted the schedule with my family and went to stay overnight and it was a very satisfying family trip with a very nice hotel.
However, we entered Shimoji Port from Osaka Nanko by ferry,I planned to run Aso and Milk Road, but unfortunately the cloudy sky, unfortunately it came down to the rain and I could not enjoy the drive yetSo, this year I want to go and revenge again.

→ [Reference article] I stayed at the Amakusa sky boat and touring to Milk Road in Aso.

I reserved "ship of the sky" the other day,On Saturdays and Sundays within the year was almost full, we finally got a reservation at the end of November.It was dangerous, it was safe.

If you bought air-cooled, would you go by air-cooling?

I thought to go to Kyushu by Panamera naturally, but the other day my husband"If you bought air-cooled, would you go by air-cooling?"And an email was sent.

... Well, seriously (* _ *)! What?

I never thought about such a choice ...(I have not bought it yet)However, because there was some image that seemed to be narrowing, I replied "Eh disgusting, narrow story (- _ -)", the husband who came home that day,

"I do not have to do anything because air cooling is not so narrow, so rather it will be a good story to write a blog if I go to touring in Aso with 911."

Although it is said that ..."Even when I got on the 911 in Germany, the rear seats were very narrow, and the air cooling is narrower than that ..."I decided not to change the attitude of NO stubbornly, so I decided to go in Panamera after all.

Why do families dislike driving in 911

When my father tries to go for a drive at 911 as a family"I am dissatisfied that I do not like being from my wife and children"I have heard that, but I certainly thought it might be so, I thought this time. I listed three reasons for it below.

① Because I will go with my family

There is no problem if you go with your husband by two people. I think that you can enjoy driving while changing driving while enjoying conversation in driver's seat and passenger's seat.In this case, it is a story to go with four families.My oldest daughter wants to take a passenger seat for a reason. Even if I try to guide to the back seat, I will not ask "I do not want it before!

That means that if you go to Kyushu for a drive,As long as I do not drive, I have to stay in the back seat all the time.Also, child seats are stacked in the rear seats, children are getting tired, children getting tired of driving are making noise ... I feel premonition that my stress seems to be MAX.

② I can not relax sit on the back seat

It may be reason to wear it as ①. Even if it says "I can not sit back in the back seat," the size of 911 is enough if I, husband, 4 years old, 1 year old, 4 people. However,A story about if children ride quietly on the backseat.

As I wrote above, it is probably essential for me to sit on the back seat."I wish I could sit comfortably in Panamera, why did not I come in Panamera ..."It is visible that I will drive with regret.

③ Because it is a long distance drive

If you drive a medium distance for about an hour and a half each way, 911 is OK. However, in the case of Amakusa Drive at our house,Probably it will be a trip of about 700 km in total distance from Shimoji Port to Kyushu Expressway south of Kyushu, and Amakusa to Aso.It is honest tight to spend it all the way through the back seat of 911.

My true wife

Common to all reasons"I do not want to not relax sit on the back seat"So ... a selfish wife and I (explosion)

When I go for a drive with my family, I think that my father often drives for a long time.Especially if your father likes driving, the driver's seat will be in a fixed position.I am a person who likes driving compared to the general public"I want to go for a drive with my family at 911. I'd like my family to taste the goodness of Porsche."I also understand my father's worry.

But as a passenger's position ... long distance driving is honest pain if the passenger seat and the back seat are not comfortable. Family dissatisfaction gathers steadily as it is inversely proportional to the father who is touched by the driver's seat as "Truly a Porsche, this handling, this one horse is one person"! Once you do that kind of experience, it will be harder for your family to go to long distance drive.

I hope to go to the touring with air-cooled Porsche or 911 if the children get bigger and they can go for a drive by themselves.I think that, still, now that I want to go with Panamera is my wife's real intention.

I mean, my husband is going to buy an air-cooled Porsche soon ... ((゚ Д ゚)!

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