Porsche new 911 official announcement soon? -Look back on 911 from the first generation to the present with images

Air-cooled Porsche

New model 911 (992 type) Finally! What?

On September 4th automobile information media"A new model 911 (type 992) was scooped"There was an article that was introduced. It seems that the headlights and rear lights are still subjected to a slight falsification process(The picture is this ↓)

* New Porsche 911 (Type 992) 10 clear images 10 yellow / silver / blue prototypes 3

As a difference in the conventional design,Thin wrap around tie lights connected by LED strips and points where the license plate is moving to the lower part of the bumperIt seems.

This time 911 is the eighth generation from the first generation. So, I decided to look back on the history of 911's evolution so far, with images. Which 911 do you like at any age?

Evolution of the first generation to the eighth generation 911

① First generation (901 type)

In 1963, prototype debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a successor to "Porsche 356", and it started modeling in 1964. Initially, we named the development code "901"Since Peugeot registered all 3 digits with 0 in the center as a trademark, it was changed to "911".
* Image Source: Collection of the oldest existing 911, Porsche museum ... 1964 production car called "901"

② Second generation (930 type)

Five-mile bumper according to US Federal Automobile Safety Standard bumper strength regulation Std 215 was installed. The 930 type originally refers to the turbo model, and for the NA model it remains the 901 type until the 1977 model.In 1978 NA model also became 930 type. There were two kinds of body, coupe and detached roof Targa.
* Image Source: http: //www.channel-9.jp/channel-9/stockdetail/298-1_723.html

③ Third generation (964 type)

The model was released in 1989. Body structure is common monocoque(Structure to make the exterior plate of the vehicle body / body take stress), And the spring of the suspension was changed from the torsion bar spring to the coil spring.The appearance is similar to the 930 type, but 80% of the used parts are new parts. Four wheel drive carrera 4 was also set.
* Image Source: https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/% B7964

④ 4th generation (993 type)

Model 993 was released in 1993. As the 911 was the last air cooling model. Even now it is popular as the last air cooling model 911.

* Image Source: https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/% AB993#/media/ File: Porsche_993_targa_mainz.jpg

⑤ 5th generation (996 type)

Model 996 was released in 1997.The air-cooled engine, which has been regarded as one of the trademarks, becomes a water-cooled engine, The chassis was completely renewed, a teardrop type headlamp was adopted.

* Image Source: https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/% AB% B7% E3% 82% A7% E3% 83% BB 996 # / media / File: Porsche_996_GT3_orangeperlrotcolor_RHD_P911_CML.jpg

⑥ 6th generation (997 type)

Model 997 was released in 2004. The 996 type unpopular tear drop type headlamp was abolished, and the round head lamp of the former year revived. The chassis was based on 996, the former type used a 996 base engine, the late model was changed to a direct injection type new engine, and the PDK was introduced.
* Image Source: https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/% AB% BB997 # /media/ File: Porsche 911997.jpg

⑦ 7th generation (type 991)

Model 991 was released in 2011. Lightweight chassis using lightweight metal for car body. The engine improved the late model of 997.
* Image Source: https: //serakota.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2015-09-08

⑧ 8th generation (992 type)

Although not yet officially announced, the world debut is thought to be the Paris Motor Show in October, or the Los Angeles Motor Show in November.
* Image Source: https: //carview.yahoo.co.jp/news/newmodel/20180904-10339333-carview/1/

Like a child Panamera?

In this way, I feel that I have made a big evolution from the beginning. I can not say anything because the new model has not been officially announced yet, but I like the current 991 type design. The new 911 (992 type) to which the light behind is connected seems like "child Panamera" because I am watching Panamera everyday ...(Excuse me)

* Image Source: New Porsche 911 (Type 992) 10 clear images 10 yellow / silver / blue prototypes 3

Well, say such a thing, do not worry if you actually see it. I am looking forward to the official announcement.

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