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Typhoon No.21 Ferrari 51 cars to scrap vehicles - the situation of luxury car dealers nearby and future measures for typhoons etc.

Car body cover Nakabayashi Industry

51 Ferrari, scrapped car

As you may know, due to the influence of Typhoon 21 the other day,51 Ferrari Ferrari regular shops in Rokko Island in Hyogo prefecture drowned in sea water and lost all.Although the total damage amount is written as one hundred billion yen in the article, it is said that there is a story that the actual amount is 3 billion yen.

In this shop, in preparation for the typhoon 's approach, measures were taken to spread the blue sheet and the sandbag at the entrance, but a storm surge exceeding that assumption hit the inside of the store.The shop was flooded to a height of about 1 meter, all the Ferraris soaked in the seawater were scrapped, and some cars were already purchasedIt is.
* Article quote: 【Typhoon No. 21】 Ferrari 51 units total damage damage Tens of billion yen or regular store of Kobe · Rokko Island

Thinking about the feelings of the shop, people concerned ... It's not a shock place ... I wonder who imagined this typhoon will bring tremendous damage so far.

State of Rokko Island on the day

Rokko Island is an artificial island that protrudes into the sea. Rokko Island on September 4, when the Typhoon 21 struck, flooded quickly due to the storm surge, and many containers were flowing out.

* Https: //article.auone.jp/detail/ 1/2/2/101 _ 2 _ r _ 20180905 _ 1536 154 3 72 255 827

* Https: //mainichi.jp/graphs/20180905/hpj/00m/040/002000 g/12

It seems that not only Ferrari dealers, but also various shops and companies are damaged.

Porsche or BMW Is your company?

And I thought while watching the articles on the net.

"Did that there were no Porsche or BMW dealers at all?"

As I was a little worried, first I looked into "Porsche" and it was temporarily closed on 4th September when the typhoon struck indeed ...

In the SNS yesterday, used car information was posted as if nothing had happened already. I was fine.

As I looked into BMW, event information on the weekend was posted as if nothing had happened again.

Rokko Island 's "Ferrari" and "Porsche" "BMW" are the distance from the eyes,Just saying the sea side and a little inland, the luck divides so muchHow.

A luxury foreign car dealer in the vicinity

"Well, that reminds me, was there no Mercedes Benz dealer nor Bentley?"When I looked into it(I do not understand the positional relationship well despite being ○○ island, ○ ○ land, Hyogo prefectural citizen), It became a map like the following.

Ferrari, Porsche, BMW "Rokko Island"ToMercedes · Benz "Port Island"ToBentley and Lamborghini are "Meriken Park"Near. Mitsubishi located in Port Island is likely to be greatly influenced by the storm surge,

"I am doing well, I am doing as usual!" That ... it's so strong that tears come out somehow.

Let's study typhoon countermeasures

Although dealers other than Ferrari did not suffer particularly great damage this time, I can not be relieved. Just the other day, I talked with the construction worker working in Kyushu

"I saw a news video that the Kansai has suffered greatly from typhoons but I have not been able to tackle typhoons. We live in Kyushu where typhoons are coming up every year, so we are taking even more thorough measures Okay, people in the Kansai should study typhoon measures from now on. "

When. Certainly. The blackout recovered little by little, and it was relieved for a while. In the meantime, a big earthquake in Hokkaido this time.The place where we live, the parking place of the car, measures for the future typhoon etc.,I thought again that I have to think really seriously from now.

I heard that the Ashiya Beach and the residential areas of Nishi-mihama along the coast that descended to the south from my house were also heavily damaged by the flooding, the Kansai sky of the population island is also tough, and in the first place luxury car dealers are It may be better not to set up stores along the islands and population islands.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Hello Mina, nice to meet you. I am shimoyannjp.

    Every day, I am reading it very much. I mean, I'm impressed that Mina 's blog here recently is definitely wonderful as new articles are uploaded everyday.

    The article on the disaster this time, too, is not hesitant to interview. Fortunately for now my accident has not happened in my garage but I can not think of anything else ,, and so on, our Porsche stopped on the basement floor underground storey multi-storey parking ground, In the weather forecast, I do not mind whether I will be submerged on the day when it is said that "rainfall of 200 mm or more is expected". I use another car for commuting, so I just pray while working while working from a company far away from the garage.

    You can replace it in another place in advance. Although it may seem, replace it with the place after putting out the commuter car which is put out from the garage and parked on the ground? Or if you feel like heavy rain, will you go to another coin parking stop? But in the case of a typhoon like this time it is safe to say that it is less influenced by the wind if you stop it in the basement, or it will never hit anything that flew by the wind But···

    If it comes down to submersion ... it will be a shock ~.

    Our 911 is the 2000 year formula 996 carrera. Distribution price is the cheapest type among successive 911. I have owned 964 Carrera 2 before, but 996 is more quiet and easy to drive, I like it very much. Mina's Panamera and 718 are also very nice cars. I am also very much looking forward to the matter that Mr. Danna is beginning to be interested in air cooling.

    I will post a message if there is another opportunity. I am looking forward to a blog full of fun topics in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Thank you! Mina is a blog administrator.
      Thank you for your comment!

      I am very happy ^ _ ^

      In each article, do you inspect evidence and data as much as possible,
      That is because I have been in a sales position for a long time since my new graduate,
      I was stuffed every day by my boss "What is the basis?" "Data?", So I feel like its remnant.

      But I'm happy to say so.

      When typhoon or heavy rain, I'm worried about where to put the car ,,, As you really said, underground is flooded,
      There is a risk that it will be strange if it is on the ground,

      "If this is the case, there is only a detached parking lot with a dream shutter! But if you think about the building rate you have to build a terrible big house!"
      I am talking with my husband while laughing.

      964 was also owned! My husband seems to be suffering from 964 or 993.
      I would be happy if you could tell me the information etc. ^ o ^

      Continue to thank you!