Porsche new Cayenne, covering the manufacturing process of the factory (I tried to summarize the TV programs I did)

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne Special Feature

In our house, the TV program whose keyword "Porsche" is in the title is to be recorded automatically(What kind of house w)The other dayDiscovery channelPrograms aired on"High end SUV of the world: Porsche Cayenne"Of course, it was recorded.

It was a special feature of the manufacturing process at the new Cayenne factory, the history of Cayenne, but my husband was quite funny, so I took a look at what kind of mind without saying, "I do not care about the manufacturing process of the factory" . Then it was surprisingly interesting and full of strange things.

Cayenne saved the bankruptcy crisis

Porsche, in 1948, 70 years ago from now,First model "Porsche 356" bearing the name of PorscheTo the world. After that, although it has evolved as a 2-seater sports car manufacturer,Around 1993 it fell into management difficulties, the crisis of bankruptcy.

The annual sales volume is only around 10,000 to 12,000(Worldwide sales volume in 2017 is 246,000). Therefore, Porsche makes a remarkable policy change. How,I bought a car that is opposite to a sports car, the brand's first SUVIt is.

However, to the emergence of Cayenne, the old Porsche fans at that time"Do you feel like killing the brand?" "Why is Porsche the 4-door SUV?"And fiercely repulsion. Also, as for the appearance that the front end is similar in design to 911, initially negative opinions were more.

However, looking at the lid, Cayenne became the biggest hit in Porsche history.Handling is good, it does not lose sportiness like Porsche, it is powerful and excellent also in off-road performance, exactly a universal car.The first turbo was equipped with an exceptional 400 horsepower V8 twin turbo engine as SUV, sold as if it were a car combining "hobby" and "practicality".

Cayenne not only saved the Porsche's stellar sight, but this also triggered Porsche from the traditional "sports car""Escape to a sports car maker that makes sporty cars in all segments than other companies"succeeded in.

What, Cayenne is really awesome (; ゚ Д ゚)!

It may be said thanks to Cayenne's success that there is Panamera now.

About New Cayenne Manufacturing Factory

Do you know where the new Cayenne is made in factories in the country? I thought clearly that it was a German Porsche Leipzig factory(Panamera is made at Leipzig factory)But,In fact the assembly plant of Volkswagen in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, located in central EuropeIt is made of.
*PhotoDiscovery channel"High end SUV of the world: Porsche Cayenne"Borrowing from the screen of

I did not know.

This factory has the latest equipment,600 employees are always on three shiftsI am making a new type cayenne.Production volume per day is 400 units.I thought "Eh!? 400!?", But,Cayenne stronger than Porsche worldwide salesIt seems that it is stopping.

This factory, where the new Cayenne is made, was built in the beginning of 1970. After that the owner changed,In the early 1990's, the factory was the one of Volkswagen.In the early days, I had handmade Volkswagen Passat, but after that, the number of cars we handle gradually increased, the facilities were new,It has evolved into the most advanced factory in Volkswagen.

The size is 2 million square meters. Because the size of the Tokyo Dome is about 46,000 square meters, it is about 43 Tokyo Dome! What?

Great! (; ゚ Д ゚)! !

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