I experienced a blackout due to a typhoon, I think about the EV conversion of a car

Living with Porsche

Typhoon No. 21 direct hit

Typhoon 21 which hit Japan on September 4th. That is exactly this. Our house also had a blackout from 14 o'clock on September 4, and the power outage is still ongoing. And there is still no prospect of restoration.(This article is written on the Shinkansen on September 5, 10 o'clock, → there is a notice of home power failure restoration after AM 11)

I have experienced a large-scale, long-term power outage for the first time this time and have thought of it. that is"If our car was an electric car, it might have been harder."I'm saying that.

Measures of the previous day

September 3, the day before the typhoon comes. JR West,Early determination of train service for the next dayAnd I was repeatedly announcing on the premises.The kindergarten where my daughter passes also closed on the 4th as of morning the day before.. Also, Osaka Umeda(The center of Osaka)Even the underground shopping center of the hotel, as of the 3rd"We will be closed on the 4th."I was announcing.

There was a typhoon coming to Keihansin so far, and I thought that there were many typhoons especially this summer, but as there was no way for JR and large facilities to take measures in advance"This will be a big typhoon so come prepared for it."I thought.

On the one hand"Even so, the typhoon's path will always be safe in Kansai and it will be safe this time, as it is often the case."He was holding up his head.

It will be the same day 4th

On the 4th, my husband's company worked as a home work and my daughter's kindergarten was closed, so I decided to stay home with four family members in preparation for the typhoon from the afternoon. Just when my eldest daughter"I want to play ~ I will not do ~"Because I made a chore, in the morning I went to the store right after opening to try to go shopping at supermarket ...

The parking lot was already a row of cars, and the cash register was long line long enough to have never been seen.

As expected, everyone's things are together.

After that, around the time we had lunch, the rain winds have gradually become stronger. It was a great momentum but my husband"No, no, the typhoon in front of us was bad, and the house was shaking."Because I say(It was a feeling that it was no big deal than I thought), While my girls are watching ipad, and I normally watch the Cayenne feature of Discovery Channel(Why do not you bother seeing the Cayenne feature at such a time ... w)That time that everyone was thinking mainly.

Near my home"Bon"Obviously something exploded and sounded like a short, the room's electricity disappeared with the sound, the appliances stopped at once.

Wow! Power outage ((; ゚ Д ゚))!

The time is past 14 o'clock."Well, well, it will recover after a minute or two."Even after 15 minutes, even after 30 minutes, even one hour ... nothing happens. Even if we learned about the situation, because the television is not moving, we got information collected by twitter and facebook, it turned out that power outage occurred everywhere in Keihansin.

Far beyond the blackouts ...

Furthermore"Tanker crashes into Kansai Airbunk Bridge," a big fire where 100 cars burn in Nishinomiya, "The scaffold collapse of buildings in Osaka City" "The roof of Kyoto station falls off"Information of the shock came into my eyes. This ... only this time ... It might be quite risky, I learned the seriousness of the first time.

About three hours after the air conditioner stopped, my husband was irritated by the humidity and heat of the room"It would be better to be in a car if you do this"I decided to go golfing with my whole family and go around my house.

I started while saying casual things saying "It's cool as the cooler is ready", but I soon noticed the street toll.The signal is pitch black, the street is not attached, convenience stores and supermarkets are all dark.The signal in front of the Porsche dealer who is indebted to our house was also greatly distorted and the police officer was manually guiding.

Also from the south side of the sea, a tremendous momentum of black smoke has gone up and passed a number of fire trucks. Returning with "I'm dangerous from here on", I went back to a convenience store in the distance and went out for food(Although there were no onigiri or lunch boxes anymore)Procure and arrive at home, the area is pitch dark. And there is no chance of power failure restoration yet.

I pulled out a manual flashlight, opened the window, became sweaty, while I was eating a sandwich in a dark place, my husband said.

"If you do not get the power outage restored until tomorrow morning, you can not be charged because electricity has not arrived, so you can charge it, you can not shower, the net is not connected, the air conditioner is stuck, the convenience store is dark Even food can be raised, all out, it may be better to evacuate to the hotel now. "


The road to the hotel is also heavily congested

"Ho, evacuate to the hotel?"

There is no evolution. As soon as the husband examined, there was vacancy at the hotel in Kobe so we booked with haste and booked the next day's work, children's clothing, the eldest daughter's kindergarten bag and minimal baggage, all the family Panamera I got on.

On the wayClose to Hanshin Expressway, both JR and Private RidBecause of that, the road was much crowded than usual.McDonald's in the neighborhood is too crowded with people looking for charging, while Sukiya waits for 40 minutes and in the situation that taxis are not caught,It took about 40 minutes and managed to arrive at the hotel in Kobe.

When I arrived at the hotel, the light was glittering, as if nothing had happened there, and I was able to safely stay one night while having the hotel man gently pick up me.

I thought again

I was deeply aware of this time."Does all the functions of daily life stop so much as electricity stops?"When. I used it normally and casually, but as soon as I knew the electric thanks"If our car was an electric car, at such times, it might have been more frustrating"I became frightened.

Even though there is no possibility of parking with zero charging, the apartment charging facility is definitely all out so you can not move it poorly if there is a power failure with little charge.

Also, if it was an apartment, the system of the mechanical parking lot would not move and it would be impossible even to put in or out the car.(In the typhoon, there was also a contribution that the mechanical parking lot of the apartment was unavoidable due to power failure, Cayman submerged ...)

All public transportation is stopped and taxis are not caught, so the means of transportation is only for cars.But the car does not charge so much, and even if it can not be put in and out ... As in this time, we could not procure food at a remote convenience store, or evacuate the hotel to the hotel by the hotel.

I think electric cars are friendly to the global environment and will increase in the future, but it is frightening that nothing can move when there is a blackout. Well I guess that the possibility that such a thing will not happen is higher, but though gasoline cars are better(At least a hybrid)I thought that it was relieved at such times.

Anyway, hopefully the rest of the Kansai region will recover.

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