Tire exchange of Porsche Boxster GTS-impression of trying to change to Michelin pilot sports 4S

Michelin pilot sport 4S
MT (manual) ride

Boxster's tire change

Happy new year. For 2019, I also hope that for the readers, I can enjoy updating blogs that are fun and useful, myself. Humbly again this year.

Well the other day my husband,I ran the Suzuka Circuit at BoxterHowever, as I joined with the tire grooves considerably reduced, the Boxter tires after the run were indeed terrible. "This must be changed quicklyI'm always askingNishinomiya baseI asked for a tire change this time.

Nishinomiya baseIs a tire carry-over exchange specialty shop, and"Direct delivery service"There is also, so buy a tire on the net, make the destination a shop, if you bring in a car by hand, it is very convenient because you can exchange tires. So, several years ago, all our cars are asking for tire change here.

The tire bought by my husband this time is Michelin Pilot Sports 4 S. Previously981 Boxster GTS 20 inch tire, Porsche certified tire becomes "Pirelli P Zero" or "Goodyear EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2" two choicesThere seemed to be only one. Just my husband liked Michelin personally, so I was thinking that "I wonder if it will come out with Michelin", but Michelin Pilot Sports 4 S was released shortly before.

Initially, there was no size fit for Boxster 20 inch, so later on, a Porsche certified sized fitting entered Japan and it became available for purchase, so he decided to change to Michelin Pilot Sports 4S.

And my husband is always referring to tire selectionTIRERACKEven in the review,The overwhelmingly high evaluation compared with the tires of other companies, the value of TREADWEAR of UTQG display which is stamped on the tire(Wear resistance is hard. Wear resistance)It is surprisingly high for 300 tires with super high gripIt seems that it became the deciding factor.(By the way EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 was 240)

Michelin pilot sports 4S UTQG display

Michelin pilot sports 4 S evaluation

[2018 made] 235 / 35R20 (92Y) XL N0 [Michelin pilot sport 4S] [MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S PS4S] [Porsche approval] [new goods]

【Made in 2018】 265 / 35R20 (99Y) XL N0 【Michelin Pilot Sports 4S】 【MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S PS4S】 【Porsche Approval】 【New item】

However, if it is trueThe rear tire still has grooves that it is not necessary to change yetHowever, "If you change only the front tire you will be wearing a different manufacturer's tire in the front and back", but if you change the front tire to Goodyear again, it will be impossible to escape from Goodyear any further so we are going to Michelin I heard he decided to change.(After that, Goodyear's Porsche approved tire has gone up because the price has risen)

If the president chooses, Michelin

While he got the tire exchanged, he asked the president of Nishinomiya base to talk about various tires about it. And, "When the president who has seen various brands of tires wears their own cars, what kind of tires will you choose?" I heard that "If I were you I would choose MichelinHe said he was saying "It is.

Michelin,There are many things that are very round and have a uniform weight balance, and even though it is light, there is not much peeling off of rubber as a different company as with other companies.Although it is a tire of the same class of other manufacturers, although performance is good and light, although many rubber deteriorate or peel off quickly, Michelin is not so strong. And, sensibly, Michelin seems to be using a different material like "resin" rather than "rubber".

It was said that it was thing.

Even when exchanging the tire this time, we first adjust the balance of the wheel itself, we measure the balance again after assembling the tire,Since the balance of the tire itself is good, it is fine as it is without adjustmentIt seems it was.

Certainly, it seems that there are a lot of people wearing Michelin among those who are interacting with this blog user and Twitter.

What is the evaluation of Michelin Pilot Sports 4S?

After exchanging the tires, I tried running Boxster and asked my husband how to feel, it seems that it is still very good"It is that tires change like this on a tire, after all the tires are important"He said.
Also, as with the Michelin pilot cup 2, the side of the tire is Michelin's unique velvet processing, so this tire seems to look like a letter when seen from the side seems to emerge and likes it.

1 There is no rough feeling, the sense of rolling is not hesitant

It was a feeling that the rough feeling of the road surface was transmitted more than when it was a new item of Goodyear's EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 which I used to wear, but this time the tire seems to be very smooth without it. Also, at the beginning, it was too rough, I got a lot of trouble, so I had the dealer look at the wheel balance, but Michelin is not at all like that. Anyway, it is round. I think that the feeling of rolling is pleasant and the roundness is insanely high."It may be overstated, but I feel that it's not like Zara's feeling is similar to Panamera?"He said. By the way quietness is about the same as EAGLE F1, so road noise seems not to change so much.

The accuracy of 2 handles has increased

The previous EAGLE F1 was also a very good tire, but it was not a problem at all, but the handling seems to be more accurate than that. Especially said the initial response of the beginning of cutting and the accuracy during cornering was high.

3 Straight running stability increased

It seems that when I was running on a highway, I felt like going "Sue" as if I had been pulled from the front. Compared with the early days of EAGLE F1, it was said that it understood clearly the difference.

Also, EAGLE F1 seems to be a good impression that wet grip performance was not good at all, but "I want to try wet performance of pilot sports 4S, so I wonder if it will rain heavily soonIt was said (explosion)

For cars, tires are still very important.

[2018 made] 235 / 35R20 (92Y) XL N0 [Michelin pilot sport 4S] [MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S PS4S] [Porsche approval] [new goods]
【Made in 2018】 265 / 35R20 (99Y) XL N0 【Michelin Pilot Sports 4S】 【MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S PS4S】 【Porsche Approval】 【New item】


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...



I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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  1. mm

    Happy new year.
    Nice to meet you, mm.
    I live in Mie prefecture 53 years old, I am riding 991.2 left H MT.
    I will always be happy to see you.
    Moreover, I am looking forward to everyday and visiting here.
    Please do not push yourself and continue for a long time.

    I wish you a happy year for my family this year.

    • MinaMina

      happy New Year.
      And thank you very much for comment ^ ^

      991.2 left steering wheel MT! It is wonderful!
      Personally, I love watching the light behind 991.2 "cookie" and a slit (I'm sorry to express it ...), I always think I am cooler than 992.

      And thank you for always seeing your blog.
      I am very happy to have said that.

      It is a character that is too desperate desperately, but I think that I would like to update my blog happily this year ^ ^
      Thank you again this year.

  2. Kurmania

    Good evening.
    The other day Makan review Thank you.
    It is not the latest article, I commented.

    I think Ps4s is a really good tie.
    Recently, I like conchis and eagles f1 because I'm driving too much and relying on tires w
    As I said that my eagle f1 had been wet for the first time when it got wet, it was hard to wait for rain.
    I saw it and the subsequent conti sc 5 also came out wet too.
    Pirelli is wet and weak. Dry is good, but the image is different if dry is also better than others.

    Michelin is no longer good because he feels good and feels natural.
    However, cup 2 including GT3 has a feeling if I did not put in heat properly, and now ps4s came out, there is a kettle that the merit to wear cup 2 becomes thin.
    So much ps4s universal theory w
    I personally like the conch's shaky feel w

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much for your help in this review.
      Thank you.
      If you can hear the raw voice and use it as a reference even on Twitter,
      I received a message.
      Thank you very much!

      I'm thinking about the tires, my husband says "I strongly agree!"
      It's really deep even if you take a tire,
      The tires are insanely important.

      It doesn't matter a bit, but
      If I took a ride to Panamera with Pirelli yesterday morning,
      I still grinned and laughed.

      Although it is cold, although it is not midwinter,
      I wonder why I'm doing something like this.

  3. Kurmania

    Makan Review, I was relieved to say that it would be helpful w
    Tires are important.
    The second-hand Ferrari cars are only a few of them that have run for a couple of years, so they are not running at all for 5,000 km.
    It is said that the dealers including Corns are all right because the mountain of tires is full.
    Tires that do not ride at all are already hard, so they are not comfortable to ride and there is no need for a feeling of ground contact.
    I think everyone is riding well with such a tire car, and also because it can not demonstrate the original performance at all, is it misunderstood Ferrari by this? I also think.
    For those who buy secondhand cars, not new ones, just renew the tires. If you are driving a car, change the bush around the foot.
    Otherwise, I can not understand Porsche.
    Really tires are important.

    Pana is Pirelli PZERO. I was expecting my GTS to be delivered with Michelin PS4s, but this is all the timing of the production line, so when I put in heat with ww dry that was PZERO I am contented unexpectedly Though

    Are you stiff? There is no choice but to put up with pressure on the face LOL From the place where you left the house, let's take care of it like a racing car formation lap ♪

    twitter is also done. If you see now, twitter has more car news than blog, and it was fun.
    I would like to reopen twitter to see Mina.

    • MinaMina


      > I'm relieved to say that it will be helpful, Makan review w
      I think that this kind of opinion was received only because he exposed the rough part not just good things!
      We look forward to continuing to look forward to the report (I'll say again, but it's not that I'm not rushing ... w)

      > Because the tires that do not ride at all are already hard, they are not comfortable to ride and there is no need for a feeling of ground contact.
      I see ... Well, just because there is a ditch, if you aren't running it, the rubber is too hard and dangerous.
      After all, it is really important for the user to have such knowledge in place, not just to listen to what the store says.

      > I was expecting that my GTS would be delivered with Michelin PS4s, but this is the timing of the production line, so it was PZERO
      I'm glad I can choose, but there seems to be various circumstances. The GT3 touring to come next seems to be Michelin, so my husband was delighted, but he said that if he felt that it was not good enough, he would turn to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

      > Are you tired? There is no choice but to put up with pressure on the face LOL From the place where you left the house, let's take care of it like a racing car formation lap ♪
      Ah, I will be! It should be like a formation lap (laughs) There aren't many cars on the road, so let's try this! It's so warm that it doesn't matter.

      > Twitter is also done. If you see now, twitter has more car news than blog, and it was fun.
      Thank you! In twitter, you often tweet what you write on your blog in advance. (Laughs like a notice for writing on blogs)
      The relationship with the followers will be studied and it is fun.
      Please tell me if Mr. Kuru Mania is resumed by all means!