"Porsche is a thing that gives coloring to life" - Interview vol.6 TAD JUN JUN

Air-cooled Porsche

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to my home," is Mina, the blog manager. This time,Porsche Carrera Cup JapanI have talked to "TAD JUN JUN" who is racing at Gentleman class.

(1) PCCJ participating in the field since 2016

1. The trigger for participation in PCCJ

- TAD who has participated in PCCJ and also stands on the podium, did you like the race from the beginning?

No, rather than like racing, I am purely "I love PorscheWhat is it? So basically, except PCCJ race will not come out. Although I ran with another manufacturer's racing car so far, it was a position of practice for "to race in Porsche" to the last.

How did you get to run the circuit in Porsche?

Will it be around 2006, 2007? Dear Porsche's senior who has been indebted to us for a long time, I was invited to the circuit race of the circuit at Porsche. At that time I went to run with "993 RS club sports"At first, the feeling of "scary" than "fun" was greateris not it.

From there, why did you decide to participate in PCCJ?

Because modern Porsche is quite high power, we can not let the car's original power in public roads demonstrate. Then once moreI want to run on the circuit"I came to think so.

in addition"If you run on the circuit, it is better to run with a racing car that has a higher safety performance and will protect the driver wellThinking that, I began to aim for PCCJ appearance.

Also, in the case of Porsche, the technology cultivated through the race car was fed back to the commercial car, so there was also interest in that meaning.

- And did you suddenly appeared in the Carrera Cup?

No, I handed over the "997 Carrera Cup Car" to my senior PCCJ player, asked the active GT drivers for a coach, and since about 2014 I started practicing to run on the circuit. And the following yearSuper car race seriesI participated in pair with the GT driver. While participating in the race or being coached by a professional,After about a year I studied the rules of circuit racing and how to handle race cars.

2. Deep depth of the race, real pleasure

- Remember the first time you participated in PCCJ?

Yes. In 2016, I participated in PCCJ's Gentleman Class for the first time with the 991 Carrera Cup Car, but I felt keenly at that time.

"To win in the race, you need to get used to running race cars, as well as get used to the race itself."

Winning or losing in the race is greatly influenced not only by "the car's driving skill" but also by mental conditions and strategies at that time. Then, people who have a high experience value of the race are still strong. "My senior TT, who gave me the 997 Carrera Cup Car, has a strong reason for his high experience"At that time I thought.

If we can run the carcass fast, we can not win the race ...?

Yes. As being able to make the best time at the qualifying time, it is certain that it is the person's abilityIt is quite different that "to get high time by qualifying" and "win by race".

Just because the time of qualifying was the best I think that it is not necessarily so if we can win in the actual race.

- What is the real pleasure and interest of such a race?

also"I want to winI feel motivated by feelings. The race is a world of winning and losing. Men are creatures that I love competition since I was little (laugh)

Also the race is "Battle with ourselves". Of course there is a feeling of "I want to win a rival", but even if I could not get on the podium in that race"I was able to clear ○ ○ in today's race." "Since I found this task I will use it for the next race"I think that it is one of the real thrill of the race that you can enjoy the feeling of stepping up, growing step by step.

- Is that unique to the race that you can not taste elsewhere?

Well ... I do not think I can easily taste it elsewhere. Everyone participating in the race is usually at the top of the owner or organization of the company. Of course there are opportunities to challenge and feel growth,Often putting yourself in an environment of "your thoughts are relatively easy to pass"is.

However, the race does not seem so.

Carrera Cup Car is the same in both performance and weight, all are equal condition. In such circumstances "winning" is not so easy,It is possible to stand on the podium only after various conditions overlap, such as a considerable amount of exercise, strong mentality, relationship of trust with fellows, teamwork of the day and so onIt is.

When I began to play PCCJ "It is impossible for me to stand on the podiumI thought that. To that extent, winning in the race was an endless goal for me at that time.

After that, I went to the podium for the first time in the summer of 2017, but at that time I did a reasonable effort and even my own "I got over a wall.There was a sense. The impression when overcoming such a big wall and achieving the goal is priceless. I think that it is quite experienced experience elsewhere.

- It certainly may be so ...

I agree. "I am not eating in the race, is not it funIt may be up to that if it is told that ... until then, in fact, everyone is pretty serious (laugh) Of course, everyone, after having done your own business properly.

At this age, you will no longer be able to train yourself in physical terms, are not you? Even though I have such consciousness when I was young, I will be honest with the feeling that "I'm alright," as I get older. But to win in the race "No matter how old you are, you need to train both mental and physical aspectsThere is.

And I feel that what I gained through these experiences is definitely utilized in my work and my life.

3. Rival technology and trust is the key

- Even so, I guess that you are going to attack that kind of thing ...

You can fight to the last minute in the race by "Driving skills of PCCJ's drivers are high and it is because there is a relationship of trust between drivers"is.
At the circuit straight, I sometimes compete at a speed of 280 km / h, but even if I am alone in the driver "Those who do not mind getting to know if they want to win"Or"People without technical skillsIf it comes, it is impossible to fight in extreme conditions.

The class in which we compete is "gentleman class", but because everyone is a gentleman, we can fight exactly.

In addition, the driver of the acquaintance took the GT-R and won the endurance race the other day, but it is a skill that can be achieved because there is a high level of technical ability and a degree to compete with the gentleman. Normally, I think it would be impossible at first to win a car for almost the first time.

Everyone in the ladder ... really amazing ...

We are not professionals, and everyone has a core business.But I want to win because I do.Everyone is pretty close to age, so it's exactly "colliding with pride".

In terms of the qualifying time, as many as a hundredth of a second comes in. To put it more,I am competing for 1 / 1000th of a secondFor that reason.

Just for everyone "How hard it is to be on the podiumAs you understand with yourself, bless you from the bottom of my heart when the other drivers stand on the podium. Even if I lose, "Those who stood on the podium this time, surely tried their best by striving for more than myself"You can admit it obediently.

Therefore, rather than rivals between drivers "A companionI feel like it. After fighting the race together on the circuit, there are many people who start private relationships deeply.

- Why can you keep on challenging so much? "Would not it be somewhere around here ..."?

The presence of the surrounding drivers is partly motivated by the part. Some people older than me get a much better time, others are faster than the active GT drivers.
Looking at those people "Age does not matter. I can still goI am inspired.

Also, since Porsche is a very high-performance car, I always feel that the limit value of performance is far ahead. In other words,To be more elongatedis.

The present time of gentleman class is a dumpling condition, but it is still possible to shorten the time depending on the effort. We are not professionals who earn prize money in the race and it is until then to be said the world of self-satisfaction ...It is exactly fighting for my own honorI guess it is.

(2) TAD and Porsche

1. The triggered attraction of Porsche

- In the first place, how did you get TAD attracted to Porsche?

It was about 25 or 26 years old when I first got on Porsche in my life. A 3-liter engine that my senior had had was installedAir-cooled Porsche 911 "930 SC"was.

* Image Source:GARAGE CURRENT Porsche 911 (Type 930 SC)

My seniors said "Do you want to drive?" At that time, I was "It is ridiculous to let Senior Porsche driveI decided to have it on the passenger's seat. I had my car run soon, but I received a great impact.

"It's completely different from the car I got on!"

Anyway I was impressed and at that time I decided "I will definitely buy Porsche" as well.

- Because TAD was a super car generation, you still had longing for Porsche from childhood?

I agree. We are a super car boom and middle generation. "Someday I will buy the car I dreamed of!" Is stronger than the current young people "The weight occupied by cars in life was great"I think.

Such a car, the car I was most admiring at that time,Porsche"was.

However, until I actually became an adult and bought a Porsche, I had been riding the Corvette for 4 cars of American cars all the time. After all, for me in my twenties, "Porsche is a flower of Takamine" and "It's very unreachableI guess I thought that.

However, as I mentioned earlier, when I actually got senior Porsche, I was deeply impressed with "This is a sports car ..."Not only are you admiring, absolutely buy a Porsche!I decided to do it.

2. Fascinated by air cooled Porsche

- With a strong determination in mind, what was the first Porsche that was purchased later?

By around 1998, air-cooled Porsche "993 Carrera S's MT"bought. It was a used car nearly a new car, but the price did not soar so much as the current air cooling. Nonetheless, for me in my twenties at that time, I have tried quite hard and I have forgotten to buy it.

* Image Source:Porsche 911 (Type 993) Carrera S

- Why did you want to make it "993 Carrera S"?

It was just when 993 was released and "Last air cooling before water cooling, moreover, MT carIt was, so I have to buy it now! I thought. 993 Carrera S is a wide body and in a turbo-like atmosphere ... Body color was "Arctic Silver" used as a special color for air cooling final model.

It is often said that "air-cooled clutch is heavy", but at the time there was no such feeling and it was a feeling like "this is a reasonable one". I took this 993 and ran to various places such as the highway on the night and the winding road.

While doing so, the era became "water cooling", eventually I bought 993 for 2 years and I decided to replace it. from long ago"The latest Porsche is the best PorscheIt is told that it is said to be, and I also thought so, I did not think that the value of the air-cooled MT car would ever rise so far, I sold it normally.

Thinking now, I did a wasteful thing (laugh)

- From here "When the magnificent Porsche itinerary" starts ... w

No, such a thing .... The next purchase was the first water cooling model"996 Turbo"is. I think that it was 2001. However, when I was riding for 2 to 3 years, I missed the air cooling again and thought that I wanted to take another air cooling! I decided to switch to air cooling afterwards.

What did you buy next?

In the early 30's"993 RS club sports"I changed to. "993 RS club sports" is a little rare car in the air cooling, but at that time it was regularly on the secondhand car market, and the price did not soar so much as now.

* Image Source:ZEAL Pro 993RS Club Sports Tune = Ziel Pro =

After that, we purchased linen gray metallic "930 Speed Star" newly. This was quite a long ride, but during this time "Speed star is super insolent"It quickly became addicted to its charm.

- 930 It is amazing with Speed Star ... What is the charm of air cooling that stays there?

I wonder what he is ... haha. also,The charm of analog thingsit might be. I think that the clock, for example. Recently, high-tech watches such as digital watches and apple watches are popular, but on the other hand, the popularity of analog watches is also high.

* Image Source:Porsche 911 (Type 930) 930 Seedster Turbo-Look

I think the charm of air cooling is similar to that feeling.

The structure of the car is very simple and it is analog in air cooling. As for the speed star, it is an open car so there is even a feeling close to being on a motorcycle.

Certainly the latest water-cooled Porsche such as GT3 and GT2RS is a car with tremendous power and accelerating power, but it is impossible to demonstrate its performance on public roads and run.

On that point, although the air cooling does not have the tremendous accelerating power even if speed comes up to that extent, if it is said that the pleasures of driving, it is already ....Air cooling is the best to ride in town, driving itself is very interestingIt is. Also, I like quite a bit of butterfly sound like air cooling.

Again, I think that it is immortal whenever an era has the charm of analog things.

- After that, you are getting more and more drawn into the air-cooled world?

Yes, that's right. (Laugh) After that, the body color is Speed Yellow's "964 Speed Star MT"Purchased. And black metallic "964 3.6 TurboI also bought it. "964 3.6 turbo" is known as a super rare model among the Porsche, but at the time it was still sold in Mitsuwa car second hand.

Actually, before my purchase, a famous overseas racer came all the way to Mitsuwa car, but the owner "We do not sell to overseas people. I would like to ride for Japanese peopleThat's why I heard that they did not sell. I listened to it and decided to buy it soon.

It was a beautiful 911 with 1 owner and good condition.

3. Porsche, Porsche, Porsche ...

I can not stop it anymore ... w

Well, that's right ... (laugh) Just then I bought a water-cooled model and bought 997 turbo and 970 Panamera. Regarding Panamera, I got on the job scene and felt it was a very good car, so I changed to 971 Panamera Sports Turismo.

After that,Porsche senior citizen purchased Carrera GT which was put on sale.

Carrera GT is not readily available now and it is a very nice car so seniors from the former owner "I did not let go of that time. I want to buy back"I can still say that. I, too, I take care of me carefully even now.

After that I got 993 GT 2 I wanted the most and wanted to find it. From there, 918 Spider, 911 R, GT 3 RS and ... You came to buy the latest model.

- The latest Porsche for air-cooled rare models ... Envy too

From around here,I want to ride again on "930 Speed Star"I began to think. Actually, it is told from my wife, "When my company is in trouble, I should not be on my own good car" when Lehman shock, about 10 years ago, when the company also got tilted in Lehman shock ... I thought that it was "that certainly", and there was circumstance that I let go of '930 speed star' with breaking the bowels.

And about three years ago from now I learned that the white "930 Speed Star" is on sale and bought it immediately. After that, I bought a black "930 Speed Star" as well.

4.356 Speed star to participate in Mille-mirea

- Wow ... ... then what was the most recent Porsche you bought?

It is 1955 formula "356 Pre A Speed Star". It is the earliest type among Speed stars. Actually I have always been "EventuallyLafesta Millele Millea(Rally event that starts Harajuku and runs 1100 km on public road with classic car)I want to go toI had the dream of being. It is wonderful to ride the latest type of Porsche and race on the circuit,On the other hand, I'd like to participate in the rally at "356" which is the origin of PorscheWhen.

However, in order to participate in such a rally, I need a classic car, but I can hardly meet a car called "This is it!" It is finally three years ago, in Japan it is rare and the original degree is high "356 speed starI met my last visit.

In the case of 356 Speed star, most parts are reprints, and there are many of reproductions,Regarding this 356, almost all of the engine, the mission, etc. were still at that time, and it was nearly as close as possible to the originalIt is.

I thought "I can buy this already,".

- 356 How did you qualify as a Speed star to appear in Mille-mirea?

It was a very valuable and wonderful experience.

As for the 356 speed star of the reason, it is currently being restored. In Yokohama, there is a famous sheet metal shop that runs by parent and child who knows well about Porsche 356 at the time of release, but there is "It takes 2 years to restore"They said.

Instead, overhaul all of them and have them re-plated up to one screw. In addition, we are requested to receive bolts and parts / parts from those around the world that do not even have Porsche Japan, replace them, and now we will do the same as new cars.

Since the president of this sheet metal shop is already old, when I talked about the other day "This will be my last big work"that's what he said.

- If you are such precious 356, are not you going to wear it?

I agree. Even if you buy it, I think that there are many people who do not ride so much and decorate them in the indoor garage. Just I said "These rare classic cars should run in the public placeI think that.

356 Speed star is a car made over 60 years ago, but it is a high-performance car that can still run on public roads still enough. The design is also very wonderful. Then,I guess it is better for me to run firmly and show off to the world betterI think.

Well, this is my self theory to the last.

(3) Wonderness of Porsche

1. Race and Porsche

- Is there good merit of Porsche who participated in the race and rediscovered?

Yes. Even if you ride the latest Carrera Cup car, even if you ride on an air-cooled Porsche made 30 years ago, if you sit on the seat and grasp the handle any Porsche "Oh ... it's Porsche!I think. I thought about this awfully that this is amazing.

As for 911, "The big attraction that the engine is behind"is not it. Although it is impossible originally if it is a sports car of a rear engine, it is now possible to understand "the strength of the rear engine" when actually running on the circuit.

Porsche has a strong pushing force from behind because the engine is behind. for that reason"The corner turns, the rise after the direction of the car changes is very fastIt is. In the case of the Porsche race car, where I earned time, I understood well that it is the rise after the corner.

- I hear that Porsche will not break, durability is high, but is it true?

Yes, it is true.Porsche's durability is amazing.If you run a car in the race, the car will be undisturbed and you may break the car 1 or 2 times in a season, but I think that Porsche is still unbreakable.

I also rode the race car of other manufacturers, but it is completely different.

Porsche is also excellent in terms of safety. I myself experienced crashing several times during the race, but I did not have a particularly big injury.Porsche is awesome also in terms of safety to protect drivers such as brake and body rigidityI admired it.

Porsche is carefully and carefully made precisely and is excellent as an industrial product. That is why I trust the car and I can race with confidence. Moreover, I think that it can be said not only for race cars but also for commercial vehicles.

- Porsche will also listen to the story that "100,000 kilometers have finally finished break-in" ...

I agree. When I was on the 964 RS, I owned a sports car of another manufacturer made in the same age, but it was completely different. Porsche prevailed in all aspects of performance, interior decoration and rigidity as cars.

However, I think that it is a pity that PCCJ has few spectators.

Well (laugh) Because the basic is not main, it is sitting on the undercard. In the place where Porsche fans and Porsche owners gather at the circuit, it would be best to be able to hold the Carrera Cup.

2.TAD's future

- Will TAD continue to participate in the race from now on?

Race takes time and cost, so I do not know how long I can participate. Also, as we are also human beings, we sometimes think "I am tired" "I want to get away from the race for a while".

But in the end, I will come back to the race ... that,For me, there is nothing other than racing in my life that makes me feel excited, moved, and growing myselfis.

Recently, I learned the pleasure of running classic cars, so one day, Le Mans Classic, Millele Milea abroad, Goodwood Festival etc,Dream of trying to run Porsche which I own by classic race in the worldThere is also.

904, 906 It would be great if you could run something like ... and so on.

Well, not the most recent, but really a final dream.

- Finally, what is Porsche for TAD?

For me it's Porsche ... "It will color your life"Thing. I certainly think that this word is a word someone mentioned at PCCJ before, but when I say it sounds stinky ... haha

Porsche gives coloring to various scenes of life. Not only in the race but also in the streets and touring ... the presence of Porsche broadens the range of things you can experience in your life.

Actually, I lost my wife cancer for a few years ago. The following year, it was the timing of the first entry of the Carrera Cup, so "Whether to participate, let's quit" ... very troubled at that time. "I am also thinking that I am not doing this when I am doing this."

However, I was able to get away from such spicyness only while I was running in the race in a painful fighting illness. As a result, the part saved is big.

From the surroundings it might have been thought "What are you playing at times of difficulty", but since there was a race, I could get over it.

Even in that sense,Porsche is an indispensable thing in my lifeis. From now on, I'd like to take a step by step towards the final dream, not to mention the race.

【Impression of blog administrator】
Porsche as a race car, air cooled Porsche, 356, water cooled Porsche ... It was my first time to hear the story of those who knew Porsche so much, but the story was very convincing and deep inside my heart. "Porsche gives coloring to life"Well, is not the word that many Porsche fans sympathize with, TAD, Thank you so much for this time!

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    Also, knowing that I love Porsche so much, and knowing that there are some people who have been able to get through with as many people as I can, I will continue to complain to my wife so much that I do not know what to do, I will continue to possess my own CARRERA with confidence without bending, I think so Again today (^ ^).

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