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Air-cooled Porsche

Air cooled Porsche's Jorojyoro

Well the other day, a review of the air-cooled Porsche 991 (964 C 2) husband (I asked my husband who is riding 911 (964 C 2) everyday as to what is good [Part 2]) Received such comments.

Again, I love the sound that rubs the engine cylinder and the air cooling of the jorojyoro sound where the oil circulates than the modern sports car where the exhaust sound is the main person ♡

Jorojyoro sound and ... w

To her husband immediatelySuch a comment came!As I reported,

I understand it! ! I also love that sound. Every time I run with an engine, every time I run out, my oil will warm up and I can not hear that jorojyoro sound ~ I've been waiting for myself (laugh) When I hear that jorojyoro sound, I can imagine the simple structure of the car and it is fun And thenIt feels like the blood circulates ... as if the car seems like a bloodoon creatureAnd "

I was excited and talking.

It seems like I do not understand ... (- _ -) haha

But, indeed, the analog feeling of air-I am doubling "Aibo feel" and "Ai Oshoshi"I feel like.

How to supply engine oil

When my husband talks about engine oil "By the way Porsche adopts dry sump method".

Do, dry s ... (* _ *)?

I heard about dry sump for the first time, so I decided to investigate it a bit like every time. In the first place, it seems that the role of engine oil in cars is roughly five.

① Lubrication · · ·In the cylinder"Piston" "Crankshaft" "Camshaft"Reduce wear and seizure of metal caused by high speed motion such as
② Sealed ...If the airtightness of "cylinder" and "piston" is insufficient, energy created by combustion escapes from the gap, so by replacing it with a new engine oil with high viscosity every time, or by "overhauling the engine" ,Maintain sealing effect
③ cooling ...Because each part of the engine becomes hot due to combustion and friction,It plays a role of cooling these high heat.The oil that circulates around each part of the engine and absorbs heat returns to the "oil pan" and is cooled but the temperature of the sports car and the engine mounted on the racing car for the purpose of high speed becomes higher. In that case, install an air-cooled or water-cooled "oil cooler" to cool
④ Cleaning ...Due to combustion and rotational motion of the engine, various stains are generated. As this dirt accumulates, it also affects the performance and life of the engine,Engine oil has a role to adsorb and disperse dirt.
⑤ Anti rust · · ·Since the inside of the engine is in a state of considerably high temperature due to the heat of combustion, moisture is liable to be generated due to temperature difference with the outside, which causes "rust". Engine oil,It also has a role to prevent the occurrence of these rusts
* Text Source:OFT co., Ltd "Basic knowledge about engine oil"

I see.

On top of that, "wet sump" is adopted as a supply system for general engine oil. Wet samp is "The oil prevailing inside the engine naturally descends down and accumulates in the oil pan attached to the bottom of the engine. Draw the oil with an oil pump and send it to various parts of the engine"It has a structure of.

* Image Source:OFT co., Ltd "Basic knowledge about engine oil"

Dry samp method

On the other hand, air-cooled Porsche is not a "wet sump" method"Dry sump method"Is adopted. In the dry sump method,

"Lubricate engine oil from the oil tank installed at the part far from the engine, And lubricate each part of the engine oil. The engine oil absorbs the heat generated during the combustion of the engine, drops to the bottom of the engine and accumulates, the oil pump sucks it, carries it to the oil tank again and circulates it. "

something like.

* Image Source: Wikipedia "Dry sump"

However, the dry sump method is not adopted for general cars because the structure becomes complicated, manufacturing man-hour and manufacturing cost increase.

Why then Porsche,Do you dare adopt "dry samp method"?

Porsche is a sports car made on the assumption of racing at the circuit.When turning a corner at the circuit, it takes a much stronger G than turning a curve in an urban areaIn "Wet sump pumping oil from oil pan with oil pump"Oil is biased toward one side, proper hydraulic pressure can not be obtained, temporary lubrication failure occursThen, the risk of burning up at the worst comes out.

In the dry sump system, the risk is eliminated, and additionally, since it does not require an oil pan at the bottom of the engine, the engine can be mounted low, the center of gravity of the car is lowered, so it is said that more stability will be increased.

for that reason"Dry sump method" mainly adopted for racing cars and sports carsHas been done. However, Porsche since water cooling is "Integrated dry sump systemIt seems that Porsche's proprietary engine oil supply system is adopted.

Porsche Travel Tips

The more I know it, the more cars were made considering various things, and I think again that Porsche is amazing. By further deepening our understanding of Porsche this yearI hope to be able to feel the charm of Porsche even moreI think so, readers, thank you again this year m (_ _) m

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