Porsche's first electric car "Taycan" - I examined specs and overseas reservation situation.

Porsche Tycan

Porsche's first EV sports car

In June 2018 Porsche announced the name of its first electric vehicle "Taycan"Announced. As of June this year "Production started in 2019, is it 2020 that comes into Japan?Although I was told that, after half a year from there, I decided to examine a little about what the current situation surrounding Taikan is going to be.

"Mission E" announcement

As the concept car of Porsche's first 4-door EV sports "Mission E"Was announced in the event at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015. And in December of the same year,Porsche headquarters officially decided to market "Mission E".

Then Porsche announced that it will expand the head office factory in Zufhenhausen, Germany, to produce "Mission E" and create about 1,200 new jobs.The amount Porsche invests in the development of EV amounts to more than EUR 6 billionIt was made.

About three years after that from June 2018,Mission E is officially named "Taycan"."Taycan (Taikan)" is based on the image of a splashed horse drawn in the center of Porsche Crest "Young horse full of animation"Means that. It seems that the marketing team took two years to check compatibility with existing lineups, linguistically semantic checks in each country, verification of trademarks, etc.

Taikan's basic specifications

Basic specifications of Taikan that we know at the moment are as follows.

- On the power train, two electric motors of the same type as the "919 hybrid" that won the Le Mans 24 hour race are equipped with two electric motors exceeding 600 ps maximum.
* The lap time of the German · Nurburgring North course in 2017 recorded 8 minutes. Porsche seems to aim for the fastest record of mass-produced electric cars in the course
· 0-100 km / h acceleration is 3.5 seconds, 0-200 km / h acceleration is in 11 seconds range, and there is still room for improvement
· The full-charge cruising distance is 530 km or more
- By adopting the 800 V battery system which is twice the size of the conventional EV car, if you plug in the 350 kW quick charge station, you can charge for 100 km running in just 4 minutes

Taikan has adopted an innovative 800 V battery system, but it seems it was one of the most important decisions in development. This is because the voltage level of 800 V is "Because it greatly affects the design of the whole EV car's drive train, ranging from the layout of the battery and electronic equipment to the capacity of the charging process".

Porsche continues to participate in motor sports, and technological innovation has been repeated in a fierce competitive environment, but the liquid-cooled Li-ion battery installed is "When Porsche goes into Formula E in the 2019/2020 season, there will be further new level technology provided"Porsche is talking.

Also, a new production line different from the past is used for Taikan manufacture. Porsche is "In the line production system, introduce and use an unmanned transport system, become the first automakerIt is talking. In addition, pursuit of environmentally friendly production, ultimately "Establish a factory that does not completely affect the environmentIt seems to be aiming at "It is.

On that, PorscheMore than 50% of Porsche models shipped after 2025 will be electrifiedIt is predicted that.

Human resource development in EV car

To produce Taikan,Porsche had 1,200 new jobsIt seems that this was the biggest employment creation in the history of Porsche. However, the purpose of Taikan development and manufacture in Porsche is "To form a sound team with a combination of experienced sports car manufacturing staff and new staff"As a result, the 1,200 newly hired employees are not involved in Taikan's manufacturing, and there are also some talented persons who manufacture two-door sports cars from this.

Porsche also conducts extensive training at production halls specially constructed in Zuffenhausen for human resources development. There are more than 1,400 training units for the development of electric vehicles, and a digital learning platform is also installed that allows staff to study independently according to their own needs.

Maintenance of charging infrastructure

Because Tycan's rapid charging process requires a powerful charging system, Porsche,At the joint venture "IONITY" jointly by BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, we will set up 400 charging stations in Europe by 2020It is moving according to the plan.

The maximum output of the station is 350 kilowatts, and the time required for full charge is only 5 to 8 minutes on average. According to the map of the site planned for installation released by the company in February this year,It covers 19 European countries from Northern Norway to Spain and ItalyIt seems.

Tycan's expected price range, reservation status

Robert Meyer, Taikan's development manager,"I will set the price of Taikan between" Cayenne "and" Panamera ". From the tax inclusive prices of both models in Germany, it is likely to be between 74,828 euros (about 9.6 million yen) and 96,555 euros (11.7 million yen).

Three types of grade are prepared: "Taikan", "Taikan 4S", "Taikan turbo". The top grade is "Taikan turbo" at the moment, but, of course, because it is EV, it does not have a turbocharger.

Also, the status of the ordering of pre-order is very strong,Oliver Bloom CEO of Porsche has already announced plans to increase production.Originally Taikan had annually produced 20,000 units, but there was the possibility that it could be raised to 30,000 units together with the "Cross Tourism" model.

Specifically, the demand for electric vehicles is highPorsche's annual new car sales in Norway has so far been around 600However, immediately after the pre-order site of Taikan opened,Approximately 3,000 customers paid the depositso. One Norwegian reservant seemed to have said that Tesla 's model of a car was feeling too biased towards family cars, and he ordered Taikan' s reservation for more performance - focused cars .

It seems that the same reaction is taking place in the United States, and Porsche U.S. corporation, Klaus Zermer,When everyone pre-ordered purchases, the first year production is already sold out"To CNET's interview.

in Japan?

In Japan, infrastructure of the charging system is not as well developed as in Europe, so it may be difficult to think that Taikan can be accepted immediately like Europe, but still a certain number of Tesla is still seen in town, so definitely Tesla I guess you will get a rival car. Perhaps it is 2020 that comes into Japan, but how many quotas are there for each dealer?

If you have a test car, you'd want to try it by all means.

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*Porsche's first EV sports car "Tycan" (Mission E)! It approaches the whole thing!
*Porsche's first electric car "Tycan" is in the price range between "Cayenne" and "Panamera"
*Porsche's first EV "Tycan" is on sale well. If all the reserved guests purchase it will be sold out for the first year production
*Porsche definitively enters the electric era with the Taycan
*BMW and Daimler's joint venture IONITY established the first charging station in Germany

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  1. SN

    I reacted on the subject of Taikan.
    Porsche is more concerned about future movements such as formulation of Formula E instead of Formula 1, rapid charging facilities with huge investment and joint venture. The price is between Panamera and Cayenne. I did not know. However, I do not know what the initial model is, so I guessed the second generation who changed the model ...
    Panamera 4E is comfortable as ever. I am not concerned about ecology, but I am saved because the number of times I drop in at a gas station in cold weather is reduced :)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for responding to Taikan ^ ^! Lol
      It seems that Porsche is putting much effort into EV. It is told that the turbo of 992 will also become a hybrid.

      > Just because I do not know what the initial model is, I am aiming for the second generation who changed the model ...
      I understand ... ^^ ;! First of all, it seems that it is absolutely bargainable after I changed my model with wait (lol)

      > Panamera 4E is as comfortable as ever. I am not concerned about ecology, but I am saved because the number of times I drop in at a gas station in cold weather is reduced :)
      That's excellent! It's fun to drive, it's five sports, sporty, few times to go to gas stations, and it's a superb type of car in Porsche.
      I feel like that recently.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    I feel like Taikan. Does it mean a sense of bodily sensation? I thought of crowning.

    It is a cheap touch as the first EV. It seems there is a movement to make charging infrastructure a new source of revenue centering on Porsche, so maybe it is considered totally there. Just worry about normal charging time at 200V.

    When I traveled in Europe last September when I traveled to Europe, I saw a prototype car being charged (a type that made Cayman prolonged to 4 doors) by connecting to a normal charging station in the service area of Autobahn, so depending on the specification I wonder what will happen. I think that it is good to charge fully in about 6 hours with fast charges on expressways etc., usually in houses or parking lot installations. If you shop more than 5,000 yen, charge free for up to 2 hours, or something.

    Another concern is the transmission. Formula E seems to have multiple gears in EV in order to derive the maximum efficiency of the motor. In the early reports Taikan saw the 2nd speed (for the 2nd speed is for high speed cruising), I wonder if the sports car will be entertaining the shift at about 4 speed at least. Although that may be the role of the 911 hybrid.

    • MinaMina

      I feel like Taikan!

      > I feel like Taikan. Does it mean a sense of bodily sensation? I thought of crowning.
      Oh yeah it is! It reminds me of a car image that both can run ^ ^

      > I think that it is possible to fully charge in high-speed road etc. with fast charge, usually in houses or general parking lot installed in around 6 hours. If you shop more than 5,000 yen, charge free for up to 2 hours, or something.
      Certainly, it is charging in EV is not it? In the case of an apartment standing, such facilities will not be attached, and it would be nice if there were spots that could be charged in a short time on public places or highways,
      As of now, I do not see much.

      > In the early reports, I saw Taikan 2nd speed (for 2nd speed is for high speed cruising), but I wonder if the sports car will be entertaining the shift at about 4 speed at least.
      That's right! For the 2nd gear only, once the gear has changed and it is over, it is a bit unsatisfactory ^ ^; I definitely want the 4th gear to be there. Since Tesla is rivalry, it is supposed to develop Taikan with the pride of a traditional sports car maker, so I'd like to ask about that part ...!