The husband tried the "Nissan GT-R Black Edition" - the impression it got on and the difference with sports cars of other companies etc.


Our home at the end of 2018

Last year at the end of the year, my daughter and my daughter have returned home for about a week, while my husband was out on a car alone and went to tooling freely. Actually,It is a way of spending the custom of our house at the end of the year and large consecutive holidays.I was able to take care of child rearing and domestic work in my parents house, my husband could go to the touring freely alone like a single age, children enjoyed enjoying by my grandparents as much as I wanted, and my grandparents also got time together with my beloved grandchildren I am happy to spend it.

From the viewpoint of the general public, I think this way of speech has changed, but for us it is "the best we can spend on HAPPY for everyone", so this way is the best for now.

And the husband seemed to have had the chance to have the acquaintance GT-R test drive on the Ashi Driveway during this time.

It is yeah ~.

About GT-R

To her husbandGT-R, Nissan?I heard that "(Shy, I do not know much about cars other than Porsche)

"Yeah, Nissan's luxury sports car .... It was reported that we got the fastest time on the market at that time with the running test of the GT-R which was carried out at the circuit of Nürburgring in Germany. I managed to do something faster than the Porsche 911 turbo ... "
*Both the GT-R and the Porsche are fast between the Japanese and German manufacturers

And that. Is not it so? Looking at the site of Nissan's "GT-R", the price is about 10 million yen. It's amazing ... as expected, a luxury sports car (; ゚ Д ゚)! I saw the design of GT - R again on the site with Maji Maji, but it certainly feels like I've seen occasional cars behind these streets in the city.

By the way, my husband got a test drive this time,2018 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. The maximum output of the GT-R dedicated VR 38 DETT engine is 419 kW (570 PS), the maximum torque is 637 N m.

So, as you can see, I asked my husband about "test drive impression".

GT-R test drive review

Scent inside the car

To open the door, I pushed the recessed part and pop up the lever, but when I got in the car by holding the door handle, I had a nostalgic scent somewhere. It was different from any of the imported cars, I smelled Japanese cars.

"My husband said. It was like Lamborghini Urakan who got the ride in front before certainly letting the lever pop up.(Initially I was impatient without knowing the way at all at all. By the way this ↓ ↓)

Even if it is said that the scent of Japanese cars, the image of the scent of Japanese cars in me is "A strong smell with a mixture of air fresheners, pomades and various things of my grandfather's car got on board when I was a child"... The Prius of my parents does not smell so much ... I would like to sniff the pure domestic car fragrance properly.

Cockpit / driver's seat

Cockpit, rather than an ultra-high-performance car,Impression that feels a somewhat calm atmosphereYeah. Slightly tight in the left and right direction, moderate wrapping feeling was comfortable, and the closure of the front was also very good.Recaro 's seat holds well, even if it is difficult to drive for a long timeI did it.


I see ... I certainly feel a bit different from the interior that I imagine asking as a high-end sports car with over 10 million yen, but I have a calm impression.

When you press the start button,The engine awakens quietly, in particular there is no excess productionso. At this point it seems that he thought "Somehow seems to have gotten on an ordinary sports car", but once he ran the car, he said that it was totally different thing soon understood.


The GT-R transmission uses the same format as the Porsche PDK etc.Dual clutch transmissionThat's it.

There was no shift shock, and as soon as I noticed the gear went up steadily. I operated the paddle, shifted down and tried raising the engine speed, but the shift speed of the shift was not so fast, but it was not too late.I needed it enough.
As the rotation goes up, you can see that the mechanical noise of the gear and the moving part increases and the torque springs up, but it is only a recent turbo engine, there is no sudden torque fluctuation like the old car.Impression that always gives enough torque from bottom to topHooray.

I see. "Also, compared to Panamera Turbo's engine, it felt that the GT-R exerts a more flat torque in a feeling manner.In the case of Panamera Turbo, the torque is proportional to the rotation It was said.


It seems that it was very good impression about handling,

I do not know from running the circuit,With the extent of winding the general road, I felt the handling was very straightforward and frankI There is no gimmick that enhances response in a directive manner, and at the timing when the steering wheel is turned off, the feeling that it turns by the amount cut off.
Just compared to imported cars in general,Since the steering wheel, the brake, and the accelerator are light, the feeling that the car body is riding on a lighter carI did it. Nonetheless, since there is no instantaneous feeling or instability of Japanese cars that is common, I feel safe there.

And that.

Four-wheel drive

Although the GT-R is a four-wheel drive, the four-wheel drive does not feel any dust, and it may be a bit overspeed or low speed, but it may or may not be loaded,This is a wonderful car that anyone can run fastIt seems that the impression that I felt most strongly.

About GT 3 "Run faster and moreThere is no feeling that the car seems to hurt. Also like the Panamera turbo, there is nothing like excitement, heavy feeling, duality as if scraping off the ground. It is totally different from Ferrari and Lamborghini. Also there is not such a terrible handling accuracy as McLaren.

When. "Well then, what is it after all? (-_-)"When asked,

It is difficult to express anything, but while not showing intense or passionate aspects "Cool face fucked up fastI think that the expression "close" is close. In terms of comparative theory,Feeling the euphoria of GT 3 and the handling of McLaren mild". But "Mild" does not mean "slow".
Also, engine sounds and exhaust notes are an adult category as a car with this class of power, honestly, if you concentrate on driving you do not come into ears too much. SoWhen asked "What sound did the GT - R do?", I am troubled by answers.

And that. Is it so? As usual my husband said "Listen to the engine soundBecause I often ride the car 's, I wonder if you feel quiet comparing.


The test drive of this time is only a short time and it does not run on the highway, so it seems that we can not conduct accurate reviews, but "I think stability is at a considerably high levelIt was said.

Even if I raise the pace a little on a straight line I feel the speed feeling very much. "I can talk at 300 km / hAbout the truth of the singing phrase "I do not know from trying, but it is certain that there is a sense of stability of more than enough. Regarding ride comfort, I remember not much about driving, but I think that it is quite good one. I felt a little pitching in places where the road surface is bad, but there was absolutely no discomfort feeling.

And that.

Usability everyday

The other impression remains is "Very good view and close-off while drivingThat seems to be the point. The car height itself is not a high car, but the eye point of the driver's seat is quite high, so it is easy to look over the road and it is very easy to drive. He told me that this would be superior to any super sports.

Everydayness and usability are also considered well,The trunk is designed to be very wide. According to the owner's story "Two golf bags will enterThat thing. My husband said that "There is only one car in the country of" hospitality "as expected".

Moreover, it seems that it can be stopped without worrying about parking lot stoppers etc,It seems that it can be used normally as a daily footIt is said that.

It's a sports car, it's fun to drive, loading lots of goods, and not having to worry about the height of the car!

General review

That's why my husband's overall rating is below.

This time, I tried the 2018 type Nissan GT-R Black Edition, but it was better than I imagined. ifIf you are told that you can choose a car of the same class other than Porsche, be sure to enter the examinationI thought. There are also places that I want even if I try harder a little more, such as the texture of the interior, but personally it is acceptable. There was something more attractive to the performance of running than that.
"Although it is a weatherproof ultra-high performance sports car, everyday use is no problem at all."I personally like this contradictory point. If there is opportunity, I would like to ride the NISMO GT-R once.

It is said. When listening to the story, it seems to me that it is a car that fits her husband's preference.

I do not know almost anything about GT - R, "Image that wife who does not know anything feels with just a first impression of pattingAlthough it is only "GT-R" is "Driver who turns pass roadI get the impression that. So, if my husband told me to buy "GT-R," I wonder if I should take a lot of it ... ^^;(I do not really know about GT - R, I'm really sorry to say this with just a picture)

So, it was the husband 's GT - R test drive review.

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  1. Takado

    Nice to meet you, I always look forward to your blog. The other day, I visited in Ashio as a white Maserati coupe. We chatted with our hosts and friends. Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you ^ _ ^!
      Thank you very much for your husband indebted to that section.
      My husband also said "Please give my regards."
      Also, if you see it in Ashigara in the future, thank you!