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When I was eating breakfast this last night my husband"Maybe it will be air cooled next month"I said little."... I told you I bought it already (; ゚ Д ゚) !?""Yeah" when asked. At the conversation end. This person is crazy w

And aside from the introduction, there is a question always asked every time from people I met on this blogging relationship. that is,

"How do you find the daily blog story?"
"Is not it serious to update articles every day?"

something like. Certainly, I think that updating a blog every day is not easy. HoweverEven though I'm going to mind heading "What will be the next article?", I do not think that updating my blog every day is "painful" or "hard work".I decided to think about why and why I am organizing a little about my current situation.

Write a Porsche article

I think that the work required for writing articles is roughly divided into two.

① Work finding article story (marketing)
② Work writing articles (writing)

It is. Normally, blogger thinks that these two tasks are often done by one person, so it may be difficult to keep updating articles everyday unless both skills are high or people are not used to it.

On the other hand, in my case my husband has lent some power to this blog,I am working on division of the work of ① and ② so I think that it is possible to update articles daily.(I decided not to decide separately, but when I noticed it was that)

In the case of our house, ① The husband is in charge of work (marketing) to find article story. My husband sees the Porsche channel on youtube every day and looks at Porsche's news and articles and knows quite a bit about the latest information of other car manufacturers and the structure of the car. Moreover,

· From the timing when new type ● ● is announced, please write related articles now
· Because Porsche owner suffers from such problems at the time of purchase, it is better to have this information
· In this news, it is better to write a review as soon as possible

It will tell you. In addition, since my husband is watching Google Analytics and consoles of this blog every day,

· Since the keyword volumes of the new Cayenne are increasing, it is better to post Cayenne 's test drive review early
· Since maintenance costs and fuel economy relationships are searched, it is good to write detailed articles based on the receipts so far
· Since inflows are increasing with unexpected keywords such as ● ●, it is good to increase the articles of that section

I will also tell you. In other words,My husband plays a role like "marketing" in this blogI think that.

What is my role?

On the other hand,It is a type "moving with intuition and sensation" which is true opposite to the husband, so analysis and marketing are not good at largeIt is. Although I sometimes see the keyword list of the Google Console, even if I see more holes, thinking stops and I can not read anything, and even if I look at the Porsche related news, "Which news is important to the car lover?" , It can not be determined at all.

Also, I think it's pretty much a matter of saying "I want to write such an article"I can only think of subjects that can be only super-subjective, just a diary such as "Panamera is a good car!" "Porsche is amazing!"So, marketing that requires objective analysis is still not good at all.

So what is my role? ② Work writing (writing).I like writing and writing is a field of excellence.Or ... Actually I am a core business "to write (+ talk)", so it may be natural to speak of course. So, with regard to the material that my husband purchased everyday,

· What kind of composition and order do you write most clearly to the readers
· What kind of scene and how to draw in order to get more realistic feeling
· How to write in a well-balanced manner so as not to be too joking, not too hard, to moderately "laugh" and "laugh"

It is fun to write and think about it, but it is a lot of fun to organize and assemble and write that way. So I do not get tired of it being written every day, it is interesting and I think that it can be continued.

If I had to do it myself from searching for a story, this blog may not have continued so far."Her husband 's strength and my strength came upon well by chance"So, I wonder if I am able to update my blog without having to worry about it.

There are also troublesome things

But there is only one difficulty in this way. that is"There is too much divergence between my husband's knowledge and my knowledge, and it takes time to understand what my husband says"(Laugh)

My husband is a super maniac with respect to the car, just like a car otaku that embodied "No Car, No Life". On the other hand, I like "Porsche but I do not have much knowledge about cars." So, mostly this conversation will be held.

Husband: "911 is RR, that's why ..."
Me: What is RR (-_-)?
Husband: "Well! I write a blog to know RR!? (゚ Д ゚) No, so RR is a rear wheel drive, from ● ● with ●, and, understeer, oversteer ..."
Me: What is understeer or oversteer (-_-)?
Husband: "... No, so understeer is not a curvature, even if you steal a handle, from ● ●, ● ● ● ..."
I: I do not know why it's so bent, although it seems to bend in atmosphere (- _ -)
Husband: "No, no, I do not understand why I explained it."
(Saying ... ... her husband brought out the radio control from another room)
Husband: "So, what is the structure of a car ...?"
(Dismantling radio control and ... and starting from the first explanation)
- 30 minutes to one hour later
Me: Yeah, I feel like I've known "somehow."
Husband: "Please explain this little bit" Somehow "... (-_-)"

It feels like to quit at(Image diagram below).

If this is also considered as a "couple's conversation", it may be good to increase communication, but since I was originally a curriculum, mathematics and science gave up early, it is really hard to understand the structure of the car It is(You talked about a story before the science system of science and technology w).

Anyway, I do not think that this method is the best in the future, I hope to find a better way.

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  1. Ruun Rumba

    Good evening. The couple who can talk about cars is nice!

    Air cooling is fun! Although it is not effective for air conditioning (lol) Although it is compact in appearance as far as 964 is concerned, the handle can not be cut off beyond imagination.
    And it is so heavy that it can not be thought of with power steering (crying) styling is the best. It's cute frog. I am looking forward to my husband's air-cooled review!

    Speaking of blog posts, I bought Aston Martin. Although it is a stock (lol) it is troublesome to find a securities company to handle as it is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
    Will it be quickly solicited? W Is it possible to think that unnecessary loss is Aston's maintenance cost (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba

      Thank you ^ ^
      Air cooling, I see! I guess it is a world I do not know until I ride.
      Even so, the condition of the air conditioner is bad is that we will die in the summer (((;; ゚ Д ゚)))) haha
      If delivered by all means, I will introduce the review!

      Stock of Aston Martin! What?
      That's right!
      Luxury foreign cars are made to take money in some way (laugh)

  2. shimoyannjp

    Hello Mina, It is shimoyannjp.

    It is finally the next month. Air cooling. Is it 993? Or it may be 964.930.

    I owned 964, the body color was Midnight Blue Meta. It was 250 horsepower, but it was strangely impressed that my friend who owned Benz SL of 500 horsepower was impressed that PORSCHE was fast, as expected.

    I am looking forward to your subsequent report.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Thank you!
      Air-cooled, it looks like 964!
      It seemed that he was at a loss as 993, but it seemed that there was a good encounter with 964 (^ ^)

      Midnight blue metallic! It looks beautiful insanely! And after all Porsche is fast!
      Because I think that it is possible to feel variously because goodness of the air cooling age and Porsche likeness which is handed down even now,
      I'm looking forward to it now ^ - ^

      I will also report it on my blog!