How to buy luxury imported car like Porsche. Loan, cash lump sum, where should I buy?

Delivery of new Panamera
Living with Porsche

Cash lump sum, loan again?

About three years ago my husband, for the first time Porsche(981 Boxster GTS)When I bought it. Since her husband had saved money to buy Boxster a couple of weeks ago, about 70% was cash and the remaining 30% was purchased with a loan. Why did you pay 70% in cash instead of full loan"People who buy luxury cars like Porsche buy cash in bulk"I thought that he decided to pay as much cash as possible because he was thinking.

Delivery of Porsche Panamera

However, at that time, when my husband talked to Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer,

No, that's not true. Everyone can buy it with a loan.

It is said,"Huh? Is that so!"I heard that he was very surprised.

So, after thatPurchase PanameraWhen I did, I made the remainder a loan except for the deposit of the order.

Thinking about cash flow?

"But if it was a loan, I have to pay for the interest, so is not it a loss after all?"When asking her husband,

No, that's not it.
I was thinking so during the salaryman era. in addition"It is cool to buy luxury cars in cash"I thought.
But,Given cash flow and hand liquidity, it is better to keep cash at hand by paying interestI noticed that.
in additionPorsche is harder to drop in value than other manufacturersIt is better to suppress spending on monthly cash with a loan as long as possible. When selling it is reasonable price, so some of the amount you pay will be returned or it may be chara.

He said. When I write a little more detail,

① Think cash flow and leave cash
I think that it is the same as management, but if, for example, cash of 10 million yen disappears from the account at a stretch, it will be necessary to submit another annual maintenance fee, repair charge, inspection fee, and newly. On the other hand, if you make a monthly payment with a loan, you can turn that money into maintenance costs and inspection fees, and even you can operate that money or invest another. Also,It would be cashflow-safe to have cash at hand in case of emergency.

If you are a millionaire who has many assets in cash, you can buy it in one cash lump sum which does not interest, even if you buy a 10 million yen car in cash without any problems I think that is also good,"Generally, you do not have to dare purchase cash at once"It was that.

② Porsche resell is good
Porsche is lower price drop rate than other cars.In addition, if it is a GT series or a rarity-high car model, it may be higher than the time of purchasing a new car when selling., It is better to pay a monthly fee every month by organizing a long-term loan of residual value setting type.
On the other hand, in the case of a car with a high value drop rate, if you pay with a long-term loan, you can not offset the loan balance with the amount sold at the time of sale and you may have to make additional payment at the time of sale.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo Delivery

Porsche's loan service

Also when purchasing Porsche"Porsche auto loan"Ya"Porsche Power loan"You can also apply for a loan service like.

Porsche Loan - Porsche Japan

Porsche auto loan, down payment, number of payments(6 to 60 times), Bonus for combined useA loan program that allows you to choose the optimal payment plan.One Porsche Power loan is about 40% of the vehicle price when applying for a loan,(In the case of 36 times payment)As the deferred amount to the final round three years later,The monthly payment is remarkably reduced compared with the normal auto loan.

So, even if you buy a high class truck like Porsche on a loan it is not particularly embarrassing, it is rather a smart way to buy so it is better to use the loan with confidence.

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  1. SN

    I always read pleasantly!
    It is a financial plan. As another way of thinking, I changed my mind after asking acquaintances "If you borrow money, you get better to turn that amount to Investment while cheaper". It seems that the person who puts that amount in the investment account exceeds the interest of the loan more than the profit which comes in there rather than paying a large amount of cash at a stroke. It was said that investment accounts with profits of 6-8% per year and car loans with interest of 2-3% per year, if you deduct the investment rate better. Well, of course investment has risks. . . I am impatient about the weaker stock this week.
    Sorry for the story that has nothing to do with Porsche!

    • MinaMina

      Always thank you for seeing the blog!

      > It is a financial plan. As another way of thinking, I changed my mind after asking acquaintances "If you borrow money, you get better to turn that amount to Investment while cheaper".

      I see. When asked variously, my husband also said "I think that it is true as it is!" My husband is now saying, "Since I can increase it in various ways if I have a former hand, I am trying to think about how to work for money."
      It seems like we are going to stock stock this week, is not it? ... THEO Even this week it seems that it is falling (it means that it is an expression of depreciation).

      I guess Panamera delivered soon! What? I am looking forward to it! ^ ^

  2. To be sunny

    Really that's right, I would rather lose luxury cars if they would not buy a loan. After all, those who pass the loan examination of the amount of nearly 20 million will have many people who can buy it at once w

    In recent years, Ferrari has been selling idiot because of this loan purchase. Porsche falls, though it does not fall compared with a general car ww
    However, Ferrari really has lower resistance. Is it only Ferrari that the loan company admits that?
    Therefore, Porsche can only set a residual value of 40-50% in 3 years (but it is still high, usually 30 little)
    Lamborghini can be set up to 60%. And Ferrari is an amazing 75 par.
    So, if only 30 million Ferraris have a down payment of about 5 million, you can actually ride at cheaper prices domestically. However, although Porsche is expensive, it can only set about 40 percent, so it will still cost hundreds of thousands a month.
    By the way,
    I think that people who can buy Porsche are rich nowadays. I can buy Ferrari too, but I thought I had no hands on Carrera.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      > Really, as it is, I think that luxury cars are likely to be lost unless they are bought with a loan.
      I see! It was a story of a world I did not know at all, so I was surprised when I heard this story.

      > Therefore, Porsche can only set the remaining value of 40-50% in 3 years (but it is still high, usually 30 little)
      > Lamborghini can be set up to 60%. And Ferrari is an amazing 75 par.

      Eh Ferrari is scary ...! That's great ...
      The Ferrari sales strategy is insanely well done ...

      If you think so, you can certainly get cheaper than domestic cars that have bad prices ...
      It's amazing…

      There are a lot of information that you can only know or know for the first time after buying Porsche.
      I think it's deeper than ever.

  3. No no

    It's a natural story, but it's a story of someone who has an investment or business that exceeds the interest rate if you want to keep the money at hand.
    Pre-consumption, anticipation of consumption is a rat race.

    By the way, the interest rate of the preferential campaign is collected by somewhere because the dealer bears the interest.