Porsche officially announces production of the 911 Speed ​​star commercial model started!

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Finally, 911 speed star production started

On June 8, 2018, at Zuffenhausen in Germany,The 911 Speed ​​Star concept car appearsdid. After that, it has been rumored for some time that "Is it production coming soon?" For a few months. Finally yesterday, Porsche "officially announced the production of the Porsche 911 Speed ​​Star" on 2 October.

Speed ​​star is a limited model of Porsche tradition,Front windows lower than normal 911AndSoft top that opens and closes manually, And"Double bubble"Features such as design (like Boxster Spider) etc. Every time it is released at the last timing of the current type.

The 911 Speed ​​Star this time,Weisacher InstituteIt is said that it will start production from the first half of 2019 as a limited model.

By the way, the 911 Speed ​​Star produced 1,948 units this time. Named after the memorable day on June 8, 1948, when the first model bearing the name of Porsche "356" No.1 "Roadster" was registered.

The long-awaited NA engine for fans

The 911 Speed ​​Star of this time has the same concept car and body component as previously announced, but the model color is "Guards Red". It is contrasting with the concept car released in June. Wheel design is very similar to racing car designs such as 911 RSR and GT 3 R. And the daytime running light was inspired by the race. The fuel tank cap located in the center of the hood is black chrome and platinum specification.

The body of the concept car was designed based on 911 Carrera 4 ConvertibleThe fender, front bonnet and rear bonnet are made of lightweight carbon fiber composite material and the chassis is brought from 911 GT3. In addition, the GT development department was equipped with a titanium exhaust pipe in the exhaust pipe and a drive train including a manually operated 6th gearbox.

Also,The engine is equipped with a naturally aspirated (NA) horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, achieving a power exceeding 500 horsepower and an engine speed of up to 9,000 rpmIt is said that it is.

It is a price to worry, but as of yesterday it was not announced yet. I'm sure it is expensive ~ (laugh)

Since only 1948 units are produced worldwide, how many frames are allocated to the nearest dealer (or no assignment?) Is a concern. With this stylish design, with the NA engine installed, the reservation frame will definitely be buried soon and will be a lottery.

My husband has already made a reservation, but this is not going to hurt truly ~. Nonetheless, once you actually want to see it in raw.

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"The Porsche 911 Speedster will go into production"

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  1. Ishi B

    I do not know if it will win, but I want this. Although it becomes a reverse lottery phenomenon because it becomes a large expense when hitting and applying it. . . .

    If tonneau cover which is said to be fixed with zipper is attached, because there is no wing like GT 3, can it be used for commuting unexpectedly?
    Can tonneau cover be stored somewhere in the car body? Will you be equipped with an air conditioner as an option? Even if you do not hit, you can just enjoy delusions.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B

      I do not know if it will win, but I want this. Although it becomes a reverse lottery phenomenon because it becomes a large expense when hitting and applying it. . . .

      My husband was saying the same thing (laugh) I want you to give it to me, but actually it will be a big deal ... (laugh)
      At this stage, information is still few, so it will be a delusion, but as more information comes out and whatever you can become a configurator (like this model seems to be impossible)
      I'm excited that excitement stops (laugh)
      I hope various information comes out quickly ^ ^