Riding the old air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) after a long time." /> Riding the old air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) after a long time." /> Riding the old air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) after a long time. -Porsche came to our house-Owner's Blog

Riding the old air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) after a long time.

911 964
Air-cooled Porsche

In midsummer, the battery was turned off and the 964C2 was put to sleep. After the Bon Festival, it became a little cool, so my husband was full and awakened the air-cooled Porsche. Please see if it is good.

Wake up, 964.

From around this year's Bon Festival, air-cooled Porsche has come to a dream, and the forbidden symptoms have reached their limits. Just recently, the heat has dropped, soI decided to wake the 964 from hibernationIt is.(Early!)

Ishio's air-cooled Porsche, who had been in hibernation since the first half of July, was waiting quietly in the tower parking.

Porsche 911 964

911 964 Battery kill switch

Open the hood and turn on the main switch of the scary battery. Then, the lighting in the trunk lights up and 911 opens his eyes quietly.

Sit down on the seat and turn on the ignition. Slowly turn the key while checking the operation sound of the fuel pump and the sound of the electrical system.

"This guy ... will move! ]

I'm no longer feeling Amuro Rei.
The cell turned vigorously and after a little longer cranking, the horizontally opposed 6 cylinders woke up as if nothing had happened.

Dororo ...Sound like a large displacement motorcycle, a feeling of air vibration, and a unique scent inside the air-cooled Porsche carBut"Oh, this!"Recall the memory." It was a strange feeling as if I hadn't been on it for about a month and a half, but I hadn't been on it for a longer period.

964 run

Put Tiptronic in the D range and start running quietly.As usual, the seat position of this car is not decided perfectlyHowever, the firmness of the body and the large unevenness that conveys NVH firmly reminds us of “steering” the car.

After a long time of handling, if you just drive normally at town speed, the steering wheel is heavy, the front entrance is mild, and you don't feel like turning quickly. Probably, if someone with no knowledge of sports driving rides, it will be reflected only in a dull car.

But,With a delicate opening and closing of the accelerator and one way of stepping on the brake, the 964 will run as you please.It is fun if the driving skill is directly proportional to the motor performance of the car and is conscious of the load.

From the Porsche 911 train window

Even if there is only one lane change, the movement is clearly different between changing the lane with the accelerator kept constant without thinking anything and pulling the accelerator immediately before changing the lane and then turning the steering wheel.

Recently, I often get on GT3, so it feels extra strong.Compared to Porsche of this era, the current 911 is like a midshipIt is. Of course, if you run sporty, you can see that it is RR, but there is almost no awareness of RR if you run normally. If you cut the handle without being aware of anything, it will bend normally.

Around hereI want to write a detailed article about the comparison between water-cooled 911 and air-cooled 911 againI think.

Air-cooled touring in the fall

It has been raining for a while after waking up from hibernation, and there were days when I could not get on, but today it rained and I went to work in the air after a long time. Darely open the window and run slowly while listening to the engine sound. I always think,The feature of air-cooled Porsche is that it feels different depending on the day, ride comfortI think.

If you take the data accurately, nothing may have changed, but for some reason, the ride feels a little different on that day.

On this day, it is a very mild ride, and it runs smoothly on a paved road. Run the Hanshin Expressway Kobe Line east while taking the Asahi. When you merge Tiptronic in manual mode and accelerate at 2nd speed and 3rd speed, the engine sound that was full of heartbeat in the city changed from `` Dorodro ・ '' to `` Boom '', and“Shaan! ]It will change into a continuous sound, and the car will be instantly blended into the flow with a pleasant sound.

Air-cooled 911 964 meter

The air-cooled engine sound heard for the first time in a long time is a very multiplex sound.I think that. In general, engine sound is a multiple performance, and various sounds from super bass to super treble change their ratio continuously according to the rotation range. Among them, the air-cooled Porsche engine sound has a wider range, and various sounds such as explosion sounds, exhaust sounds, tappet sounds, intake sounds, gear sounds, etc. are mixed directly to produce that unique sound. I think there is.

As the office approaches,Is it over now? . .“I stopped my girlfriend ’s air-cooled Porsche in the parking lot as usual, displacing the end of the commuter drive.

I will do some maintenance by the fall and want to go touring with this child in the best condition.

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's my favorite ~ (^ _-)
    Air-cooled Porsche is also good! (Lol)
    I'm 31 years old, but I'm still riding every weekend (; ^ _ ^ A).
    I definitely want to run with you (^^)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      Always thank you ^ ^

      > Air-cooled Porsche is also good! (Lol)
      My husband murmured as if he had been delivered yesterday, "Yeah yeah, yeah yeah" (laughs)
      This is really amazing.

      I look forward to working with you and somewhere else!
      Continue to thank you.