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Panamera turbo

Michelin Pilot Sports 4

The other day, I changed the tires of Panamera, but today I want to write about the impression of replacing the tires and running a little.

The tires where Panamera of our house was previously,Pirelli PZERO"was. It is a Porsche certified tire that was installed when the new car was purchased. This was triggered by the puncture of the other day,Michelin Pilot Sports 4 Acoustic".

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Acoustic Porsche Panamera Turbo Automobile Manufacturer Technical Approval Tire 275/40 ZR20 106Y XL N0 315/35 ZR20 110Y XL N0 Front Rear 4 pcs Set | MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 Acoustic 705700 705710 4 pcs Set 275 40 315 35 r20

I chose Michelin because my husband really liked the performance of Michelin tires when he changed Boxster tires from Goodyear to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. At that time, my husband

After switching to Michelin Pilot Sports 4S, it changed a lot! It may be too much to say, but the lack of roughness feels like Panamera. Handling is now more accurate and straight ahead is more stable!

He said that if he had to change Panamera tires next time, he would have decided to go to Michelin.

Tire exchange of Porsche Boxster GTS-impression of trying to change to Michelin pilot sports 4S

However, in the case of Panamera, instead of Michelin Pilot Sports 4S,Michelin pilot sports 4"It is said that it will be the tire without S. In addition, when it becomes a Porsche certification model of Panamera size,acoustic] Is added, andMichelin Pilot Sports 4 Acoustic N0]. This is a "model with a noise absorbing sponge affixed inside".

Just because my husband says `` I will make all four Michelin Pilot Sports 4 ''The tire puncture was done only for the right front tire, so why not just change it?And my husband said,

Akan.If you do that, there will be a left-right differenceYan. in additionChanging only the front tire means wearing different manufacturer tires before and afterI mean, I'm so sick and I can't do anything personally. I can't change everything if I change.

So, I ordered on the Internet at Rakuten and exchanged all four (explosion). By the way, when I checked a little about Pilot Sports 4 Acoustic,

・ Excellent wet and dry performance
・ Excellent control and response performance
・ Sophisticated premium touch design
・ Acoustic technology(A noise absorbing sponge is affixed inside to reduce the noise level transmitted inside the car)

Seems to be characteristic.

Michelin Pilot Sports 4 Acoustic

There is a sponge inside the tire.


Impressions of Michelin Pilot Sport 4

After that, my husband told me, "I changed tires, so I'd like to ride a little Panamera." The other day, I tried riding Panamera for the first time in about two weeks. When I started running, I thought,Increased lightness and smoother rideBut I didn't feel the difference from the Pirelli I had worn so far.

I guess Pirelli was also a good tire.

Rather than that, I got on the Panamera after a long absence,I am impressed again by the performance itself of PanameraThe part is bigger ... The feeling of solidness, the smoothness of driving, the strength of acceleration when merging on the highway, all in all, have reaffirmed how wonderful the Panamera is.

Michelin Pilot Sports 4 Acoustic

One of his first impressions of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 was that

I feel more light. until now,Impression that I changed from wearing heavy sneakers to slightly lighter sneakersYeah. After that, road noise doesn't feel like it's obviously quiet. However, when it comes to ride comfort, compared to Boxster's Goodyear Asymmetric 2 with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, this time, the big difference with Pirelli is that much more.

It was that.

Next page → I went to Ashi and peeled off the tires. ?


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Ishi


    Even if you don't change the tires, just changing the air pressure will change the ride and lightness a lot.
    Both my Boxpa and Panamera were very helpful tire reviews next year, as it is time to change tires.

    971 Late Panamera, aiming for this PHEV, but recently hesitated whether to try Taikan.
    When driving on a highway using only the motor in PHEV in E power mode and experiencing a pseudo-Taikan, the feeling is leaning toward the Tikan.
    4S is enough for myself because I don't need power up to turbo. I'm looking forward to seeing which of the Taikan 4S and the late 971 PHEV will come first in Japan.
    I am looking forward to how the charging infrastructure in Japan will change at that time.
    The delusion of a car is fun.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      As you said, it changes a lot with air pressure. I think the tires are deep.

      > 971 Late Panamera, I am aiming for this PHEV, but recently I got lost as to whether to use Taikan.
      Oh yeah! ! !
      But I'm sure I'd like to go to Taikan instead of calling it a hybrid if I got here.

      In Japan, it is very difficult to read whether the late 971 PHEV or Taikan is ahead, I wonder if both cars can not be delivered in time for Panamera's car inspection ...
      If so, I wonder if it will be a different option again ... My home is also delusional in various ways (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      > The critics also wrote quite a few articles that "hanging" is the best not only for 911, but attaching PASM with standard inch in basic feels best for everyday use.

      Certainly, the expression that "hanging" is the best is seen in various articles.
      But it's true, not everyone is a racer, and the Japanese road doesn't have that much speed, so I wonder if it would be best.
      (Especially enough for me like me ^^;)
      I am also very worried about the 992 model.

  2. Mail order?

    Order on Rakuten ... If you have a chance to exchange, and if you are particular about it, why not make a shop where you can see the face-to-face seller instead of a mail order that someone who does not know who is doing it?