Porsche 911 top model owner finally says `` plain 911 is fine ''

Porsche 911


There is a Panamera Turbo in my home, but my husband often said this from about a year after delivery.

The Panamera Turbo is certainly amazing, but the power so far is still not necessary on the Japanese road.If you buy the next Panamera, the basic model is enoughI think so. No, not enough.


Well, I was listening while thinking that I could understand what I was saying.

And the other day, when I went to Ashi Driveway, a tremendous Porsche owner who can get on a different old and new Porsche every week was immediately on the new 911 (Carrera S), saying like this.

That ’s enough. It ’s fast, comfortable, and it ’s pretty good.


This person is riding a variety of Porsche, such as GT2RS, GT3, 911 turbo, etc., that such a person says "this is OK", that is, that is what it is.

In addition, the owner who rides from the latest water cooling to air cooling "The model of 964 is the most fun.I did n’t need the power of a GT3, and I was told that the power of this era was just good and fun.

I see.

The charm of 911

At first, it starts with “elementary”, and gradually begins to buy higher-level models, and once it knows the apex, it returns to “elementary” again.

Somehow, a bloody young man who dreams of becoming a rich man gets up, eats at a fine restaurant every day, gets everything he wants, but over time, he begins to see gray hair in his hair In the end, "After all, white rice is the most delicious ~Is it the same as saying?(What setting is w)

When I tried to talk to my husband,

Soyana. I also ended upWould you like to get it with bare 911?I think. 'Cause it's enough for Japanese roads? I'm not going to run an autobahn like Germany, and I think that it's possible to enjoy it with bare 911.
after,To go touring, 911 is goodI think. It's fun to run at low speeds or at high speeds, and you can take a break by defeating the seat.
I've been riding Boxster GTS, air-cooled, GT3, and so on, but if you ask me what I want next, then I'll be terribly obsessed with 911.

And that.

In the end, if you conclude that it's "nice", you might think that you should buy raw material, but that seems to be different, when my husband bought a Panamera Turbo before,

I don't need the power so far.I didn't like to say "I don't need turbo power" without owning a turboNo. After all, once you own it, you are convinced, and after all, you can think that it ’s good enough.

I was saying. I see, that's true.

However,Many people go around and think that “primitive 911 is good”That ’s it,Proof that normal 911 is highly completeBut I think it is. Not only can you be satisfied with the top model, but the basic model is well made, and because it is a highly complete sports car, everyone is convinced and comes back there.

This is amazing.

I also want to be an attractive woman who makes a lap and thinks that you are good.(What kind of w)

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    I totally agree.
    When I owned a GT model and got it on my friend's RS, I thought straightforwardly.

    "I should have bought Carrera T."

    But there was no Carrera T MT in Japan ... It is said that you notice the side (laughs)

    Of course I understand the great things about GT3.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      That's right! I'm very happy to have sympathy!

      > "I should have bought Carrera T."
      > But there was no Carrera T MT in Japan ... It is said that you notice the side (laughs)
      My husband also said when Carrera T came out!
      What kind of thing that MT doesn't come in to T! ! ! And (laughs)

      I think Porsche is deeper the more I know it.

  2. Naiya

    I laughed at the white rice and the attractive woman's tip w

    Even Porsche has enough fighting power for amateurs (rude) of 300 horsepower & 38.8㎏m, even the entry model (my car's element 718) that can be reached by the ordinary people. What is the status of an advanced model?
    Critics have wrote quite a few articles that "hanging" is the best, not just 911, and attaching a PASM to a standard inch in a basic way feels the best in everyday use.

  3. PorscheDreamer

    Hello, we are satisfied without Top Model experience at 991.2 Carrera Moto.
    In the first place, the 911 I was longing for was the 2.4L model, so the 911S had only 190ps.

    I'm rather poor at using things, and I just want to do one simple thing.
    It is troublesome to use a desktop and a notebook separately for a PC, and for more than 15 years, only a notebook PC.
    The car has never owned a second (although it was taken over from his father for a short time).
    The ultimate one is the 911 Carrera (MT).

    If it is a short distance, it can take 4 people, and if it is not very large luggage, there is also a roof rack.
    Although it is not a 4WD, Cayman's experience is that if you wear winter tires you will have no problem on ordinary snowy roads.
    The smooth sound of the flat 6, the pleasant sound when turned. Traction that can be accelerated with turbo power and full throttle when you are here.
    Stress-free steering, clutch and shift. A cruising range of over 800km for high-speed driving. Tired seat and ride comfort.

    What a cute guy.

    • MinaMina


      > The ultimate one is 911 Carrera (MT).
      As you said, it is the ultimate one.
      I think it's an all-purpose car in the many Porsche lineups.
      As I read the text, the best friendship came to me.

      I also want MY Porsche MT soon ...!

  4. Wooper

    You don't have to go around.
    If you say that you are good on the first lap.

    Everyone says that plain 911 is good (China
    I also say ...). Deny itself

    However, car lovers who say such things are 911
    Are you quiet with just one of them?
    I'm not familiar with you. (By the way, I
    I haven't ...)
    You should know the taste of white rice,
    You should be satisfied, after all luxury less
    I like cars because I miss the taste of Trang.

    So, I really get what car lovers say
    It's no good (laughs)

    But surely your husband will not go around one lap
    I wonder if it is good ...
    It feels like reading a blog (nod)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      That's true (laughs)
      While saying, "Essential 911!", They all have multiple units, so it doesn't seem convincing ... (laughs)

      After all, each has goodness, fun,
      But is that the basics of 911?

      > But, surely, you do n’t have to go around once
      I wonder if it ’s good ...

      I'm glad if so!
      I will continue to improve myself.