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About GT3

911GT3 (991.2) that has been delivered and has already run for about 6000km. When I listened to her husband's remarks, it seems that there are more things I feel about GT3 now than immediately after delivery. So I decided to summarize what my husband was talking about recently.

Similar to 73 Carrera

The other day, I introduced an article that my husband drove a 73 Carrera of an acquaintance.

Finally ride the legendary 911, 73 Carrera! It is no longer an important cultural asset of the Porsche world, no world heritage!

Just after driving this 73 Carrera, he got on his GT3 and found it very similar. When I asked what is so similar between the car made more than 40 years ago and the latest car,

After all it is handling. Also, I thought the engine sound was very similar when the GT3 exhaust valve opened. If you ride each car on a different day, you might not know itImmediately after driving 73 Carrera, I got on GT3 on the exact same road, so I found out moreI think noya.
Unintentionally aloneWow, great! It ’s the same!(Laughs)
It ’s hard to tell the “same”,73 Carrera's lightness and quickness are realized with modern technology.
It's just an example of my feelings, but I think it's the same as when you magnify a photo on a computer.
For example, the feeling of enlarging without changing the aspect ratio of the photo. So, strictly speaking, the size is different, so speaking differently, it's different, but the subject of the photograph is the same. Such a feeling.
The GT3 ancestor was 73 Carrera, and I knew that the running roots were here. So,If you know 73 Carrera and get on GT3, GT3 will feel even more delicious.Since then, the GT3 winding has been fun.

He said.

911 GT3 ride comfort

The GT3 ride is not very good at low speeds. The undercarriage is stiff and it is easy to pick up the unevenness of the road surface, so running on that road surface makes it quite rugged.

However, if you drive on the highway, it will turn around, and it will be very smooth and the ride will be much better. The feeling of grounding, rigidity, stability, etc. are combined, and the ride is surprisingly good. It's hard to imagine a race car. So my husband

If you run with GT3, choose a road that can speed up to some extentThat is important. The suspension must be hard, but the spring rate on the front, which is likely to affect the riding comfort, is not that hard. More than that, I think that a short stroke amount leads to poor riding comfort at low speeds.
The place where the road is rough at low speed is the worst. It is shaken with Yusa Yusa. On the other hand, it comes from the spring rate and the hardness of the bushI don't feel the shock. Anyways,I am not good at shaking the unevenness and undulation of the road surface at low speed.Yana. But again, when the speed goes up, you will be worried because it will flatten the unevenness. That's about 80km / h. So even if it's not an expressway but a regular road, I want to run on a road that has relatively little traffic and can run smoothly.

He said.

If you go touring, carefully check

Last weekend, my husband went on a GT3 run on the Takano Ryujin Skyline, but there were many tourist family cars around, and looking at the speedometer, it was connected to a family car of 35 km / h from beginning to end, it was like a truck train It looks like (laughs)

Running on a GT3 for a long time at a low speed is very tiring. Boxster and even if it is low speed, the roof can be opened, so you can enjoy running while changing your mood, but the GT3 is not comfortable at low speed and the roof is not clear, so it was difficult to run in that situation all the time .
From now onWeekdays if you are going to run with GT3Or on weekends, you should plan very carefully and go only where you can run comfortably. Okayama ’s “Nearby”Mimasaka Yamanami Kaido

He said.

Neck tires & fuel consumption when low speed continues

The other day, my husband who went to run to Takano Ryujin Skyline seems to have ran about 450km on that day alone.The neck gets tired when driving at low speed on GT3It was said.

Every time I pick up irregularities and undulations on the road, I'm trying to keep my neck straight unconsciously. My neck is stiff. I've never done this with Boxster or 964. Well, I don't think there are many people who run like this in GT3 a day.

I was saying. If you are riding a GT3, isn't it better to keep your neck training like a racer?

By the way, recently it seems that the fuel economy is better than before, and the engine has become familiar. For example, in this one-day touring, it is 10.6 / 100km, so it is roughly9.4km/ L and average 1km / L is slightly better than when a new car is dropped.

911GT3 fuel consumption

I can speak a lot

This may be because the color "crayon" is rarer than GT3, but when the car is parked in the parking lot, "This color crayon is right!" "?" The other day,

When I parked at the parking lot and got out of the car, I said, "This is a crayon GT3! I really want it!" Everybody knows well, I'm going to check it up ~

I was saying. Certainly, the atmosphere is different from 911, and there are no wings even though it is GT3, and it may be easy to call out with unusualness.

Do not rub the bottom unexpectedly

My husband told GT3Front axle lift system"When you press the button, the front will go up 30mm. ThisConvenience store steps and slopes will not rub even if they are not so nervousso. Husband

Before I bought it, I was wondering if I couldn't drive it every time I stepped or on a hill. Thanks to this option, that's not the case. I can spend it at all

He said.

GT3, take a look

I don't think I've driven the GT3 for 50km yet, but the other day I had to drive a little when I went to the Fuji Speedway. I want to drive.

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  1. Doll

    GT3 is a car that I want to ride once before I die someday
    Thank you for the meaningful story ♪

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      I'll be writing more GT3 articles in the future, so thank you in advance!

  2. Billiken

    Good work
    I own 991.1GT3, but I agree.
    I get tired if I run nearly 200km. The city is particularly stressful.
    If you continue to drive on the expressway at a constant speed,
    Not suitable for grand touring.

    • MinaMina


      Is that so?
      After all, when it comes to grand touring, other models may be better suited.
      I think again that there are many things that you will not know unless you ride.

  3. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    I was delivered at the end of May and ran over 7000km. Because it is almost an expressway move, I enjoy it very much from a one-way 200km one-way trip to Aomori roundtrip 1600km with relatively little stress. I want to run a lot and have fun. I am looking forward to the article. I hope to meet you someday in Arisu.

    • MinaMina

      991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications
      Ooooo over 7000km. . ! ! it's great! ! !
      The more you run, the more you will taste, or the more enjoyable you will be in the future.

      I hope you'll meet in Ashi and take photos side by side!
      Thank you for your continued support.