The third Hakone Turnpike Revenge with Porsche Panamera Turbo!

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Hakone Turnpike 3rd Challenge!

We wrote on the other day's blog, but on March 24 (Sunday),Participated in 911 DAYS run event held at Fuji Speedwaydid. There was no loss of the option to "go home at the end of the day,"After going on two circuit runs, going home from Gotenba to Hyogo Prefecture by self-propelled is really great even for my husbandI decided to stay for another night and run the Hakone Turnpike the next day.

Actually, I went to Hakone Turnpike at Panameera for the third time this time, but I could not even run twice in the past two times. BecauseWhen I went to Hakone Turnpike for the first time, I could not run as I thought with heavy rain and thick fog(In addition, there was an accident that a deer came out on the way),

To the Hakone turnpike at the new Panamera turbo

When I went for the second time,Retract in front because of heavy fog worse than the first oneIt's because it has come to an end.

After Panamera delivered, I ran the second Hakone turnpike but ...

Hakone Turnpike is famous as a place where car graphic reviews and car shots are made, so I knew somehow what it was like, but I couldn't actually drive myself, as in the example. I do not know the attractiveness and the image right now "Why everyone say Hakone, Hakone. Is it a good way so much ...I always thought.

So, this is the third challenge. "Just three thanks(A superior person should go out three times to the lower ranks' request. It is derived from the fact that when Bi Bei visited China three times when he arrives at a temple in China)Yanaa ... (-_-)It seems that we could finally get the forgiveness of the mountain god, even with a wry smile.For the first time, it was possible to run the Hakone Turnpike in fine weather.

As an aside, I have longHakone Turn pie "Pu""I was thinking that, I have been making a mistake until about two years ago(Because no one pointed out ... w). The turnpike (turnpike) It means toll road and toll road.

To Hakone Turnpike

I decided to go to the Odawara tollgate and come back from there to make it a route considering home in Hyogo. As expected, the day is fine from morning. Was good.

It was a weekday and there wasn't much traffic, so I was able to get to Hakone turnpike smoothly.

Well, that's it!

The charge for the Hakone Odawara Main Line section is 720 yen. As there is one way 410 yen when we enter from Tsuboya, there is Yui driveway(If you get out of Arima, it costs 930 yen), "Hakone turnpike is quite expensive ~"I thought. But that's because Hakone Turnpike has a longer distance.

I tried driving through the toll booth and using the Panamera in the sports mode / sports plus mode.The Hakone Turnpike has a totally different expression than the Samurai Driveway."I knew immediately.

First,The road is wide.It is very easy to drive because it is wide. Also, there are many straight lines and smooth curves.As there is a main road in Sakai Driveway, it is best for practicing curves, accelerators and brake work.But I think it takes a technique to run that much.

The point box root turnpike was able to run comfortably comfortably even for me who was not confident in driving.

The Hakone Turnpike was also fresh because he could run parallel to the bike.(Beijing driveway is basically a bike can not run on weekends and holidays)By the way, despite the brave running on such a beautiful road,The second woman who was in the passenger seat of Boxster driven by her husband was blazing downIt was said. She always bursts into sleep at any time ...

Take a picture of Boxster and Panamera at a good-looking spot on the way,

Then I went to Anest Iwata Sky Lounge. When it came before, it was such a situation with thick fog,

This time I got such a beautiful picture.

After all it is nice on sunny days. Also when I came before, I could not see anything from Mt. Fuji from here,

This time, I was able to look at such beautiful Mt. Fuji.

After that, eat the soft cream that was sold at Anest Iwata Sky Lounge's shop,

Since I had already passed 13 o'clock when I saw the clock, I passed through the Hakone-Izu contact line section, took the Shintona Expressway and traveled for about 450 km, and was able to go home safely that night.

Hakone and Yui are good

I felt that I ran the Hakone Turnpike this time, but the altitude here is also high(Altitude of Mt. Okan is 1,011m)Being able to drive while looking at the magnificent scenery that spreads under your eyes, I was extremely comfortable.I want to run by all means in the season of cherry blossoms.And it was also good that the sky lounge is full w

For those who previously lived in Kanto,It is enviable that I can always go to Hakone turnpike"I'm jealous that I can always go to the Sakai Driveway," he said. In the end, people are not what you think w

This time I would like to go on the road around Venus Line and Nagano Prefecture at Panamera too.

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  1. How to support life


    The appearance of enjoying the turnpike is above all.
    The turnpike has a gentle curve and a good view
    Because the road width is wide enough, I can step on the accelerator and enjoy it.

    About 2 weeks ago I went to Hakone for golf, but on the way back, I just went to the golf course
    It was a bit scary that powder snow began to fall violently when I left.
    Because I was riding the 970 instead of my own car on that day, I was also concerned about operability.

    First of all, it was snowing in the evening from the weather forecast.
    When it's snowing with the caddy near the end of golf, it's about which way to go back to Tokyo
    I was telling you that it is recommended, but it's about that Hatachi growing up in Hakone
    Caddy said, "That's the turnpike is safe."

    Tomei has a slight accident, and it is also possible to go out to Odawara and use Odawara Atsugi Road
    Sometimes there is a way to go through the side of Hakone Yumoto through the old road of Hakone to Odawara
    It's a bit funny to twist. It's a bit narrow, though.

    Because there was also a friend's car on that day (Sorry, I'm riding on the Benz) I stopped heading to Odawara
    I went to Gotenba. Luckily, a bus runs two cars in front of you, and this bus gets the snow off the tires
    It arrived safely to Gotenba to trace.

    But the turnpike is beautiful. I would like to go there next time.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      Hakone Turnpike, the first time I enjoyed it (laughs)

      Golf at Hakone ... it sounds so envious.
      But it's still snowing at such times!

      Certainly, with the 971 Panamera, it seems to be possible to drive without any problems.
      If it is not your car, you should still think carefully and choose a route ...

      There are many really interesting ways around Hakone,
      Moreover, the scenery is beautiful and enviable.

      Please come and see for yourself now!
      Compared to turn pike, the road width is narrow, and it is a considerable fall road w

  2. It is possible

    It is possible.
    Hakone with two cars ah. It feels like it is wrong.
    I was overwhelmed by Takano's power.
    I don't have a passion for betting on cars and porches.
    I have to learn a little. I look forward to working with you. .

    • MinaMina


      Thank you for today!
      If you carry more MT car driving practice, 718 is also nice if you can carry it by all means ^ _ ^

      A couple who loves Porsche,
      There are many people who like Porsche around, so
      I am a strange couple who are illusion that this is common

      Thank you for your continued support!