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PCCJ Opener

April 13 (Sat) / 14 (Sun),Opening match of Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) 2019 at Okayama International CircuitIs done. The main race of the race is the Super GT, but at the same time the first and second races of the FIA-F4 Championship and the Porsche Carrera Cup Japan 2019 will also be held.

Two years ago, I left my children with my parents, and I watched PCCJ in Okayama with two couples, but this year the children become a little bigger.It will be okay if you take me with you"I was going to go with four families for a long time.

The ticket that my house purchases isPCCJ Lounge Pass. Circuit entry, paddock area entry, PCCJ lounge access(With food), Pit walk, grid walk, pit tour, ticket with support goods.

What a price is 41,000 yen (;; Д))

The ticket fee is high, but when I watched this ticket two years ago, I had a very good experience. Even if we are a couple,I want to watch slowly in the VIP loungeNot "(Two years ago, we were hardly in the lounge w) ...

In front of the lounge, the pits of all the competing car cars line up,Whether dry or wet tires go"How the strategy is being developed to the very last minute, maintenance,You can see everything from the start to the race,

There was a Carrera Cup racer in and out of the lounge, and I was talking with the people involved, and I felt that it was the breath of the racer right after the race.

Also, when watching the WEC held at Fuji Speedway at the Porsche Official Lounge,Overseas racers, interpreters, managers who will be flying around the worldThere were people in the world that I can not usually meet in the space, as I am familiar with. At that moment,

There is such a work in the world ... If I knew this world when I was small,The options for deciding on a job in the future were definitely expandingMust be

I thought.

(View of the lounge when I went to watch the WEC in 2017)

Apart from "I wanted to get involved in the automotive industry", not "The world I usually see is not everything.The world is tremendously wide"You can feel it with your skin while you are young.Overseas and a world different from the environment in which we are nowAlso, I think that I am conscious and the possibilities of my life are greatly expanded.

So my husband and II want to let the children touch this world a lot from a small age“I was thinking that I wanted to watch with the children using the PCCJ Lounge Pass at this Okayama International Circuit.

In fact, some of them came with their children even when they went there before.

Setting of child rate is ...

I ordered PCCJ and race tickets every year by asking the dealer in charge, so I did not have to do anything especially this year, but from this year the ticket purchase method has changed and I apply from the internet I knew that the other day.

"If it is such a thing, you must hurry!"As soon as I tried to apply from the Internet, I did not explain the child fee, so I asked," from the person in charge.Children need the same amountThe answer came. Listening to that,

Even for Super GT tickets, less than primary school children are free when it comes to passing in the paddock, and even elementary school students are about 2/3 the price of adults ...(If you are only watching games, junior high school students and below are free)

And honestly I felt a little disappointed. However,On the same day, there was a notification from the other party that "preschoolers do not need to pay" for correction!

Oh, it was good ...! Thank you Porsche Japan! w

My husband is

If you look at it in the long run,It is possible for the children who watched here to become Porsche owners in the future.In this way, I think it's a good idea to hit hands for the rejuvenation of the users from now on ~

He said.

Car "education"

Modern Porsche, especially for models such as Cayman and Macan,We are campaigning for young audiencesSeems to want to expand the breadth of buyers.

Anyway, suddenly in the twenties nowBuy Porsche!However, because Porsche has a high-class car with a high threshold image, I wonder if it will be an option for buying a car suddenly ... it seems a bit more difficult.

So, that's the same as education ...Food education"Beauty educationI think that it is not so easy to penetrate unless you touch, experience, and instill from the time you are a child, as the word "." In particular, motor sports culture has not taken root.Car = Fun"And"Car otakuEspecially in a country like Japan with a strong positive impression.

vice versa,"When I was young, I watched F1 at Suzuka Circuit and got interested in carsThe racer who said ""My father likes cars, and he has been touching cars since he was a child, so he became a car lover tooI hear a lot of stories.

My childhood experiences have a major impact on my life decisions. That's whyI have an opportunity to touch Porsche from a young age,If you have a good impression there,Possibility that the child becomes car-like or Porsche will be an option when buying a car in the futureBecome.

So, like this time, creating an environment where it is easy for Porsche to watch the races of children will certainly lead to the creation of Porsche fans in the long run.

On the other hand, companies have to make a profit every year, and investing in a long-term strategy that doesn't make a profit immediately will not be easy. But like this time"The door is open to children" "WELCOME with children"Or you can give the impression ofChild CLOSE"I think that the future will be completely different if you give an impression" ...

Porsche, who has been leading the sports car industry for over 70 years, is once again happy to have a role like "car education" in Japan.

Let's all watch PCCJ!

Finally, the husband of the IT shop,

If you try to apply for this site, you can only choose up to 2 people, and there is no explanation such as payment or flow after purchase, so I wondered a little. If I do, it is easier to buy ... w

I was saying w Well, my main business is from IT and I'm worried (~ ̄))

In any case, the Porsche Carrera Cup Japan Opener is getting more and more fun! By the way,Click here to buy Porsche Carrera Cup Japan guest passis

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  1. Michihiro Kiyota

    We are looking forward to seeing your blog with your purchase of Porsche.
    It is used, but Boxster 718GTS is scheduled to be delivered on the 19th.
    It was very helpful.
    I'm looking forward to it from now on, thinking that I would like to be together at any time. (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kiyota
      Thank you for your comment ^ ^
      718 718 Boxster GTS delivery plan, congratulations!

      It is a good season from now, so I can open the roof and go to run to various places ^ ^

      By all means, I am glad if you can tell us the taste and impression of the 718 GTS.
      I hope you will be able to join us by all means! ^ ^

      Continue to thank you.