Porsche Panamera here is amazing! -Wonderfulness re-recognized after a round trip of 1000km

Porsche Panamera

Run 1,000 km at the Panamera

So far, the article that went to Fuji Speedway continues but ...This time I was driving alone at a distance of approximately 1,000km at the Panamera.In my family driving trips, my husband usually drove in the main and I was only allowed to drive a little in the interval.This is the first time I've been driving long distances so longIt was about

Panamera(970)It was about three years ago that I came to my home for the first time.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970

And it was a year and a half ago that the Panamera Turbo came. In these three years,I was driving the Panamera on all roads, such as city riding, winding roads, and highways, and I intended to fully understand its appeal.

However, since it became a result of reaffirming the splendor of the Panamera and its charm through this 1,000km driving, I would like to write a little about that.

Wonderness of Panamera

There is less fatigue even when driving long distances

The Panamera is a car that has a smooth ride and can be driven loose. My husband sometimes runs long distance at Boxster and comes home,

"Because I'm in a battle mode where Boxster is fun, but I'm always running! I get tired of feeling when I drive for a long time."

There is a time to say. However,As for the Panamera, I did not feel such fatigue.

However,The Panamera is not a car that was hard to drive, but a sports carIt is. Husband going forward while driving on highway(Boxster)Even though the car overtook the leading car of Toro Toro driving, the Panamera continued to accelerate and was able to overtake it in time.(Sport mode only when overtaking)

Also, the optional ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control)If you turn on ACC when you get stuck in traffic,I was able to drive easily by using ACC, even when I was able to drive almost automatically or in situations like a 100km / h cruise.

I thought that if I drove for such a long time, I would have a pain in my lower back, but I never did. Well, I seldom say anything from the usual occasions.

A sense of stability unique to four

I also wrote in a few days ago,Snow is deposited on the road of Sakaizaka Pass through Gotenba to Lake YamanakaThere was a slight slumping condition, so the Boxster, driven by her husband, was scared of slipping on the curve every turn. On the other hand, Panamera was not so scared at all.(Of course not a studless tire)

I was running at about 30 to 40 km / h, but I never felt that I was afraid of slipping, I never felt that I was afraid of driving, and I had a feeling of grounding on the ground from the beginning, and there was no problem at all in curves.Truly, the sense of stability of the fourth wheelIt is. If this is a panamera of FR, would it be different again?

I will never be relieved

Although this point is what I wrote many times in the past .... About 1,000 km of round trips, and about 70 to 80% of them were traveling on the highway,During that time, I was never beaten(It may not be that Toro Toro was running so much though)

"While driving on a freeway, there are cars coming in more than necessary even if there is a heavy traffic ahead"I have seen it on the net, and when I was actually riding on VW golf, I was beaten like that.

However, with regard to the Panamera, I have never been scolded even once.When it exceeds 90 km / h, the rear wing rises.It's a more intimidating look, so it's a shame.

Running on a land I do not know can be a little tense or attentive, but I have no worries about it.I could drive as usual without feeling such stressIt was very good.

It is relatively good fuel economy

I forgot to check the round trip fuel consumption completely, but speaking only on going,The fuel consumption was 9.2 l / 100 km. That is 10.8km / l.Because I used a lot of expressways and used ACC too much, although it was a driving with relatively good fuel efficiency,A huge body over 2t equipped with a 4.0 LV 8 engine"If it is this fuel consumption, I would not be pretty good.

In the beginning, the fuel consumption was not good so far, but recently I feel that the fuel consumption is getting better.

Mileage over 20,000 km!

One year and five months have passed since the delivery of the Panamera Turbo, and the meter was checked the other day when I returned home from Fuji Speedway,The mileage has finally exceeded 20,000 km.

Recently I was conscious to ride VW golf, but with this momentum, it is likely to go 30,000km in no time. It's a good car so I can't afford to ride as much w

Even so, the journey of Panameera's attraction rediscovery is endless.

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  1. Taka

    I always read it happily. I just delivered the Panamera Sports Sulasmo (model 2019) this month, but it is a wonderful car as described in the article. The appeal of the Panamera has been written over and over, but there are a lot of things that I think of ~.
    We look forward to attractive articles from now on.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing!

      > I just delivered the Panamera Sports Sulasmo (model 2019) this month, but it is a wonderful car as described in the article.
      Congratulations a lot! Panamera, it's a really nice car. I think that it is a deep car knowing the attraction as you get on.
      Thank you in the future ^ ^

  2. Ao

    I am always looking forward to seeing you. The other day, I took my first old mother (68 years old) to Carrera 4S, my first car in the first half of 991 in my car, for a trip to Haneda Airport for about an hour and a half for one hour.
    I remembered that a mother who was not interested in the car at last unexpectedly said, “I was shocked, my body was completely painless! Then, the latest Panamera would be a more comfortable and nice car.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you ^ ^

      > I took my mother (68 years old) to the passenger seat for about an hour and a half by transportation to Haneda Airport for traveling.
      How lovable ... If you're a mother, it is very nice to have the children bother to send me to the airport, ^ ^

      And what a mother who is not interested in cars says "Porsche is great!"
      After all Porsche is great.

      Drive the Panamera when I was not interested in the car at all,
      I felt, "This is great!" But I think it's really amazing that a car that even an amateur can see the difference.

      991 first semester Carrera 4S, NA looks fun ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!