Is Volkswagen Golf's ride similar to Porsche?

Porsche Panamera

Baby porsche

"Volkswagen Golf is similar to PorscheThe story ofGolf is a baby porscheI sometimes hear the story. Also in this blog,Golf 7(1.2-liter turbo engine, 7-speed DSG)The ride is very similar to Porsche"I have written that, but I would like to write about that again.

In fact, I think that the taste of golf is very similar to Porsche. "qualityIs the expression that they are similar suitable?

If you compare with meat(I'm not familiar with meat, though), Porsche "Fine meat with less red meat and less fatImage. on the other hand,The other day Mercedes-Benz S63Is the moment you eat it, the fat of the meat dissolves with itSupreme Shiho pretend meatIt feels like.

Impressions of ownership of the Mercedes · Benz AMG S63 4MATIC Coupe (C 217)

And I think that golf is also red meat like Porsche. However, the prices are completely different in Porsche and Volkswagen, so it is not natural that they are exactly the same.The rank of meat is different, but it must be good quality red meatIt is a feeling of.

Hmm ... I can not help but understand myself as it is ... (* _ *)

Similarities between Porsche and Golf

The Porsche I have ever driven is the new Cayenne, 970-97 Panamera, 981 Boxster, 718 Cayman, 911 (991, 964). It becomes comparison in this, but IThe ride of golf is close to Panamera, especially in PorscheI feel that.

However, in the case of golf, the feeling may be similar to that of a kankan, but unfortunately I have never driven a kankan(Magan just got on the back seat)....

In addition, for the new Cayenne, the driver's seat looks very high, andThe smoothness of the ride was amazing in the cars I've ever takenSo, after trying on Cayenne, honest golf was about to be overshadowed.

981 Boxster, 718 Cayman, 911 is just "sports carSo I think it's a little different from golf(It would be similar if it was GTI)In that sense, to say just by my sense at the moment,Golf is close to Panamera in Porsche". That's why I wrote a little about what is similar.

Hardness of foot

At the beginning, I described porsche and golf as red meat,It is hard to ride golfI think that. Feeling of the ground is strong, and irregularities and shocks are not soft and absorb the noise. Of course, the Panamera has a much more profound feeling and a feeling of ground, but I think golf has a lighter taste.

I mean, "It's too hard to rideThere is no such thing, and the ride is very smooth. "Hard under the foot, smooth ride"I think that it is similar to Panamera.

Feeling to hold the steering

I like golf steering. Personally, I am not good at the thick and soft handle of S63 ...Like Porsche, I prefer a stiff fitIt is. So, when it comes to golf steering, the fit and texture seem to be closer to the Panamera.

However, Porsche's steering is at an angle(How should I express it?)Although the steering wheel of the Panamera is thicker and more textured than golf,I will drive properly from now!I think that it is similar in that it becomes a sense.

High speed stability

The most amazing thing about driving golf is "High speed stability" Even if it goes out 1 ○ 0km / h, it stabilizes quite and it does not shake at all even if it changes lanes at that speed, and there is no anxiety.It feels even more stable as the car gets fasterAnd I think this stability is not even defeated by the Panamera.(It may be different if you get more speed)

The golf of my house is 1/7 the price of Panamera turbo, "It is something that was able to realize this much performance and technology well."Every time I drive on the highway, I am always impressed.

Sense of rigidity of the body

I think that the body stiffness of golf is very high. However, I did not drive or experience such a place where it takes G ... ButCompared to domestic cars of the same grade, the feeling of rigidity is much higher.

You can feel at ease because you can feel with your skin that it is built as a car. I think Porsche is also a car with a high sense of rigidity in the body, but I think that Porsche and golf are very similar even in such parts.

Shiny with hand wash

Such golf, but because it was too dirty too bad(Body is too, but the snacks that children ate in the car, and sand and soil are falling at their feet, so it was already awful situation), I decided to go to the hand wash car for the first time. At a nearby gas station, I asked for a full course, such as car washing and waxing of the body and cleaning of the indoor vacuum cleaner, and it took less than 1 hour.

Golf became shiny like a new car.

"How is the coating done?I was asked, but I'm back with a car inspection in the summer of this year, and I came back saying "I think when I think" ... but since this beautiful state will continue if coated, it will be worth doing .

That's the conclusion,Certainly golf is similar to Porsche.It is a German car. Recently, the driving distance of the Panamera has finally exceeded 20,000 km.(I got too much on my way),At the moment, the most frequent car I ride is golf, so I thought again that I would like to continue riding in the future.

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  1. SN

    I am sorry to comment in quick succession.
    I think I will be pulled back in the article of Golf. Golf Alltrack took a ride. When I think of winter snow I really want to be AWD. Alltrack also had a sense of rigidity, but I did not like the style a little. I wanted to try Golf R, but I was told that I couldn't get it if I didn't order it out of the stock anywhere in the neighborhood, so I ended up with the finalized WRX STI. Will Golf 8 be able to select AWD? is not it.

    As an aside, the fact is that Subaru WRX STI has decided almost selfishly while the family returned to Japan. I came back and got the impression that ... "I can not take this for a long distance" as I imagined. Suspension Gachi. But it's fun and I'm very happy personally. I play with Heal & Toe after a long time. It seems to be a person who is addicted to Subaru, but I understand why it is addicted to mania car construction including horizontally opposed engine. It somehow seems to be common with Porsche.

    Oh, then Mazda 3. It was a test ride and I did a test ride, but it is an impression such as ... hmmm. The design and the interior are the best in this class, but the 2L Skyactiv G engine is powerless and somehow it feels unreliable from the lightness of the door etc. = Lack of rigidity, so it was a bit disappointing. "Beyond Golf!" Is an article about lanterns ~

    • MinaMina

      No, there is no way!
      Thank you for always here ^ ^

      I'm envious that I have been trying variously.
      Golf R It is good-In Japan, used cars have some great cheap prices.

      > Golf 8 will be able to select AWD too? is not it

      Eh yeah is that so! I wonder if the stability will increase more than now, it's amazing ... it looks like you can go anywhere!

      > Aside from the fact, in fact Subaru WRX STI has decided almost selfishly while the family returned to Japan. I came back and got the impression that ... "I can not take this for a long distance" as I imagined.

      That's right (laughs) Your family is surprised (laughs), but because there is a panamera, it is all right!
      In fact, my brother was a Svalist and had been riding a legacy MT for a long time, but he said Heal & Toe was really fun.
      (Now I got married and a child was born and turned into an AT car ^ ^;)

      > Oh, then Mazda 3. I had a test ride and this was also a test ride, but it is an impression such as ... hmmm.

      Really! Although it was over golf! I don't want you to say such a light thing ^ ^;
      My husband also said, "Scoring to go beyond golf, but I really want to try a test if I really do it," but ...

      But I'm interested in the opposite sense. How much different from golf and ... (lol)
      I wonder if it will come out in Japan too soon.
      I will report again if I try it!