Driving Away-Is there anything I can get beaten by Porsche?

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About Aori operation

The last few years,I came to see the news of a bad driving well.Among them, there is an accident that the one who drove the car or the motorbike on the side of the car was killed, and it really hurts my heart when considering the feelings of the left family. By the way, with Aori operation,

For cars, motorcycles and bicycles traveling on the road,An act that causes traffic hazards on the road when the surrounding drivers drive while driving for some cause or purposeIt is(Somewhat)Most of the actions you take areRing the horn, close the carEtc. However, there are those who violate the line and violate the crime. The action may be to stop the other's car, intimidate it, or drag it out of the car to make an assault.
* Wikipedia: "Aile operation"

And is described in Wikipedia.

* Image Source:Revenge Act on Outstanding Driving! There is a great deal of risk for a momentary feel

In addition, it was written like this about the cause of the swaying driving.

the car is,A space that moves and is protected according to your own desiresBecause while driving, people areThere is a tendency for the feeling to grow psychologically.So, if you don't get what you want, it's easy to show anger's feelings even in trivial things.

When. Often"Holding the handle changes the characterIt is said that this is also the cause of growing feelings. Also according to the study "Big and high looking car"Or"luxury carWhen you get onI feel as if I have become greatIf there is a driver who becomes aggressive ...

I see ... I don't know.

Police enforcement strengthening

In January 2018, the National Police Agency issued a directive to strengthen anti-driving control. In addition, as a measure in the case of encountering an abnormal operation,Mount the drive recorder for the front and back of the car, or when there is a passenger, have the passenger record it, and submit the video as evidence to the police"I am urging.

* Image Source:Revenge Act on Outstanding Driving! There is a great deal of risk for a momentary feel

Speaking of which, when I was little, when my brother and two were riding in the back seat of a car driven by my mother, it was common for me to be scolded by the following car(Mother may have been driving too much.). That's when my mother said, "For a moment, both of us are looking backwards and looking back!Say(Since there was no child seat)My brother and I were looking backwards, and I was watching the old man in the driver's seat (laughs)

Also, because this was unexpectedly effective, every time my brother and I encounter a drowsy drivingI've been waiting!"I remember that I was looking backwards and making good use of it." However, recently there is also something called "retaliation", so it's quite dangerous act to think now ...

Inclined driving during Porsche driving

If you are riding a so-called luxury car like Porsche, you are rarely beaten by the car behind you. In the blog of the other day "I ran 1000km for a round trip at the Panamera, but I was not covered at allI just wrote, but it is true.

This place of Panamera is great!ー The wonderfulness re-recognized by traveling 1000km

In addition, my husband is about tilt operation,

In my experience,Nothing has been done with the Panamera TurboOr. With regard to Boxster, rather than being scoldedI'll pack the cars to see nearby"There is a car sometimes. There are also cars that come in rare cases, but such time,I do blipping at Sports Exhaust ONAnd generally, I will pull back w

He said.

When asked, "Well, about air cooling (964C2)? There are many small and cute silhouettes, and there are a lot of people who know the honesty, so there are times when you may be tempted."

that is,Even though 964 is so small and old, it is surprisingly beaten.after,I have never been beaten between PorscheNah. Even Porsche, who has been flying from behind, will drive with manners that maintain a certain distance between vehicles as it approaches. Is it a fellow Consciousness between Porsche?

It was said. after,Even in Porsche, it is beaten by domestic remodel sports carI hear that, but we have no experience yet. In other words, as long as you are in Porsche, I don't think there is much need to worry about being scolded.

Don't drive yourself

What I have to think about when driving Porsche isOn the contrary, it is about the possibility of "I'll get lost".


Porsche has accurate handling and high stability.I feel as if my driving went well.In addition, even if you are traveling at a certain speed, there is no "feeling of speed", so if you notice, you may accelerate quickly by stepping on the accelerator.

So you're driving a highway in Porsche and be honestWhy is this Toro Toro driving ... (-_-)", I may be frustrated with the leading car. My husband is

In German Autobahn, slow cars often give way immediately when fast cars comeIf you do not notice the preceding car, turn it on with a left blinker or light passing, and you will immediately give it over. Such a part is good manners.
But in the case of Japan,"There is no obligation to give, as long as you keep the speed limit."I think that it is likely that a driving problem will occur because there are many cases where you stay in the passing lane and do not give up stubbornly

It was said. I see…

But that is whyYou must not beat the car ahead"If it is too late and you really want to get rid of it, you have no choice but to" take over "from the left with a sufficient safety margin.("Overpass" from the left side is prohibited in the Road Act).

Then why "I must not beat the car aheadOf course, safety is of course the primary reason,

In general, "being on a luxury car like Porsche" often does not have a positive impression from the public


Before,This articleI also wrote that the side driving Porsche is quite normal, but from around"A rich man's pleasure" "It is disgusting"It may be thought that.

Porsche,It is a target of world admiration as well as a target of remorse.

For example, even if an ordinary domestic car is parked on the street, it seems that it can only stop at such a place (* _ *), but when Porsche is parkedJust because you're riding a luxury car, it's too bad manners!", Often get more than usual antipathy.

Also,"Porsche gets too fast to cause an accidentIn the case of a general domestic car, the news should also be headlined "cars will be an accident", but in the case of Porsche "by name"Porsche has an accidentIt is reported that.

It can not be said that it is ... not only Porsche, it is such a world.

So I think that if you drive with a standing Porsche, even if it stands out, you will get a considerable sense of opposition.

Risk of exposure

Under such circumstances, I think that I must pay particular attention recentlySNSIt is. So far on twitter,

"Because there is a car that you are driving at an angle"

With the comment thatThe video which photographed the state of the お り driving has been postedI have seen it several times. Naturally, the license plate of the car that is driving is not hidden as it is "exposure", and a considerable number of RTs have been made for such postings. If it escalates further, it may even identify the individual.

If Porsche I drive is exposed to SNS like thatEven thinking of ... is very scary.

of course"It is safe driving first, so don't be angry drivingIs the most important thing, but as mentioned earlier, especially luxury cars like PorscheIt is necessary to keep in mind good driving mannersI think. If you want to get rid of it, you should go to the circuit.

Conversely, if you give way while driving Porsche,I had Porsche give way"Well, I hear the story that the stock rises (w).

From now on, when riding Porsche, I try to keep safe driving more than usual.

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  1. SN

    Hello. I don't like driving. If you can not beat Porsche ... It seems that it doesn't really apply in the US It's a cry It's all gone so it's definitely passing over at 120 km / hr or less and it's a passing lane. It is subjective but the driving is rough is usually a huge pickup truck. I think that speed will surely come out with large displacement ... and. Both Mercedes and BMW and Porsche (especially Cayenne and Macan) have a large number, so they don't seem to be aware of with car models. Anyway, it seems like a late guy is a car. When I was riding at Maserati (100km / hr, though), I was overtaken from the driving lane while being pointed to the very female driver (minivan). I passed through getting angry and laughed. There are many people lol

    • MinaMina

      After all circumstances are different in the United States ...!
      The state is different, but when I went to Los Angeles and San Francisco last year, I was interrupted even if I got on GLS, I got knocked down or knocked down so much that it would be a collision, so America is fierce. I thought ... ^ ^ ;.
      And, as you say, everyone will fly away! Aunt and I usually skip a shot, I thought that something cool (laughs)

      > It has been overtaken while being pointed at the middle of a female driver (minivan) from the driving lane.
      Eh! ! Truly America! ! ! ! It's just a movie w If you think so, the highway in Japan is peaceful ...

  2. Kasamachikara

    We always have fun look.
    When I kept in mind a gentleman's driving, I was reported to the police by the odious driving at the end of last year when the tongue root I posted was not dry yet.
    The car at that time was not Porsche but one box of a sales car.
    We will show you the end of the day when it comes to alerting you in many ways.

    The office telephone rang 30 minutes after I returned home without any intention for normal driving as it was past 6:30 on the evening of the end of last year.
    When I went out, it was a phone call from the C city police station.
    Does the contents of the phone possess a vehicle with the number xxxx?
    Did you travel in the direction of city C today?
    All I knew was that all yes! I answered in,
    It was explained that I was informed that I was scared because I was driving at a loss and I was contacted.
    Since I don't remember that, I asked myself "I'm driving now-is it now!"
    As I recalled, I remember that I had been driving with a stoplight because I had a Ritter car that was running 40km from the 50k / h regulation of City C, and I remembered that I was going to stick after that. After explaining that neither passing nor horning nor waving a car, the police officer said that "there is a person who runs slowly"-Correspondence of the atmosphere which agrees with something of one's explanation ...
    After that I tried to pass by using the side road, but because the car of the other side continued on the same road and continued to run at 40k / h, I explained that I passed and returned home at the place where the overtaking prohibited section was canceled.
    If the reaction of the police officer is unsatisfied, it seems that you are satisfied with this statement, and then ... "Because there are people who report immediately, please be careful."
    I have finished the call.
    The next day I talked about the end to my younger friends,
    "It's an alarm drive, the guy just added a drive recorder,
    It is interesting to let the car behind you get close and report to the police. "Tell me.
    Upon hearing the story, I was convinced that the police officer had a good understanding.
    The police can identify the other party even if the phone number is not notified. Even if it thinks, it seems to send a telephone without help.
    My daughter asked me this phone call and I felt bad about it.

    Everybody, please be careful about Aori driving and Akira driving.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Kasamachikara
      Gobusatashiteorimasu! Thank you for always seeing a blog ^ ^

      I read the full text, but there is such a thing ... scary ...
      Maybe they feel playful ... but the surroundings are really annoying ....

      It was good that the police informed me of the driving, but
      If you are a person who doesn't know so much, it is likely that this will be completely made to be an assassiner ...

      Hmmm ... if I was riding Porsche on the other hand, would I not be driving in vain?

      > My daughter asked me this phone call and I felt bad about it.

      surely…! It can only be imagined> <
      Thank you for sharing this information! You really have to be careful!

  3. cara

    Long time no see.
    Various people share the road

    I recently got stuck in the circuit
    In general roads, we try to drive on the flow.

    It is different from indignation
    Unlike the circuit, I was scared honestly.

    The circuit is not perfect, though
    It is almost only a gentleman.

    Excuse me
    The story has gone off (sweat

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you very much ^ ^

      > It is different from indignation
      > Unlike the circuit, I was scared honestly.

      The people who race on the circuit were also told like Cara.
      In general, it's scary because everyone has no manners ....

      Certainly, there are a lot of gentlemanly people in the circuit.
      Even in the Porsche Carrera Cup, amateur drivers are said to be Gentleman classes,
      Recently I came to understand the meaning put into the naming well (laughs)

  4. Ogawa

    Autobahn and so-called expressways in Japan are different from each other in speed limit, right?
    I've run about twice, but since most of the outburns have unlimited speed (there is also an exceptional area), it's only natural to give it away if an early car comes.
    Japan's expressways have speed restrictions, so there is an absolute rule to keep the legal speed before giving up, so isn't it a problem with manners?

    • MinaMina

      Mr Ogawa
      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, yes, as you say, Germany and Japan have different speed limits for expressways, and there are also unlimited speed sections, so it's not the same.

      However, I don't like being beaten when a fast car comes from behind, so I'm the type that gives way right away even if I'm running at legal speed,
      It may be a story of character rather than manner ^ ^;

  5. Ogawa

    thank you for your comment

    Although it is a husband's comment to the last, since the driver who is keeping the legal speed was expressed as "do not give the way stubbornly", I commented involuntarily in mind. There is no intention to attack. I'm sorry.

    Please enjoy Porsche life.

    • MinaMina

      Mr Ogawa
      No, it's not amazing.
      Thank you very much!

      I will keep safe driving and enjoy Porsche life!