The problem that owners of Porsche and luxury cars can not tell around what they possess.

Living with Porsche

Porsche is a rich way of music?

The other day, it seems that the practitioner of the Porsche owner who her husband had met before said that this was said.

I went to my hospital aboard Mercedes · Benz that I had before, from the patient"I am profitable"I was told that the staff"The teacher's car is Mercedes Benz"It is said that it is an awkward air ... I have not been riding in the hospital since then. What I possess is never a high-end model in terms of Mercedes-Benz, but it is seen just like Benz. Indeed, I can never get on a Porsche.


surely"I am a luxury car such as PorscheIt seems that it does not have a good impression from the world. Even if you are on a regular ride,

"It's a rich hobby"
"Although I am desperately working here, I'm the only one who is riding a luxury car"
"I'm glad to post pictures on SNS, I am sick."

There are many cases that the world gets emotions such as.

AlsoMany Porsche owners have positions, such as executives, doctors, teachersSo if customers, patients and employees have such a lot of emotions,"Let's keep secret that we have a Porsche once more."I guess it will become a mind of being ... ... I think.

Exciting car community

Although it is impossible to say that "familiar people are" riding a Porsche "I would like to share with someone that "Porsche is a wonderful car" or "Porsche like this part!"It might be "Minkara", "SNS or application like a car", or "real Porsche community" that reflected the thoughts of such car lovers.

There, we can reliably transmit "car love" and "charm of car" that nobody usually knows, and even around us"Oh yeah! I understand!"I can sympathize with you, and share my full feelings. That is why these car communities are very exciting.

Husband's Porsche Love and Hiroki Ando

Kataya and her husband are posting pictures of cars and cars pretty often with their own private SNS.

I ran over 1000 km a little in Shikoku on the 3rd.

I ran into Suzuka. After all the car is Porsche.

I let go of the SL 500, the air-cooled Porsche 911 came.

From the early morning it's Hill Climb Rokko Mountain!

On the way back from Tokyo business trip, the night view seemed beautiful, so I came to Ashi as it is without going home.

I've been to Grand Touring for the first time in a while. Yamaguchi, Shimane, Tottori, Hiroshima and Okayama.

Since I have posted so much as saying "This is it!"If you submit this so much, are you going down if you feel like something you think seems like a customer or an employee?"As I said before,

I do not mind. On the contrary, I think that it is told what kind of kettles are being told by people who postpone flashes casually or those who have luxury cars in the corners of the photographs taken. However, if you pass through as a car geek,"Oh ... this guy really likes driving with a car ... huh ..."It seems to be thought, conversely around will not say anything. The halfway is the best Ikan. It is important to penetrate.
I am not fashioning and prestigious riding in Porsche, I really like driving Porsche and cars. So, I want you to know me including that kind of things, so do not hide it out partly. Well, if I compare it with Ando, I'm still burning w

When. Well ... well Well certainly I like Porsche, if I see mad crazy figure ... even my wife's me can say nothing w

Andong said that her husband was saying,Hiroki Ando, a famous free announcer as a car loverThing. It was known as a car lover since the TBS working days. By the way Andong 's car lover is introduced on the net like this.

Ando likes cars unrivaled enough to serve as a selection committee member of "Nippon Car of the Year" from the station Ana period. The number of cars you have ever traveled ranges from luxury open cars to 4 WD, with a total of 42 cars.

"The point is that you can end up with just driving a car from birth to death, I also like the mechanism, but I always want to drive.When I buy a car to buy a car I make an environment to ride a car I am working for it. "

"Anyway, all the movements are all cars.It can not commute to work in the salaryman era, but after work finished (at midnight) I came back at 12 o'clock and went out for a trip of 100 kilometers back and forth from there."

Introducing Jaguar F-PACE, my favorite car. The mileage is "48 yrs with a year and a half bought".

"When you have time to spare, I ask the office to go by car, so I went to Nara prefecture nonstop and I wonder if it took 500 km 6 hours a day 500? I went to Miyazaki (by car) at the highest, and it was private, but it took around 14 hours, nonstop except meals and toilets.The impression of arriving at Miyazaki "It was over" I thought that it would take more time "Japan is so small"

"Pleasant feeling that it does not make you so much trouble even in traffic jams" "Manual car with congestion is fun"

* Article Source:Hiroki Ando Anna "Life is a car" If it is 500 km nonstop

Something is already ... penetrating too much, rather"Hurray!"Is w

Porsche owners file

Saying somehow, I also manage this blog anonymously ...(But I live in the area or Barebare burns). Compared to something like Minkara, it still does not go as far as my feet, but as I read comments on this blog as well, as I read them

"I hope this blog will be a place where you can send and share your Porsche love freely"

It began to think. Actually, even comments since this year,

I will read thoroughly this year. The number of readers of this blog is increasing more and we are hoping for sacred places on PORSCHE FREAK's WEB, someday ...

I got such content as, I thought it would be great if I really got it.

In this blog, in addition to comments "Porsche owner's favorite car will be introduced"Porsche owners fileThere is also a project called "Hello! By saying that many of you can read your own cars and car love(Some comments may come), We are extremely pleased with everyone who posted."I want to post my Porsche too!"If you are not asking anything about the model, year, Porsche history etc,Contact from hereI am glad if you can receive it.

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