Porsche 718 Cayman test drive – what has changed with 981?

Porsche Cayman

718 You can get on Cayman

The other day, at the nearest Porsche Center where my home is always indebted, I decided to have the air-cooled 911 speaker replaced. And what, at that time as a proxy car "718 CaymanI was supposed to lend you!

On the morning of the morning, we sent our girls to each garden and headed for the Porsche Center. When arriving inside the store after arrival, 718 Cayman's appearance is pure blue in the front.

It's awesome, butNo way this is a substituteWhile thinking about ...(No wonder)

After talking with Mr. H in charge for a while "This car is a normal Cayman, it is a model with only the sports Chrono packageI received the explanation that I received the key of Cayman. Like Boxter, Cayman's key also has two buttons to open the trunk.

Cayman of GT Silver

Receive the key and head towards the back door where Cayman is located. "What color is the substitute Cayman ~ Is it white? Is it so bright?Imagining as I walked, Silver's Cayman appeared in front of me. H is "This is GT Silver. It is cool!"When.

Oh! It's true! It is super cool!

Even though it's about everything, cloudy sky this day as well(Because I am a foggy rain girl)... Also, if the season is good we wanted to drive to Ashi Driveway, but now it is impossible to snow and freeze the road. Another pleasant country ride of Mita(Example sun doubleclink w)I decided to run to Ashiya Beach where I can take pictures beautifully for the time being because I do not have enough time to go.

Impression that caught on Cayman

After running a little car the husband said "I see, this is 718 Cayman. After all the engine sound is completely different from NA 981"I said pretty well. Indeed, it was completely different from the high-pitched high pitched sound of 981 Boxster GTS at our house and it was a lower engine sound than I thought.

"Is the engine sound of 718 somewhat similar to the sound of air cooling?To my husband,

Yes. It is not a mechanical pure engine sound of air cooling, but it feels like sending an air-cooled sound at the exhaust sound of the engine. I just got on air cooling until a while ago, so I can understand it well. Even with the same horizontally opposed four-cylinder turbo, it is different from STI of Subaru's Impreza. The beat feeling is stronger on that one, I think to the sound that it was dripping. When the engine is put on981 is like 'buo ー ー!'but,718 feels like "Garurururutsu!"The sound quality is completely different from 981.

When. Continuing her husband,

After all it is not an open car,I feel more rigid than BoxsterFeel. 981 Boxster is a little loose feeling. Also, ride is also harder than 981 Boxster. 981 Boxster GTS 'PASM is sports plus, it feels a bit stiff, with a slightly stiff impression, stepping on the ground. I think the chassis is evolving, but if it says,Cayman is "catchy" and Boxster is "supple"I guess that.

I said. Even if you are on the passenger seat,Cayman's ride is certainly rigid, the ground feeling to the road surface is higher than BoxsterI felt.

However, there are tremor remnants of "Yusuyusa" where the road surface is rough, "The ride is not as good as I imagined. Panamera and the previously tested CayenneIs it because I compare it?"My husband said,

Well ... There is no direct impact from the road surface so there is no discomfort, but when running on a rippled road at low speed, you will be worried about the trembling which was a little "yuyusu". By the way, this shaky remainder is rather "a shaky cycle with a longer period", which is different from the "shaky rest of the cycle" like McLaren.
Is this a Cayman, or an optional PASM(Porsche Active SuspensionManagement system)Is not it because it is not... What shall I do.
After 718, I hear that the ride comfort is better than 981, but from the memory when I got on the 981 Cayman GTS quite a while ago, 981 is easier at low speed(Probably thanks to PASM). However, considering the strength of the sense of grounding and the sense of sharpness, I think that there are more people thinking that 718 is better (evolved) in consideration of speed and speed.

I was talking.

I tried running for a while, but when I asked "When I first tried Panamera or Cayenne, I started off and in 2 seconds it was"What a ridiculous car!I was deeply impressed, but Cayman did not have the impression to that extent. Nonetheless, it must be an insanely good car ... "My husband said,

Certainly, there is no impression to that place. Well,As I usually ride 981, the part I'm used to ride is bigI think. Also, since we are still running only 6000 kilos, the suspension may not be completely familiar. However, handling is truly Porsche and. There is no line and deviation envisioned in the head, and even if a very slight gentle curve is bent, I feel the earth's feeling of the four wheels as a crisp.
People who have never taken a Porsche are touched if they took a cayman for the first timeI think.
As a personal impression,Regarding feeling of underbody, II think the Ferrari 488 is the closest in the car I've ever had.Of course it is not the same, I thought at the first impression that the feeling of grounding, the ride comfort at low speed, and the sense of stability are not similar.

He said.

After that, I came to a few roads on the car street, where I set the mode to "Sport"And stepped on the accelerator strongly. Then, as Cayman finally woke up, it accelerated at a stretch and the tone of the engine changed a lot.(Since the optional sports exhaust is not attached, the exhaust sound called "bobo boob" sounds faintly.)

As expected, it is "Porsche".

After running for a while in sports mode,

When I try to run crispy in the city with a lot of traffic in normal mode, I feel a sluggishness at a slightly slow speed,In sports and sports plus, the idling will be around 800 rpm to 1000 rpm, and the time to boost turbo is short. Besides, PDK is also agile.So acceleration also sharply moves like a whip.
Also, high revolution turns well, torque is abundant, too."This car is fast,"I am honest with driving. It is a cayman but not S, but I personally think it is fast enough, and I feel sharp the accelerated sensation on the general road by the turbo rather than the NA 981 Boxster GTS.
Since the chassis is more stable than Boxster and there is a sense of grounding, the curve turns more securely. Is this a difference in the type of car, or is it the difference between the generations of 981 and 718 ... probably run ashi driveway something,Cayman is faster than BoxsterI guess.

He said.

Cayman Sports mode

Interior decoration and photographs of Cayman

After that, I stopped the car and took the photo shoot time.

Then, once again looking at the interior ... In case of normal with no option is honest, "It can not be said that it is an interior decorated with luxury which you imagine by listening to a luxury sports carMaybe.


I think that it is a high-end sports car that will cost more than 7 million yen and this interior looks like "At least, I want a little more luxury per dashboardMaybe some people think that it is.
Porsche is luxury car burns "It is essential only for high performanceIt is said that it is a gorgeous and luxury luxury car. If you misunderstand and buy Cayman with a sense of fashion called a luxury sports car, I think that some people are frustrated.

He said that. In terms of storage space, Cayman is a midship, so there are two trunks in front and back, the front trunk is quite deep.

After that, her husband taking various pictures from various angles,

"What is this, a lid that is not familiar to me!"

When. Looking at it, there are things like hidden doors on both sides of the back of the trunk(... no, it is not a hidden door though)

As I opened it, it was a little storage space. Can I use car wash tools?

If it is Boxster, this part is the base with a hood, so if the caeman does not have a roof, was it a storage space?

After finishing the shooting competition, I decided to change driving to me, aiming for Osaka one way on a Hanshin Expressway. When I was in the passenger seat, I was "That's Porsche, it's a nice car.Although it showed only a reaction of about the order of "reaction," when driving,I was touched by the part that it was "Porsche" properly.

There is no deviation in handling, even if you step on the accelerator, it responds for the amount it has stepped on, the brakes work well, the acceleration feeling of the expressway and the acceleration of convergence are perfect.

After all the Porsche, driving by myself and a dandelion!

I thought again. With little sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction, we arrived in Osaka city in no time and decided to park Cayman at a nearby parking lot,Unlike Panamera which is about 2 m in width and over 5 m in length, you can stop almost anywhere without having to look it up every time.... How easy it is (lol)

However, because I was accustomed to the 360 degree park assist function at the time of parking, parking itself was difficult although it was a cayman that was smaller than Panamera and was easy to stop. And here I parted from Cayman, my husband went back to his house at Cayman that night and came back home,

Acceleration on the expressway is also fast, I will go 1 0 km in no time and there is no problem with high speed stability! Besides, although this exhaust sound initially had a bit of discomfort, it sounds like a habit when riding!

He said.

Cayman reviews

Finally, the husband 's overall opinion on 718 Cayman.

I think Cayman is a high Porsche of cospa.Price is around 7 million yen, but riding taste is Porsche properlyOr. Well, Cayman and Boxster are cheap Porsche versions, and some people look below, but that's not all.Neither acceleration nor cornering speed, and the brakes are ashamed of Porsche's name.
This price at the performance of this run is a good deal, from personal experience,With regard to the performance of the run, Cayman is better than the more expensive cars of other manufacturersThere are many cases that I think.
By the way, if you buy a cayman, this raw cayman or the recently released cayman T is good. I would like to put on PASM and Sports Chrono Package, and if possible, PCCB. The suspension without PASM depends on the taste, but I think this is good for people who value driving.If you emphasize riding comfort, maybe PASM.

And that. Certainly. What I thought of riding the Cayman was "Does the car feel its wonderfully smooth afterwards" or ... the more you get on the train"Oh, it's Porsche!" "Handling is amazing." "Oh, this is too bad the price of 1/3 of Panamera Turbo!"It seemed to me, I felt like getting into that charm.

This time I got a 718 Cayman ride, next time I want to ride 718 Boxster ... w

718 For a detailed review of Cayman,【Porsche owner's file # 8】 718 Cayman purchase · option · running reviews "There is it, so if you like, please also read this article.

【Porsche owner's file # 8】 718 Cayman purchase · option · mileage review

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    718 It was a test ride by Cayman. Suspension PASM is the same as mine, but it seems to be different only in the place where the tire is 18 inches Pirelli.
    I thought that the impression itself is similar to me and I read it.

    The exhaust sound is similar to air cooling, I did not think that the sounds that I turned are much alike.

    I put a 500 ml water bottle containing water and a microfiber towel to put it on the glass for storage of the hidden door.

    > A person who never got on Porsche was touched when a person caught Cayman for the first time

    This is about me.

    In the PDK version, sports chrono is nearly indispensable because there is a difference in shift timing. If it is MT, you can run snippetally in town if you are in town, and even if you put it in sports mode, it is an image.

    Although it does not matter, recently Panamera's articles seem to have a small proportion ... I am also expecting articles on the differences between Panamera and other Porsche.

    • MinaMina


      > The exhaust sound is similar to air cooling, I did not think that the sounds that I turned are much alike.
      That's right! It was surprising, but I felt a bit like mechanical noise of air cooling. I think that the normal running time was similar.

      > In PDK version, sports chrono is nearly indispensable because there is a difference in shift timing. If it is MT, you can run snippetally in town if you are in town, and even if you put it in sports mode, it is an image.
      As I thought it's like that…! Panamera 's PDK also has a slight deviation ... As always after all, I feel that it is an enemy who is feeling fit with MT cars!

      > Although not related, recently Panamera's articles seem to have a small proportion ... I am expecting articles about the difference between Panamera and other Porsche.
      Oh, that's correct, right ... (laugh) On the contrary, at the beginning of the blog opening, only the articles of Panamera were written, there was a feeling of stuffiness, but read back again and reexamine the contents written there It seems to be good to write ^ ^ Also I will write about Panamera's articles, comparison with other Porsche!
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Ruun Rumba


    "718 and the air-cooling ride are similar" strongly agree (lol) Feeling that the waist is pushed out from the back? It looks like. In my case it is Boxster. The texture of the sound is also good.

    It and the PDK were super excellent. Personally I like the MR car of the handling machine, but the Porsche that everyone can ride the high power RR car is still amazing, is not it?

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba

      > "It seems like the air-cooling ride is similar to 718" I aggressively agree (lol) "

      Oh Thank you ^ ^! ! ! !
      My husband was saying that PDK is super excellent. "Panamera and no chaware".

      > Personally I like the MR car of the handling machine, but the Porsche that everyone can ride the high power RR car is still amazing, is not it?
      Ryuba Ranba who has Boxter also has 911 is convincing because it is said!
      Regardless of which type of car I eventually settle down on the conclusion that "After all Porsche is amazing" ^ ^;