My husband went to Shikoku for long touring with air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)!

Air-cooled Porsche

Porsche office chair

Last autumn,Buy Porsche office chairHusband who did. Because it's quite a big size to keep at home,Take it to the company and use itIt was said. However, as it seems as if you are sitting on a real Porsche, you are completely settled on comfort and comfortAfter all, for a while, use it in your own room".

After that, according to Porsche's office chair, I tried to put a slightly larger desk in the room in Nitori than before(The desk could be bought at about 35 times the price of the chair.The chair is too expensive w)I seemed to like the space quite a lot, and since then I came to stay in the room nightly and make a makeup and a personal computer.

And the other dayAt the end of the year, I wrote an article when I went to the Shikoku touring with air cooling!A report was sent from her husband along with the sentence "It was written. It's quite a long sentence when I open it. Apparently, it seems that I and I wrote themselves as soon as the children slept ... Well, I'd like to introduce the report sent from my husband below.

911 (964) air cooling tooling

Day 1

I already ran over 2000 km if I noticed it after purchasing 964. This time, I took advantage of holidays at the end of the year and headed for Solo Touring to Shikoku.

Departing from my house at around 8: 00 AM, I am the first destinationSouth Awa Sun LineIt goes to. I came here last month with touring with friends, but even if I run many times I like it. On the wayDo not ride the bypass for Hiwasa Road, but go down south of R55 which is rattling thanks to the bypass.It is always reserved here and you can enjoy a really pleasant high-speed winding.

911 (964) Carrera 2

A break at the first observation deck at the entrance of South Awa Sun Line will also take place soon, going into a winding with a short pit road. It is the second time to run on this road at 964, but it feels good for transcendence. Because there is a tight corner so far,Course which handles things rather than engine powerIt is.

911 South Awa Sun Line

911 (964) Carrera 2

I also ran Boxter, but the RR of 911 is still different at all. By properly manipulating it will respond to that expectation properly. Exactly"Car striking car"It is. There is interestingness there.

Take the seat a little upright and take the driving position firmly. Place Tiptronic in second gear,Clear the steering wheel while conscious of the front load, and then open the accelerator as soon as the direction changes.If it goes well, 911 will decide the carving turn with no more comfort.

No longer, this is skiing.

I studied hard because I was pretty much sneaking in skiing. While aware of the forward inclination to the steep slope, turn the top of the ski towards the direction of travel, set up the edge, draw a desired arc while shedding a little tail. AndThere is something close to that feeling that you slide down the slopes over and over again to taste that pleasure.

On the way, late lunch at Road Station Toyocho. It seems that we sell the fish we sell and cook here, but since it is troublesome to choose from the first place, we order a bowl that seems to be eaten soon. I have eaten before, but I like quilting bowls here.

I just hurry ahead where I got a stomach.

Basically my touring is coming "running", so we do sightseeing and gastronomics at least to a minimum. Anyway, I want to give as much time as I can to running.

R55 southward, aim for Muroto Cape, but it is comfortable along the coast of R 55 no matter when you come.Even though it is winter, the sky and clouds like summer continue, and if you can not open the window it is likely to get an illusion of temperature.I will not say it to Pacific Coast Highway (SR1) which will continue from Santa Monica in Los Angeles to Malibu, but the car will flow with a similar atmosphere and average.

911 (964) Carrera 2

There are various national roads, but there are not many 2-digit national roads that can run comfortably so far.

Because Miroto stops many times, I will pass this time and head towards the hotel in Kochi City. Basically, the hotel accommodates many parking lots, and even if it gets delayed, it chooses a hotel that it will be hard to get to the neighborhood coin parking(It is quite difficult)I am doing it. Of course, the car parked in an empty area a little away even in the parking lot, "Tonara(Despite being rattling in the rattling, who bothers the person who stops car next to me)I asked that I could not stop next door and switched off the engine and finished this day.

Day 2

911 (964) Carrera 2

AM 6: 30, breakfast of hotel is not taken because time is regret and stands early. Turn on the 911 completely frozen with cold waves, first melt the ice with a heater. Today's destination is Cape Sada. Cape Sada has good views, but the main purpose is R197 which leads to that.

First of all, stop by Keihin, greet Mr. Sakamoto and wait for a while. After all, the sunrise of Keihin is exceptional. The morning climb rising from the magnificent Pacific Ocean is a beauty that will soak into my heart.

Take a short walk around Keihin and do a daily gratitude and report to Kaitsu Shrine Shrine (Ryuuomiya).

It rushes east to the Kuroshio line with a galaxy aside in the morning sun that has not been climbed yet. On the way, water vapor (sea mist?) Rises in the sea, it is a fantastic atmosphere.

If you enter the Yokomo Kuroshio line, you will be able to demonstrate 911. Switch Tiptronic to manual mode and climb Gunggun at 2nd and 3rd speed.Enjoy the scenery at the Kanzakizaki parking lot on the way and hurry ahead with the fun of playing with a cat that comes with us.

911 (964) Carrera 2

Go down south of R56 and enter R381, the rain runway running along the Shimanto Shimanto River is waiting. On the way, I am driving to the Uwajima city as I worry about stopping by the settlement bridge while dodging light tigers and minivans running at speed limit or less. Take the small break with the triangular hat of the Road Station Forest and go north on Matsuyama Expressway (free section). Go through Yawatahama-shi and go to R197 which leads to Sada Cape.

R197 is also called Sada Cape Melody Line, traffic volume is not so much, it is a country road with a lot of straight lines along the sea. The road width is also wide, uphill lanes and overtaking points are also partly so it's easy to keep up with your own pace.When Tiptronic is running at 964 with almost 3 speed fixed, the accelerator opening and the reaction of the engine are cleanly proportional to each other.

Tight winding is fun, but the country road with many such straight lines is also very pleasant. Compared to the modern Porsche, there is never power, but I realize that the pleasure of the car is not only power.

Despite the cold weather, windows and sunroofs are fully opened. Dare to run an air-cooled Porsche while wearing an AM radioNostalgic feelings to say anythingIt makes me to.

"Oh, what a happy time it is"

When it is just bliss. No longer do you skip it or attack the corner.It is pleasant to run slowly. This may also be one of the attractions of air cooling.

When approaching Sada Cape, the width of the road suddenly narrows. Perhaps there are scenes that are difficult to pass with a super car such as a car that exceeds 1900 mm or Panamera, so if you are on a car with a large car width it would be better to turn back around Misaki that will be R197 to K256.(By the way it's okay if it is about Boxster.

PORSCHE 964 (911)

911 (964) Carrera 2

While running along a narrow road that was on the way, I found a shooting point where I can take a car with windmill windmills and sea back, while stopping, I went to Sada Cape Park Parking. If you walk from here you can reach the lighthouse, but it is too cold to feel like going, so I will take a break here. Kyushu can be seen from the parking lot beyond the sea, so it is recommended because you can enjoy considerable spectacular views.

Day 3

AM 8: 00. Engage a Porsche engine by scooping up a complimentary breakfast (egg kettle) at the hotel in Ozu. Even though it rides a lot since the car delivery,Every morning, from the moment I started running, I was impressed with the rigidity of the car and the sense of grounding, and combined with the engine sounds that made me feel like a muddy air, it gives me an indescribable sense of euphoria and security.

"I will run as hard as I can! "

As if the car is saying, I feel to myself. It is a really deep car."Operation" rather than "driving"The expression is more comfortable. By the driver's maneuvering technique, you run in any way, and if you make a bad maneuver or make a mistake it will appear properly as a mistake. Piloting well, it will respond to it properly.

This is a true horse race, drivers and cars are breathlessly running.

911 (964) Carrera 2

Confirm the route with the Touring Mapple, and K24 to the north. This road is also quite pleasant. Traffic volume is also small, aim at Setonaikai by high pace. By the sea, head north-east of R 378 along the prospect. This is also a runway that can run while watching the Seto Inland Sea on the left. It is a road that I want to come even after it got warmer a while.

In order to warp, I took Matsuyama Expressway from Iyo IC and ran R194, so I got off at Komatsu IC. Although it is basically an interesting road on a highway, it is few, but Matsuyama Expressway is my favorite path personally. The straight line is also long, there are up-down and high-speed corners with height difference.

In long climbs, while turning the engine, it moves to the overtaking lane and runs through the high-speed corner with a slow car as a sideways stroke. If Panamera turbo, it will go clear with noises, but air-cooled Porsche will not do so.

But,That's "fun".

Hold the handle steadily,Run through a corner to crawl up the ground. Since the behavior changes with one accelerator work, the feeling of "steering" is unbearable.

R194 is the first time to run. Although Shikoku has come many times, here has never been run anyway. The cold weather at the end of the year, I was worried about the road situation near the pass, but when I looked it up in advance with a smartphone I decided to climb the top because it seems that there are no regulations or a road closure in particular.

This time it is at the end of the year and it is also getting cold weather, there are really few cars. Only one Suzuki cappuccino runs in front. Perhaps it is running on touring. While running a sufficient safety margin, it runs at a reasonable pace so we enjoy hill climb together.

No, no,It's a spectacular mountain road. The lane is wide, gentle curve and long straight, and up and down continue.Next time you come to Shikoku, it is a road that makes me want to run again.

As expected the road is sorbet in some places near the pass, but it is a level that does not matter for running slowly. After carefully passing through the pass, downhill towards Kochi begins. RR is very easy to get down. While suppressing becoming likely to raise Gungun speed, southward so as to bit one by one corner of safety first.

I entered Kochi city by lunch. I arrived more quickly than I thought, so I chose the road to go with the Touring Maple, but inevitably I want to run the Yokono Kuroshio Line again and I will run the car again to the Kanzakisa parking lot. By the way, I remember that I did not have lunch and I baked yakisoba and squid grill at a stall.

After that, also left the Yokohama Kuroshio line west. Try stopping by the fishing port of Suzaki-shi Nomi, and from here select a way and enter. On the way, I tried to go over the pass of K 314, but when I entered, I abandoned on the narrow road and for the first time in extreme way. I was trying to turn back at the back, 964 did not turn around well at all, but when it comes back it will not be much more.

It is difficult to run on a winding road with back even with ordinary cars,964 is not a hard thing (sweat)

Anyway, the rear will not bend.On the way, backing up, "Baki Baki! "There is a terrible sound.In a hurry, as you move forward, the left rear tire slips. I will escape if I further open the accelerator without giving up. I immediately got out of the car and checked the back left, the car was completely unharmed.

What is that sound? And thinking carefully, I was about half way off the left rear wheel to the groove. And where is the lower part of the bumper like a curb? It seemed I was scrubbing with. The lower part of the bumper got slightly hurt and broke slightly, but it was a miraculously apparent and completely unscathed. It is a pity that a slight scratch was made at the bottom, but it was a pity that I could fix such a thing either, it was not injured and I did not become a big trouble.

It seems that it would be better for you to choose the road and run accordingly.

I reworked and headed for Kochi City. I reached the hotel earlier, while sinking again so that Katsurahama and the Kuroshio line could be bite again. Tomorrow we will be on early return due to going home, and finished 4th 4 nights end-of-year Shikoku Touring here.

Mileage is 1278 km. Fuel consumption is 11.4 L / 100 km (8.77 km / L) onboard computer. Actually it is about 10% worse than this, so about 8 km / L. By the way, this touring route is here.(Comments are also written for each point)

This is my husband's air-cooled 911 (964 C 2) Shikoku Touring Report.

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  1. ijnuj

    I am always reading happily. I am on 981 Cayman S and I live in Shikoku so I go to South Awa Sun Line, Yokono Skyline, Sada Cape Melody Line considerably high frequency. Some of the photos that are being UP have some things that says "Oh, that place or something." It seems that Shikoku was fully enjoyed and it is nothing more. I also went to Sada Cape for a day trip on the 13th. There are many pleasant roads driving Shikoku with a spectacular road along the sea and a mountain pass road. Please come again.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. ijnuj
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Since I am riding 981 Cayman S and living in Shikoku, I go to South Awa Sun Line, Yokono Skyline, Sada Cape Melody Line quite frequently.
      Ooooo 981 Cayman, sounds would be nice! Moreover, I am very envious to run such a beautiful road with quite a few frequencies.

      > There are many pleasant roads driving Shikoku with a spectacular road along the sea and a mountain pass road.
      Thank you! As Shikoku said, it is wonderful that there are good roads along the seaside and the mountains. My husband said that he would like to go again if he runs 1,300 kilometers, so if there are any other recommended roads, I would be happy if you could tell me.
      Continue to thank you.