Porsche Panamera and Cayenne. Which is better from the perspective of the owner who has experience in owning both?

Front view of Porsche Panamera
Panamera turbo

Panamera or Cayenne

The other day, the Porsche owner who is always indebted asked me this.

Mina, who has always loved Panamera, is now riding a Cayenne,To be honest, which is better, Panamera or Cayenne?I think it's a difficult question that I can't say unconditionally, but I'd like to hear your impressions.


At that time, I couldn't think about it at once, and I gave a reply that I didn't understand, so I went home and thought about it for a moment. Even if it bendsI got a 970 Panamera edition for a year and a half and a 971 Panamera turbo for about three yearsSo what about me ...

As conclusion,"I can't decide because both are goodI arrived at the place(Hey w)If you say strong, "If you already have a Porsche sports car such as 911, Boxster, Cayman in your house, CayenneIs good and "If not, PanameraI wondered if it was good.

Panamera and Cayenne

On top of that, if Panamera and Cayenne are each expressed in one word, what kind of words can be expressed?

It's just my subjectivity, but ... If you want to describe Panamera in one word, "A sports car that can comfortably accommodate four peopleI wonder. It's very comfortable to ride at low speeds in the city, it's surprisingly fast on the highway, it can run on winding roads, and if you want to, you can run on the circuit. The rear seats are spacious and comfortable, allowing the family to ride comfortably.

However, Panamera is a sports sedan, so of course it is bigger and more luxurious than 911 etc., but I started to ride the Cayenne.Panamera is a sports carI was reminded.Whether it is closer to Cayenne or 911, it is definitely closer to 911I feel like.

Actually, I want to go to Porsche driving school or run on the circuit in Panamera, but I wonder if it does not feel like that in Cayenne.(There are quite a few people who come to Porsche Driving School by Panamera)

On the other hand, if you express Cayenne in one word, "Family car that can runI wonder(Vocabulary ... w).. With an SUV, five people can ride comfortably, the ride is comfortable, and luggage can be packed, so although it has a strong family-like element,That doesn't mean that you're sacrificing running.

Even on the highway, it runs stably and accelerates enough, I think that it is Porsche every time I run.It passed as a family car, but I never feel a little uneasy or dissatisfied when I run.

Of course, in terms of interior luxury and comfort equipment, domestic SUVs and SUVs from overseas manufacturers are superior, but it feels like they were made by focusing on driving performance rather than spending budget on interiors. To do.

What are Panamera and Cayenne's husband's views?

When I asked my husband the same question about Panamera and Cayenne, he said like this.

Well ... well, it depends on the application and grade, butPanamera if you want to use it everyday, but sometimes you want to wind or run on a mountain passLet's do it, don't run winding,If you want to drive long distances and high speeds fast and with peace of mind when driving with your family, CayenneI wonder if it's like that.
I tried riding the Cayenne this time, reallyPanamera is a sports carDon't feel it. Even on the highway, Panamera has better speed growth in terms of air resistance because the vehicle height is low, and "Step on the accelerator more!Is it Panamera that feels like the car says? Cayenne feels like a high-performance tourer that allows you to relax and fly long distances.

And that. So that's it….

Now that my family is a family of five, I think I will continue to ride the Cayenne for a while, but when the children grow up and I am older than I am now,I want to ride Panamera againI have the feeling. At that time, I wonder if a hybrid is better than a turbo. I learned about the awesomeness of motor assist in Cayenne, so I definitely want to experience the Panamera hybrid.

And next time, if I buy Panamera, I want the body color to be bright red like a sports car.

The bright red Panamera, I long for it ...!(Resale looks really bad, but w)


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Messed up


    Hello ^ _ ^

    If you like sapphire blue metallic, there is a 971 4E hybrid, so please tell me anytime ^ _ ^
    If you have a couple of candidates for the day and time, we can match them, so please try riding and let us know what you think ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      > If you like sapphire blue metallic, there is a 971 4E hybrid, so please tell me anytime ^ _ ^
      Thank you so much for telling me before!
      While I'm saying it, Ashi is getting colder too ...! By all means, I would love to ride with your words ...!
      I will ask my husband's schedule once and I will contact you again.
      Thank you ^^!

  2. Messed up

    We look forward to hearing from you ^ _ ^