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Next month, June 15 (Sat) / 16 (Sun) at Fuji SpeedwayPorsche Sportscar Together Day 2019Will be held. I participated last yearPorsche Experience Day 2018"It was 70 years from the birth of the Porsche 356, so there were many special programs to commemorate the 70th anniversary, and it was a lot of fun.

Participate in the Porsche Experience Day & watch the Porsche Carrera Cup @ Fuji Speedway

This year's event name "Porsche Sportscar Together Day "Porsche will take over Fuji Speedway for two days.Special programs for successive 911 ownersAndPorsche Classic, content for childrenAnd so on, it will be an event where you can experience Porsche a lot.

Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019

In "Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019", I checked a little about what kind of program is implemented.

1 New 911 (992) released and test drive

There are a lot of events for these two days, but probably the most attention comesGeneral premiere and test drive experience of the new 911 (992)"I think that is not. It is the first time in Japan that the new 911 world premiere in Los Angeles will be open to the public in November 2018.

New 911 exhibition, leading run on parade run, grit walkYou can see the new 911 in close proximity, etc., but it seems that tickets for paid programs that allow you to ride the circuit on the new 911 and Porsche vehicles are already sold out.

2 run on the circuit with your own Porsche

For paid programsYou can parade in your Porsche on the main circuit of Fuji SpeedwayThere is also something like. Last year, we also participated in a parade run at Fuji Speedway at Panamera, but it was a very valuable experience.

The new 911 (992) will run at the top this year, after which Porsche owners will form a parade in groups.50 daily limitIt seems.

3PCCJ 7th round, 8th round held

It has been held annually since 2001,Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ). The other day I went to see the opening match held at the Okayama International Circuit, but the seventh and eighth rounds will be held at this Fuji Speedway.

4PCCA held

This time,Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA)The race will also be held at the same time. Of the Porsche Carrera Cup series taking place all over the world, PCCA is a race battle centered on Asia, and it has been held since 2003.

The hot battle of high level racers in Asia beyond Japan seems quite interesting.

5 PSCJ held

Porsche Print Challenge Japan (PSCJ)A customer-oriented one-day racing series centered on the 911 GT3 cup prior to the 991.1 model.Round 5 will be held this time, but the 718 Cayman GT4 Club Sports will be introduced for the first time. It will be a different engine sound from PCCJ ~.

6Porsche Esports Racing Japan Season 1

"Porsche finally entered E-sports"The other day was the news, but qualifying has already startedA public final race of "Porsche Esports Racing Japan Season 1" will be held at the venueBe done. It is said that the final 10 will be held in the top 10 who have won the online qualifiers of tens of thousands participating nationwide.

It's definitely a hot battle like PCCJ or PCCA.

7 Other programs

In addition, at the Porsche special booth,Lecture on Porsche ConnectAnd various programs such as the Porsche Classic vehicle exhibition will be implemented. Personally, last year, a program to be taken with my favorite car(First-come-first-served basis on the day)It was very good, so I would like to participate by all means this year.

Join Porsche Truck Experience

By the way, during "Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019", "Fuji Speedway"Porsche Truck ExperienceIs also being implemented. The Porsche Track Experience isSafety & Sports Driving Program for Porsche OwnersIt is. My husband has also participated several times in the past.

[With animation] My husband participated in the Porsche driving school "Warm Up".

To my husband for several years,

It is true that Mina-Chan also participated in the event! Driving will be successful and daily driving will be very smooth.

It was said that "Leave the children with someone, go to Fuji by yourself, join the program, and come back again by yourself"I thought that my waist was heavy. However, this time, in order to participate in "Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019" with four families, it is said that it is possible to participate in the Porsche track experience for half a day while having her husband look at the children ...

I applied for "WarmUp +" in the morning section on Saturday, June 15! Of course, I join Panamera. I'm thrilled from now on. I would be glad if you could make a call on the day if there were anyone involved (laughs)

* Details of the Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019, application pageHere

* Image / Article exhibition: Porsche Japan official site "Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019"


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